Part Two: Weiß Kitties

// = Flashbacks

    "The kitten game, hm?" Schuldig asked, exhaling smoke. "That's interesting. You vanish for almost seven months and now you return to play the game?"

    Omi gave a small smirk, putting his hands on his hips. "Those months were spent well, Schuldig. I found all the information I could on this power of mine. It is now mine to use at free will. I've learned quite a few interesting things with it. I found the things you wanted me to find. My true past? I learned that. The other times I used my gift? That was just as easy. Aren't you curious, Schuldig?" Omi tipped his head back. "I'm giving you permission to see what you couldn't get when I was kidnapped."

    Indeed, Schuldig felt Omi's shields lower in one spot. He pressed his mind through the entrance, wading through the darkness that made up Omi's mind. Whatever had happened back then, it had strongly effected Omi's behavior during his training. That and hatred for Schuldig and Farfarello for what they'd done, no doubt. Neither of them paid any attention to the strange looks they got from passer-bys- a boy in too-tight clothes was gazing at the sky and a man with fiery orange hair was two feet in front of him, smoking and staring at him with a dull gaze.

    Omi pulled the thoughts up in front of Schuldig, letting his mind run over the sequences of the past.


    // "Taketori-sama." Taketori Reiji looked up when the twelve year old child entered the room, carrying a tray in one hand and a small clipboard in the other. "I've brought your dinner, like you requested."

    The heavyset man gestured to the desk in front of him. "Put the tray right here." The boy did as he was told, then came around to the other side of the desk to see what Taketori was looking at. "Interested?" Taketori asked with a grin.

    "Aa." The boy brushed his long bangs out of his face.

    "How did your training go today?" Taketori asked, turning away from his paperwork to run a thoughtful gaze over the boy.

    The child didn't notice, turning away and leaning against the desk. He let out an aggrieved sigh, making movements with his hands as he spoke. "They gave me the sword again, but I still can't wield it right. My aim with a gun is all right, but I'm better with projectile weapons. Hirofumi-san is getting irritated with me, I know. Masafumi-san is still playing around with ideas for his own bodyguards." The boy made a sound of disgust.

    "Where is everyone else?" Taketori asked, turning his chair to face the boy.

    "They're eating lunch downstairs. I'm supposed to go join them in a moment and read them your agenda." He held up the clipboard. "They'll be waiting," he said as a farewell, and turned away.

    A beefy hand closed on his wrist. The boy turned back, surprised and curious. "Let them wait," Taketori said simply. He pressed a small buzzer to alert his secretary. "Shitsu, close the door and lock it, please. Mamoru and I have some things to discuss. Do not let anyone- _anyone_- interrupt us."

    "Yes sir." High heels clicked against the floor outside, and the secretary sent Mamoru a bright smile as she closed the door. The lock slid into place, and her shoes clicked as they headed away.

    "Taketori-sama?" Mamoru asked, turning a confused look on his boss.

    "No talking," was all the man said before leaning in and covering Mamoru's mouth with his own. The boy stiffened and shoved Taketori's face away.

    "Taketori-sama!" he cried, alarmed.

    "No talking!" Taketori grabbed both of the boy's arms. "You make one sound and I'll turn you over to Masafumi for a guinea pig in his genetics experiments." He lifted the child by his arms and slammed him onto his back on the desktop, covering his mouth again in a rough kiss. The boy struggled but remained silent. //


    *Interesting,* Schuldig drawled. Inwardly he was disgusted by his late boss. Schuldig had serious problems with rape, especially at the places where the line had to be drawn- like raping a child young enough to be your youngest son.

    ~Quite,~ was Omi's mental reply, searching through his mind for where the next sequence picked up.

    *Why did you start with that one?*

    ~The ones before that have no meaning. All they are is my introduction to the Taketori family and the beginning of my training. You see, I was kidnapped from my real father, and Taketori found me. He brought me home with him. It wasn't Persia that saved me...He did. He handed me to his sons to train.~

    Schuldig flicked ash off the end of his cigarette on the streetlamp pole, waiting as Omi looked for anything else to show him. While he waited he probed around Omi's mind. The boy had no coherent thoughts while he was using his gift. That was interesting.

    The shield came back into place, effectively knocking Schuldig out of Omi's mind. The boy shrugged lightly, reaching out and taking Schuldig's cigarette. He lifted the end to his own mouth, inhaling. Schuldig blinked, then grinned when he saw how natural a cigarette looked in Omi's hand. "Basically," the wheat haired boy told him, "I was used as Taketori's assistant and his fucktoy for a while, until one of his sons joined in on the fun. That tipped the scales. Taketori Schuuichi was there at the time. I let loose of my power without realizing it, wiping the memories of everyone in the building, changing it. It wasn't until Weiß met up with Hirofumi that I realized what I'd changed the memories to be.

    "He claimed to be my brother. He called me Mamoru." Omi nibbled lightly on the end of the cigarette. "On the surface, I believed him. I warred with myself over my family- the hated Taketoris that claimed blood relations to me. Deep inside a voice was screaming that it wasn't true, but I couldn't see what it wanted me to. Not until I stepped back and allowed my power to rise, during my escape from Tokyo." Schuldig plucked the cigarette out of Omi's fingers, popping it between his own lips.

    Omi grinned up at him. "You never told me how you found out I had a gift."

    Schuldig briefly considered whether or not to tell him, and decided it didn't matter. This made things more interesting, anyway. "We had a tape of another time we'd kidnapped you. None of us remembered it happening, but all of Schwarz was in the room with you. A secretary unearthed the tape. Needless to say, we were surprised and curious. Contacts of ours examined it and Crawford got hypnotized to see what he remembered he was doing at that time. He drew a blank, even with hypnosis. They'd seen cases like that before, and they told us about Zanzou."

    "Interesting." Omi tapped his chin.

    "You seem surprisingly comfortable in my presence," Schuldig observed with a smirk.

    Omi mirrored the expression. "So do you." He moved forward, lazily lacing his arm through Schuldig's. "But it's so rude of you, to not remember last night." Omi smiled sweetly up at him.

    "I suppose you weren't good enough for me to remember," Schuldig taunted, stubbing his cigarette out on the pole.

    Omi laughed quietly at that remark. "Do you even know who was on bottom, Schuldig?" Schuldig could feel a light ripple of power through him. Memories assaulted him. They alternated between Schuldig on top and Schuldig on bottom, with a small cat watching from the floor. Each memory called to him, telling him that it was the true one. Schuldig swat at them mentally.

    "I bat a bit, I chew a bit," Omi told him cheerfully, starting away.

    "Where do you think you're going, Zanzou-chibi?" Schuldig asked.

    "What? Is this where you're supposed to drag me back to Schwarz for the four of you to pick over me?" Omi sent him a sultry look. "If you try it, all I simply have to do is blank your memory so you don't even know what happened right now. Would you like me to rewrite it for you while I'm at it? This game is between you and me, Schuldig. As long as it stays that way, I only have to hurt the people I want to."

    "I think I like the way you've changed," Schuldig taunted, smirk widening on his lips. Yes, this Omi was definitely more interesting than the naive and good-loving Omi that had existed before.

    "I think I do, too." With that, Omi crossed the street.


    Omi tugged on his windbreaker, zipping it up and pulling the hood down so it covered his face. He let himself in the back door of the Koneko no Sumu Ie with his key. As long as he was nearby it wouldn't hurt to say hello to his ex-teammates. A slight smirk graced his lips and he ran his tongue lightly over them, tasting the remaining flavor of nicotine. He hadn't had a good cigarette in a while, and Schuldig's were imports. They tasted like the German- harsh and addicting.

    His eyes fell on a small pack of cigarettes sitting on one of the tables of the storage room. Yohji had obviously put them back here so he could smoke on his break. Omi stuffed the pack into the small bag at his waist and continued on his way to the door that would let him into the main room. He could hear voices of customers. Foolish girls. Didn't they have anything better to do with their time? He shook his head in condescending amusement, letting himself into the shop silently.

    A bell jingled. He saw Ken's head raise as the boy prepared himself to call a greeting. Omi beat him to it. "Irrashai~!"

    The entire shop went silent. All heads slowly turned. Omi leaned against the door, hands lightly resting on his hips. "Maa, you boys are rude," he told the other members of Weiß. "A customer just entered. Shouldn't you be taking care of her?"

    "Omi!" Ken cried.

    Omi padded across the room, opening the door to the basement and slipping through. The girls were crying for him, and he could feel the stares of his three ex-teammates on his back. He closed the door behind himself and made his way down the curved staircase. His fingers found the lightswitch and he flicked it on, gazing around the room. It was just as he remembered it, albeit a bit dirtier. None of the other three were very useful for cleaning.

    His eyes landed on his computer. Ahh, his beloved computer. He could have so much fun with that. He took off his jacket, setting it on the back of the chair. A lighter was on his desk, and he concluded that Yohji, with his base knowledge about computers from being a private detective, had had to do some computer work for Weiß. He slid into the chair and lit a cigarette, inhaling deeply. When he had disappeared from Weiß he had "acquired" a laptop- much the same way he had gotten the kittens- but it was only good for holding games and accessing the systems of the institutions he'd visited during his escape. It didn't have any of the links or information on it that this computer did. Within moments he'd pulled up the system and was playing with the network, downloading all codes to disks.

    The door banged open at the top of the stairs. Omi couldn't hear any more sounds of the girls. Good. It was just him and Weiß now.

    "Kitty kitty kitty," Omi called quietly, turning his chair. The three went still as they took in his appearance. Ken was the first to move, and suddenly Omi found himself in a tight embrace as the soccer player pounced on him.

    "God, Omi! Where were you? We were so worried about you!"

    Omi pat the top of his head, his blue eyes first meeting Yohji's emerald ones, then Aya's amethyst. There was relief visible in both of them, but also wariness. They could sense that something about him was different, he knew. ~Not 'something'- many things,~ he thought idly. ~The Omi you knew was just a shell, someone who had erased his own memories to try and protect himself. The real me is here. The question is- am I Mamoru or Zanzou?~

    "I can look after myself, Siberian," Omi assured the boy. He couldn't stop the twinge of happiness inside at being able to be this close to his friends after so long. ~If they know who I am, will they still be so quick to hold out a hand of friendship?~ he wondered. ~Not that it matters. The only thing that matters right now is Schuldig.~

    He skimmed through his friends' minds. Schuldig and he had similar gifts. The difference was that Schuldig saw what a person was thinking. Omi saw into their pasts. The present state of their minds was locked to him. Schuldig could see the past if he could twist someone's thinking in that direction.

    Ah, Schuldig. German fool- if a gorgeous German fool. Omi had only let Schuldig into his mind for one reason- that left the German's open for Omi to prod and find what he needed. Schuldig didn't even notice, since he was too busy being nosy in Omi's mind.

    Ken pulled back, eyeing the cigarette Omi was smoking. "Omi?...Since when do you smoke?"

    Omi smirked, enjoying the uneasiness that rolled through Ken's eyes at the cold expression. "I've had plenty of free time to learn to like it." He removed it from his lips and exhaled a small cloud of smoke.

    "Where have you been, Omi?" Yohji asked quietly.

    "I spent a few months in Germany, and a few months in Ireland. Fascinating places, those countries."

    "Kritiker couldn't find you," the lanky man said. "They said you'd died of your injuries."

    "Perhaps I did." Omi laughed. It was not the innocent laugh they'd known before. This laughter had a colder edge to it. "But kitty-cats have nine lives."

    "Why are you here, Omi?" Aya's quiet voice followed Omi's.

    Omi gazed at him. He knew what Aya meant. Aya wasn't talking about the flower shop only, but Tokyo as a whole. Omi stretched, stubbing his cigarette out on the desk. "I'm here to play with Schuldig, of course." He saw the surprise on their faces and held up a hand before Yohji or Ken could speak. "Schuldig and I are playing the kitten game. This time, I'm going to win."

    Upstairs the bell jingled. All three men paused. "Yohji, Ken, take care of the customers."

    "Aya," Ken protested.

    "Shoo, kittens." Omi waved a hand at them in dismissal. He had known before coming here that Aya was going to be the one he talked to. Yohji and Ken exchanged long looks, then started upstairs. Omi watched them go, waiting until the door was shut behind them before turning his attention back to Aya. "So you and Ken are seeing each other now?" he asked. It had been easier to see those memories from Ken than to get them from Aya. "How sweet."

    Aya sat down with boneless grace in a leather chair, crossing his arms over his chest lightly. "What is going on, Omi?"

    Omi smiled sweetly. "Where would you like me to start, Ran?" He saw the man stiffen. Even though Aya had told Weiß of his sister, none had taken to calling him Ran. "It seems both of us are hiding and killing under false names. For you," he flicked his fingers at the older man, "it is Aya. For me," he splayed his fingers on his chest, "Omi."

    "Then what is your real name? Mamoru?" There was a slightly derisive emphasis on the name.

    Omi laughed quietly. "No. Mamoru was merely a name my boss gave me because neither of us remembered my other one. I suppose the closest name to my real one is Zanzou." A smirk tugged at the corner of his mouth, remembering the way Schuldig called him Zanzou-chibi. "Do you know why Schwarz kidnapped me seven months ago?"

    "Kritiker could not find a reason."

    "Because I have something they want. Would you like to see what it is?"

    A nod.

    "Good." Omi smiled, reaching out with his power. It crashed into Ran's mind and the man stiffened. His eyes went blank. Omi turned back to the computer. The disks were done. He took them and erased his tracks, then let himself out of the flower shop through the garage.


    "Aya! _Aya_!" Aya jolted, automatically striking out. Ken yelped, and Aya's eyes shot to the boy's face. Ken had a hand to his cheek and was staring at Aya with wide eyes. "Aya?" he asked quietly. "Are you all right?"

    Immediately Aya felt like an ass for hitting his boyfriend. He was on his feet in an instant, gently cupping Ken's injured cheek with his own hand. "Gomen, Ken," he murmured. "I was lost in thought for a moment, there."

    "That's all right." Ken gave him a winning smile, then looked around the room. "Where'd Omi go?"

    Aya blinked. "How should I know?"

    "He was just here."

    "He's been gone for almost seven months, Ken," Aya soothed the boy. Had he struck Ken too hard?

    Ken eyed him. "Aya, he was just here. He left us a kitten and a camera last night, and was here just now. Remember?"

    Aya's mind drew a big blank. "No."

    Ken blinked, feeling Aya's forehead. "Are you feeling all right?"

    "I'm fine." Aya brushed Ken's hands away.

    "Where'd Omi go?" Yohji asked, appearing on the stairs.

    "He's been gone," Aya snapped, irritated. Why was there just a blank space between yesterday's closing time and right now? What had happened in that time? And why did Yohji and Ken think that Omi was back?


    Nagi sighed, raking his fingers through his hair. He was tired and sore from sitting in front of his computer for most of the day. Schuldig had, as usual, dropped all the work to him. Crawford knew that that was what Schuldig did when assigned paperwork, but Nagi knew the man didn't care. He probably preferred it that way, since Nagi got the work done quicker and without arguing. That didn't mean Nagi _liked_ it, though.

    A small message box popped up on his screen.

    ^Meow.^ Nagi blinked. What? How did someone get to his system? He reached out, about to trace the intruder, when another message popped up. ^Good afternoon, Naoe Nagi. I was wondering if you could do me a favor.^

    Whoever it was knew his full name. No one outside of Schwarz knew his family name, but no one in Schwarz would be bothering him like this with a message box. Warily he placed his fingers back on the keys. ^Lost_child: Who's there and what do you want?^

    ^Straight and to the point, aren't you?^

    Nagi activated the tracer before answering. ^Lost_child: It's the best way to be.^

    ^So true. Anyhow, I was wondering if you could give SchuSchu a message for me.^


    ^Tell him that Davi wants to see him in the Fujiko's restaurant for lunch as soon as possible.^

    ^Lost_child: Why should I?^ Nagi glanced at the tracer. It only had a few seconds left.

    ^Because I believe you're going to enjoy his reaction. Shoo, little mayfly. PS- if you do follow the tracer, make sure to come alone. You're welcome any time. ; ) ^

    Nagi blinked, just as the tracer gave a destination and the person logged off. He jotted down the network address and stuffed it in his pocket to examine later, then closed the message box. Now he had a choice- do what the person said or don't. An easy decision in the end.

    Nagi found Schuldig drinking coffee in the kitchen. The German was leaning against the counter, one hand closed over the mug and the other resting on the countertop. Schuldig's eyes slid towards him as he lowered the mug. Nagi had his mental shields up, as he didn't want Schuldig to pluck the information from his mind. "Schuldig, I have been given a message for you."

    "From who, Crawford? If Crawford wants to talk to me he can come where I am."

    "It's not from Crawford. Crawford doesn't call you SchuSchu." There was a gleam of recognition in Schuldig's jade eyes, and Nagi knew he had Schuldig's full attention. He paused before speaking. Nagi had a sudden feeling that Schuldig's reaction to the message was going to be negative. He wasn't sure where the thought came from, but he stepped back into the doorway. That way, if Schuldig blew, he would be able to duck out of there quickly.

    "The person said that Davi wants you to meet them for lunch in Fujiko's asap."

    Schuldig's entire body stiffened and he slammed down the coffee mug. It shattered against the counter, sharp pieces digging into his hand but going ignored. The German growled low in his throat, storming away from his spot towards Nagi. Nagi took a step back. "He said _who_ wants to meet me for lunch?" His tone promised Nagi death, and Nagi briefly wondered if it was death because of the answer or death if he didn't answer.

    "Both," Schuldig spat, and Nagi realized that thought had slipped.


    Schuldig let off a string of German curses and shoved past Nagi roughly. Moments later Nagi heard the door slam as he left. He moved quickly to the window, looking out. Schuldig was just a blur as he flitted away from the apartment. Crawford entered the room.

    "Where did he go?"

    "Someone called him to lunch." Nagi paused. Perhaps Crawford would know. "Crawford, who is Davi?"

    Silence. Nagi slowly turned to face the American, who was eyeing him with a closed-off expression. "Where did you hear that name?" Crawford asked. Nagi blinked. There was something deep in Crawford's eyes that said the man was edgy. Who was Davi, to get such a reaction from the two older Schwarz? "Who said it to you?"

    "I received a message to tell Schuldig Davi wanted him."

    "Did you trace the message?" Nagi nodded in reply. Crawford turned away. "Follow Schuldig and bring him back home. Tonight follow the address you received and bring the person you find back here. Is that understood?" Nagi nodded again. "Go quickly."

    Nagi hesitated. The question burned on his tongue. He wanted to know who Davi was. However, it wasn't his place to question Crawford. "Aa," he said instead, and hurried past his leader, heading out of the apartment and towards Fujiko's.

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