Part Three: Davi and Nagi

// = Flashbacks

    Schuldig opened the door to Fujiko's with a force that seemed to make the whole building shake. The host looked up nervously and opened his mouth to offer a tentative greeting, but Schuldig gave him a mental shove and continued on. All conversations came to a halt as he stormed into the dining area. Any amusement he might have felt earlier over Omi's change and attitude had been washed away by a low, cold anger. Omi had no right to touch Davi.

    The wheat haired boy was seated in the far corner and waved cheerfully when Schuldig's gaze caught his. Omi had his shields up. Where in the seven hells had Omi learned to make such a mental guard? Schuldig hated those shields. Not only could he not hear the other boy's thoughts, but the desire to smash Omi's conscious into a million pieces was almost overwhelming. He stalked across the floor and stood, glaring down at Omi with hard eyes. Omi smiled brightly up at him.

    "Please sit." The boy gestured to a seat across the table from him.

    "Give me one good reason why I shouldn't kill you where you stand."

    "I can wash your memory of what you're doing before you can strike the blow. Please." He gestured again. "I ordered us a fine meal. I just want to talk to you, you know. I deserve the right to talk to you. It's not like I'm asking to do to you what you did to me seven months ago."

    "You don't deserve anything."

    "Besides," Omi continued, ignoring his snappish remark, "if you don't stay..." His lips twitched into the beginnings of a coldly satisfied smirk. "Kiss Davi goodbye."

    Schuldig inhaled sharply, eyes narrowing to slits that seemed to glow with his internal anger, a fury that raged uselessly inside him. The tension between the two males was so thick and intense it was almost visible. Omi gazed at him, smirk forming completely and eyes sparkling with amusement. Which one would back down first?

    Schuldig admitted defeat first, seating himself in the seat Omi indicated. A glass of strong wine was at his place. He reached out, toying with it, finally containing his anger enough that he could put on a mask of cool indifference. "What do you want?"

    "Davi was very pretty, SchuSchu." Omi sipped at his own drink, watching as Schuldig bristled. "I bet you loved her very much." Omi reached out delicately with his power, letting the stolen memory ripple through Schuldig's mind.

    Schuldig's jaw tightened under the onslaught. He did not like to think of Davi anymore. She used to be the sun in his day, the one who truly loved and understood him. She had been his sister, the only one in his family he had liked, the only one that had cared. She had kept him from going insane, back then. She had met a brutal death when the men of Estet had come for him, and he had been powerless to save her.

    This memory he recognized. It had taken place just hours before her death.

    // Davi hesitated, looking towards her older brother. "'Niichan, are you sure about this?" She cast a worried glance towards the bouncer that guarded the club doors. "He looks mean."

    Her brother laughed at her fears, tugging her along by her wrist. "He doesn't harrass regulars."

    Davi sent him an admonishing glare. "'Niichan! Is this where you always run off to?"

    He spun towards her, pressing a finger to her lips and giving her a quick kiss on the forehead. Tinges of madness gleamed in excited jade eyes. "This is where the silence is, Davi. This is where I can stay sane."

    She looked as if she was about to protest, but shook her head instead and gave him a tolerating smile. "You promise that it is safe?"

    "I promise." //

    "You lie so easily, Schuldig." Omi shook his head. His voice helped drag Schuldig out of the tangle of memories that had started to rise with the one Omi had sent him. The German blinked and realized they'd been served dinner. Omi was eating calmly, watching him. Schuldig glared.

    "I didn't know they were coming."

    Omi's smirk turned feral. "Didn't you?"

    ~Yes...I did....That's right...I'd known. I'd brought her to the club so the men would see I had a sister, so they'd know that she was just another chain to sever. Just another weight, holding me down from the freedom and silence Schwarz offered. I'd dragged her from her safe routine to the dangerous club, offering her to death...~

    "Nein!" Schuldig spat, shaking his head sharply. ~That's not true!~

    ~No, it isn't. I brought her to the club knowing she wouldn't drink or do drugs. That way when she was being raped and killed she wouldn't blame me for not moving to help her...Because I was drugged to the gills. I'd known they were coming. I knew they'd kill my family. She was so pretty that I suspected they might want to take her. Fighting would mean denied silence. So I'd hidden from the blame, from the guilt...~

    "_Nein_!! Damn you!" Schuldig snarled. "Don't you _dare_ mess with those memories!"

    "Memories are we make them to be, SchuSchu. Like this, for example." Omi gestured to the table. Schuldig glanced down it and stiffened. The dinner that Omi had just been eating was gone, and all dishes save the wine glasses had been cleared away. Omi laughed at the surprise and growing anger in Schuldig's eyes. "I did threaten you, you know. You were scaring all the customers with your yelling."


    Wisps of memory brushed against his mind, too vague to see, as Omi played with him, taunting him. "You took me, SchuSchu. You twisted me and tore at me, making me what I am now." Omi rolled up a sleeve and idly examined his scarred arms. "You let Farfarello damage my flesh while you damaged my mind. I do not hold it against you as much as I could, for I like the awareness my new self and gift gives me. I liked sleeping with you, although I hated myself at the time for liking it. I am glad that my first time was not rape."

    Schuldig was aware that a voice was screaming inside him, his own voice. But nothing was missing from his memory...was it? "Yes," Schuldig drawled, smirking. "You enjoyed that very much."

    "I clung desperately to your presence because your ransacking my mind did not do as much damage as Farfarello's knives seemed to, at the time. I cared for you greatly back then, I suppose- in a sick desperated way I might have even briefly loved you, because you saved me from Farfarello. But I will not just pass over the events that took place back then...which is why I took from you what I did."

    Took?...Took what?

    Omi tilted his head back and laughed. "This is fun!"

    "Sirs, you're going to have to leave."

    Schuldig was standing. When did he stand up? He turned to see an angry chef was glaring at both of them, then looked at Omi. His eyes landed on the mess in front of the boy. The table was turned over, and from the throbbing in his foot he deduced he had kicked it over. Wine was sinking into the expensive carpet and their cups were broken. The flower vases were shattered and the plants ruined. Th eother customers were huddling, expressions fearful. Accusing jade eyes turned on Omi. Another memory blank.

    Omi stood smoothly. "I apologize for my companion's behavior. Charge repair bills to this account." Omi handed the chef a small card and headed towards the door. Schuldig ransacked the minds around him, searching for an explanation, and settled on a woman's thoughts.

    ~What a dreadful, dreadful man! What is his problem? He keeps yelling, calming, yelling, calming...He must be mentally unstable.~

    Schuldig traced the line of thought backwards. She had been eating calmly when he had snarled something loudly and fiercely in German- in surprise and cold hate. He had started yelling at Omi to 'give her back', and the boy's calm, taunting replies had so incensed him that he had kicked the table over onto the boy.

    Give who back? His sister? But she was still...

    He froze.

    Her name. What was her name?

    Panic swirled in his mind as he flitted to catch up with Omi. What was his sister's name? No! He wouldn't let Omi take her from him. She was his sanity. Her sweet smile and caring eyes were all he had of a past, of a background. He didn't want to ask Crawford. Asking him was a sign of failure. He wouldn't...he wouldn't...

    Schuldig paused outside the restaurant, whirling in a circle to try and spot Omi. He cast his mind, out, searching. As he did he felt a ripple of power, and didn't have time to throw up a shield before it crashed into his mind.


    Schuldig blinked, looking around. What was he doing outside of Fujiko's? Oh, right. Crawford had sent him to drop off a package there. Well, that job done, it was time to head back home. He stuffed his hands in his pockets. He didn't feel like heading back, though. He felt restless. What did he want?

    There was screaming in the back of his mind...a girl's voice screaming at him to not forget her. Ch'. He wondered whose mind he was eavesdropping in now, to get her noise. Schuldig flicked his head in annoyance. Well, two things were good to get rid of voices: screwing with people's minds and just plain screwing.

    "Good afternoon, sir."

    Schuldig flicked a glance in the direction the voice had come from. A boy who could at most be eighteen was standing there. He was well built and slim, with scars on his face and alluring blue eyes. And from his mind came silence. Schuldig was instantly interested. The boy grinned slowly, and an image slipped from his mind to Schuldig's, of their two bodies intwined, naked, and sweaty. Delicious.

    "Do you know where I could get something to drink?" the boy asked.

    Schuldig smirked slightly. "Depends on what you drink."

    The boy slowly looked him up and down, matching Schuldig's expression. "I drink just about everything, but I hear German...brews...are the best." His tongue darted out, lightly wetting his upper lip.

    Schuldig's mouth twitched. "I'm sure I can scrounge up something."

    "Then the only question is..." the boy moved closer, pressing himself against Schuldig, lust and desire in his eyes, "my place or yours?"

    Schuldig laughed quietly. Imagine him bringing such a boy back to his place. Crawford would glare at him and Farfarello would try to eat the boy. "Yours."

    The boy looped his arm through Schuldig's, leading the way down the sidewalk.

    The girl was still screaming.


    Nagi followed Schuldig out of Fujiko's. He had watched the German interact with a familiar looking stranger, knowing that approaching the German while he was so furious and in such a public place was asking for death. The conversation between the two men had been confusing. Schuldig had been calm, then absolutely furious, then calm again, and furious again. The German's table partner had found the whole thing highly amusing. Now Nagi paused in the shadow of the door, watching as Schuldig whirled in a circle, looking for the younger man. Schuldig was so worked up over the man that he didn't notice Nagi's presence.

    Suddenly Schuldig staggered back and a hand flew to his head. Nagi almost stepped forward, but in just two seconds the man had recovered. His face was once again calm.

    Nagi didn't understand.

    The stranger came up to Schuldig, and Nagi watched as the two flirted each other. ~What?! But Schuldig was just on a hunt for that man's blood!~ A sickening chill twisted in his stomach as he remembered the talk Crawford had given him that morning. According to Crawford Omi was back in town, and had the gift of a memory manipulator. Suddenly his mind pieced together the image of the early Omi and this young man. This boy...was Omi? The naive cheerful child that had seemed so innocent? Gods, he had changed!

    And right now, Omi was playing with Schuldig's memories.

    Nagi steeled his resolve and moved forward, catching up to the two as they moved down the sidewalk. Schuldig looked over his shoulder. *What do you want, chibi?*

    ~What are you doing with Omi, Schuldig?~

    *Omi?* Schuldig gave him an odd look. *You know this boy?*

    ~He's ex-Weiß, Schuldig!~

    Omi turned, sensing Schuldig's attention was elsewhere. Nagi didn't like the way Schuldig's mouth thinned in concentration, as if trying to remember something. Omi's eyes met Nagi's. Nagi glared at him. Omi's eyes looked just like Schuldig's did when the German was playing: mocking, triumphant, and arctic cold. This was definitely not the Omi he remembered.

    "Go home, Nagikins," Omi told him with a smirk. "It's not time to play yet."

    "Get away from him before I throw you away from him," Nagi threatened.

    "Nagi, get lost." Schuldig waved a hand in dismissal. His eyes seemed duller than they did a moment ago. Nagi's hands clenched into fists.

    "Quit playing with him, Omi!" he snapped, slapping his power against the boy.

    Omi went slamming into a lightpole. Schuldig turned, surprised, a sharp word of reprimand leaving his lips: "Nagi!" Omi's blue eyes narrowed. Schuldig went stiff and his eyes blanked out. Before Nagi could speak to Schuldig again or send another attack at Omi, he felt a sharp thrust of another mind into his own. This one was unfamiliar. This mind was Omi's. A sizzling memory flashed across the link from boy to boy.

    Nagi screamed at the pain the memory dredged with it. Knives, digging into him relentlessly, and the burning agony of another mind ripping through his own. A madman's laughter. An amused voice telling Farfarello not to damage any vital organs. Why were they hurting him? What had he done wrong?!

    The memories were all gone in the breath of an instant, and in the next a wave of calm swept through Nagi's mind, replacing the pain completely.


    Nagi squinted up at the sky. It was noon, and he was hungry. He had a feeling there was something he was supposed to be doing, but he couldn't remember what it was. He sighed and shrugged, turning towards home. Crawford wasn't going to be happy when he found out Nagi had forgotten what he was supposed to do- if indeed he had been assigned something by his American boss. That was his best guess, since he didn't wander often. Great. He shoved his hands in his pockets, blinking in surprise when his fingers hit paper. He pulled the offending scrap from its hiding place and studied it. It was a network address. Ah, that was right. Crawford had told him to find the one who used that network. There was a side note, a side job he was supposed to be doing as well, but he drew a blank.

    In order to locate the ip server he'd need his computer. Maybe he could sneak in without Crawford noticing and use his system. Maybe he would find there the rest of what he was supposed to be doing. Maybe Crawford would never know Nagi had forgotten his orders.

    Too many maybes.

    The trip home was short and quick. Nagi entered the apartment silently, looking around. He didn't see Crawford anywhere. Good. His feet carried him through the front room and to his desk. He set the address aside and connected to the server. Before he could do anything, though, a small message box popped up on his screen.

    ^13-1 Noishi Street. If you want Schuldig to stay safe, hurry fast.^

    Schuldig safe?...

    It all came back to him in a rush. Omi had Schuldig. He cast out his power, shaking the walls of the apartment in his anger. Omi had put a trigger in his mind, covering up his memory until he got this message, until he was far enough away from the two that he couldn't get there fast enough to keep Omi from doing anything.

    The thought of Schuldig needing protection was absurd and all too real. Nagi closed the message box and rushed from the apartment.


    Nagi paused in front of the door, hand poised to knock. Why was he hear? The reason had flown from his mind suddenly. He struggled to remember. Something...something about Schuldig?...

    "The door's unlocked," a husky voice murmured right in his ear. Nagi jumped, spinning around. A boy was standing there. He was scarred, but they only seemed to accent his dark and youthful beauty. The boy smiled in reassurance. "Did I frighten you? I'm Schuldig's friend Omi. He told you about me, didn't he?"



    Nagi nodded. Right. Omi. Schuldig's newest lover. The boy smiled, opening the door and motioning for Nagi to enter. Nagi did as he was told, eyes searching the apartment for his teammate. Now he remembered. Schuldig had called him here, saying his lover Omi wanted him to see a new computer game.

    Schuldig appeared in a doorway, shirt undone. His eyes seemed oddly blank as he regarded Nagi. Omi shut the door behind Nagi, and the telekinetic heard the bolt slide into place. The older boy flashed him a smile, beckoning. "This way."

    Nagi followed him through the apartment. Schuldig followed.

    "Check it out." Omi gestured at a doorway. Nagi went in first and looked around. This was the bedroom. There were no computers. Suddenly arms wrapped around his waist from behind and he felt hot breath on the back of his neck.

    "What-" he started, but a hand turned his head so that his mouth came in contact with another. He struggled against the pressure, his power rising to defend himself. Schuldig gave him a mental smack, scattering his thoughts.

    *Ah ah, no powers,* the German reminded him.


    Omi moved around front, pulling at his shirt while still kissing at him. Nagi tried to back away from him, only to run into Schuldig. The German closed firm hands on his hips, massaging his flesh and kissing the back of his neck.

    Why was he resisting? He'd agreed to Schuldig's suggestion of this threesome earlier. It was probably just nerves. He was, after all, still a virgin. Nagi brushed his worries aside, returning Omi's kiss, missing the triumphant smirks on the other two mens' faces.


    Schuldig woke slowly, aware of a warmth at his side. He opened his jade eyes, and the sight that met his gaze was of Nagi's sleeping face.

    ~What's wrong with this picture?~

    He sat up. His memories of last night were jumbled, but a cold fist settled in his stomach when he took in his surroundings. He was in a strange bed with Nagi. Both of them were naked, and there was blood on the sheets. Dried and barely visible streaks from earlier tears were on Nagi's cheeks.

    ~What happened last night?~

    "You're cold, Schuldig."

    Schuldig's head jerked up to see Omi sitting on a stool by the foot of the bed. He was wearing tight jeans and an unbuttoned shirt that gave a clear view of his chest and the scars that covered it. His elbow was propped on his knee and his chin perched on his palm. Disapproval and mocking amusement radiated from him.

    "I've seen your memories, Schuldig. I know why you didn't take me against my will back when I was kidnapped. You've been raped before. You don't give a shit about anyone else, but there are boundaries you said you'd never cross." The boy's gaze dropped to Nagi and softened in pity. "You swore to yourself you'd never rape anyone."

    His eyes rose to meet Schuldig's again. "I leave you for ten minutes, and what do I find when I return? Damn you, Schuldig."


    ~Nein nein nein.~

    ~I wouldn't...I wouldn't do that!~

    Panic swelled in his chest although a part of his mind was desperately trying to squish it, trying to say this could all be a trick played by Omi- another malicious trick. He would never rape anyone, especially not Nagi.

    Nagi stirred by his side. The boy stiffened when he realized he was laying against someone, and slowly his eyes opened and raised to Schuldig's. They widened and Nagi froze like a deer caught in headlights.

    Two things from Nagi's mind caught in Schuldig's simultaneously- an image of Nagi screaming on the bed as Schuldig drove into him, and the panicked thought ~Don't hurt me!!~

    Schuldig was out of the room in the blink of an eye, grabbing his clothes as he went. He had to get out of here. He had to get out where he could breathe. He didn't. He didn't he didn't!


    Nagi felt a shift in his thoughts, and immediately the fear and panic were replaced. He tried to sit up, but he hurt too much to make it all the way up. He flopped back, taking in the mess on the sheets as his mind went over the events of the previous night. Omi had tricked him. He looked up when the door slammed. He hadn't missed the flare of panic and self-hate in Schuldig's eyes, emotions he'd never seen before.

    Omi was laughing.

    Nagi glared over at him. "What did you to do him?"

    "You did it too," Omi told him, sliding off the stool and coming over to the bed. "Schuldig thinks he raped you last night." The wheat haired boy began to tug the sheets off. Nagi knew he should be attacking Omi, but he was so sore...Instead he rolled off the sheets when Omi tugged him. "When you're well enough to walk, you can go after him and set his mind at ease if you wish."

    The boy vanished from the room for a few minutes, bringing the soiled sheets with him. When he returned he had a notebook computer in his arms. Now Nagi could see bandages through the older boy's shirt. Omi followed the gaze and smirked. "Where else do you think I got so much blood from?" he asked, seating himself beside Nagi and opening the computer.

    Nagi watched absently as Omi began to sift through Kritiker's files. Slowly his gaze drifted up towards Omi. "Why are you doing this?" he asked.

    Omi paused in his typing, sucking his breath in slowly as if trying to figure out what to say in reply. "Revenge," he said simply, after several moments of thought.

    "Haven't you had enough?" Nagi asked, trying again to push himself up.

    Omi turned fully to face him. Gone were those wide, expressive blue eyes Nagi had seen in the past. Now all that was there was a pair of calm, cold, dark eyes. "You decide," he finally said, and Nagi felt another mind push into his, gently this time instead of the sharp jab he'd felt in his first encounter with Omi.

    Omi's voice sounded very far away. "You watch, and then decide for yourself."

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