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The story begins with one little boy, named Mutou Yugi who had found a new toy. He finished the Puzzle, somewhere in fall, and revived the most powerful duelist of all. Yami Yugi is the Duelist's name, and he has never ever lost a game. If you fail the game and lose your fame, you only have yourself to blame. Sounds corny, right? Hey, I made it up myself!!

The story begins with the Millennium Puzzle. Lot of decades back, three people discovered the sacred puzzle. Each of them died one by one; their causes of death were unknown. All that we know is that before the last person died, he mentioned a phrase; “The Puzzle of Darkness”.

Now, the Millennium Puzzle has lay in the hands of Mutou, the owner of a Game Shop. Mr. Mutou is now the grandfather to our main character in this series, Yugi Mutou. Shy, short and constantly bullied, Yugi is the type of guy which strikes you as kind, but not quite romantic and tough. He can’t even stand up to his own classmates. Unable to solve the puzzle during his young age, Grandpa Mutou has given the Puzzle to Yugi to solve, believing it can help Yugi obtain magical powers to help him; powers of darkness.

The hieroglyphics encrypted on the puzzle are believed to say that whoever completes the puzzle will get the cleverness and power of darkness and shadows. And apparently, it can help the person who can solve it obtain their wish. Yugi’s wish was to have good friends; loyal friends, who will not betray him, friends who will treat him like their own kind, regardless of what he does.

Therefore, Yugi eventually solves the puzzle, and the solving of the Millennium Puzzle allowed him to ultimately change into the ultimate gaming master and duelist; Yami Yugi, Yugi’s alter ego. Yami Yugi’s a confident duelist and is the ultimate player at any game. Dual Monsters, Poker, you name it. Yami Yugi is also the defender of justice towards anything that might threaten his friends. You can see this as whenever one of Yugi’s friends or people he knows get stuck in some sticky situation, where the opponent is using cruel and evil tactics to get what they want, our normal, shy Yugi will undergo a transformation, and becomes Yami Yugi to play his own games; Games of Darkness. Yami Yugi sometimes has his own rules; and if anybody breaks them in Yugi’s game, they will get an Illusion of Darkness, and they will, um, have sort of mental problems after that. They like go crazy and stuff, and some of them even end up in hospital! Yugi’s not one to play around with.

In this situations, Yami Yugi often appears with a third eye on his head. The eye’s legend belongs to some legend in Egypt. The Eye symbol on Yugi’s puzzle is that of the sacred eye of the Egyptian God, Ra. See more in the Egypt section.

Later, he meets fellow classmate and Dual Monsters Duelist, Kaiba Seto, president of Kaiba Corporation Inc. Kaiba was arrogant and cold-hearted, and he first appeared with stealing Grandpa Mutou’s Blue Eyes White Dragon card from Yugi. Yugi changed to Yami Yugi and defeated Kaiba hands down. This incident humiliated Kaiba.

Now Kaiba will not stop at anything to defeat Yugi. He knows about Yami Yugi, though, even though he doesn’t know the process. He somehow knows that once Yugi sits down to a game, he will undergo a transformation to become a totally different Yugi – Oh, dear, Kaiba’s right – and he has called several master gamers to challenge Yugi, explaining to each one of them that Yugi has a different person inside him. So far, he has sent a millionaire ( this one’s obsessed with mannequins – eek! ), a master duelist, Irene and a gambler named something like Dragon One. Kaiba once trapped Grandpa Mutou in his office to lure Yugi to duel with him. But that’s another story.

The creator of Dual Monsters, Maximillion Pegasus, created the game based on a game in Egypt centuries ago and he too possesses a millennium artifact, the Millennium Eye, ( does that sound familiar?)which is fixed onto his left eye. He then challenged Yugi to a game, and Yami Yugi lost. ( I can’t believe it! ) As a payment, Pegasus trapped Grandpa Mutou’s soul, and challenged Yugi to battle him once again. Kaiba is challenged too, and he too is trapped, but in a card. The same goes with Kaiba’s brother, Mokuba. As Pegasus holds control over the three, Yugi is off to the Dueler’s Kingdom, in order to rescue Kaiba and his brother, and ultimately defend the reputation of Yami Yugi and get back his grandfather’s soul.

After Yugi defeats Pegasus, he is in for another challenge - the Duel Disk. More dangers and adventures await Yugi and his friends. What will happen? Wait 'till Nanako-chan has translated the comics first, OK? ^_^ What I can tell you now is that a guy from Egypt, Malik Ishtar, is one of the ultimate duelists - and he possesses a millennium artifact, the Millennium rod!! Bakura has lost to him, and Bakura has disappeared! Will the same happen to Yugi if he too is defeated? Stay tuned - to find out. Keep checking back for updates, yeah?

- Nanako-chan