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Kodocha Character Profiles

Kurata Sana

Age: 11 (At the Begining of the Series)
Birthday: March 7
Blood Type: O
Loves: Hayama, Mama, and Rei
Loved by: Hayama, Tsuyoshi, Naozumi, Ishida
Mother: Misako Kurata
Biological Mother: Keiko Sakai
Half Sister: Mariko Sakai
Seiyuu: Oda Shizue
Favorite Food: Cornflake Paste(It's so Americian)

Sana Kurata is a famous child star actress. She stars in a show called Zenjirou's Child's Toy. Sana is so good with acting that few people can tell when she is worried. When there is something not right with her, Hayama is the only one who can sense it. She's very hyperactive girl and born to be a leader. She loves to sing, rap, and dance. She also like to hit people with a hammer. Except that she can be very "slow" and dense sometimes. When Sana is around Hayama she feels comfortable with him. Besides that, later on in the series she soon starts to relize that she is in love with her friend/enemy, Hayama.

Hayama Akito

Age: 11 (At the Begining of the Series)
Birthday: October 12
Blood Type: B
Doesn't hate: Sana
Loved by: Sana, Fuka
Mother: Koharu Hayama
Father: Fuyuki Hayama
Sister: Natsumi Hayama
Seiyuu: Nakazaki Tatsuya
Favorite Food: SUSHI!!!
AKA: Demon-child, Akuma, Monkey boss, Peggy Hayama, Kiss Devil

Hayama is an unemotional troublemaker. He lives with his sister, which yells at him and kicks him out, and his dad that ignores him. Hayama rarely ever smiles or laughs. He takes Karate to prove that he exist or is good at something (I think it was because of Naozumi said he was no competion for him). Hayama is very smart and mature. Hayama can turn into leopard/tanuki/lone wolf. Later in the series he loves Sana, but can't admit it to her.

Naozumi Kamura

Age: 11 (At the Begining of the Series)
Birthday: February 10
Blood Type: A
Mother: Mizukuchi Yuko
Father: Gary Hamilton
Half Sister: Sicil Hamiilton
Seiyuu: Minami Omi

Naozumi grew up in orphanage, because he was abandoned by his mother. Sana was in the same orphanage for a short period of time, then was adopted by Misako Kurata. His inspiration of becoming a talented actor is Sana. Naozumi loves Sana, then also finds out that Hayama loves her too. Naozumi and Hayama compete against each other for Sana, but he realizes that he wasn't meant for her because she loves the guy that jog to her bus before they left for the movie "Water Palace".

Fuka Matsui

Birthday: December 24
Blood Type: Type O
Loves: Hayama, Takaishi
Loved by: Takaishi
AKA: Buka

Fuka is Sana's best friend with a Kansai accent. She hits people with a fan that comes out of nowhere.Fuka has no problem of expressing her feelings and supposely looks similiar to Sana.

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