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Kodocha Character Bloodtype

The bloodtypes are from Kodocha Book 5.

In Japan, your blood type is supposed to indicate you personality. It's taken even more seriously than the zodiac.

Blood Type O*

Type O people are supposedly natural leaders and peacemakers, with a strong sense pf purpose and a carefree attitude towards life. They are usually very popular, and seem to be very centered emotionally. But in time of Crisis, they will often panic.

Blood Type B*

Type B people are supposed to be very strong-willed but easy to get along with. They're adventurous and curious, with lots of energy, but their enthusiam can get the better of them sometimes. They can be very moody.

Blood Type A*

Type A People are supposed to be calm and careful in what they do. They don't rush things and are generally very even-tempered. But while they seem to be very stable, sometimes a fragile emotional state is right below the surface.

Blood Type AB*

Type AB* people supposedly are the most considerate of all to both people and the world around them. They like everything to be calm and stable. Unfortunatley, this tendency can make them conservative and unable to ever go all out for anything.