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Basically, We are starting anew. As one of the minor gods of the Internet has influenced the deific mikee gee, we are delving into a new format. One which will put you, his people, in closer communion with the grand high pooh mikee gee his bad self.

Updated monthly (hopefully)
On the LEFT, one of many thousands of Mike Gee'z converts testifying!
On the RIGHT, something the grand vizier of all that is gee-ness calls a "rant".

Now, on with the show!!!


    As Bobby Boucher’s dear sweet old mama would say, “Cell phones are the Devil.” I am so sick of cell phones. I can see their value to parents by giving one to their kids for emergencies or to keep in touch with (i.e. spying on) them. No more I wasn’t near a phone and it was broken excuses. I can see how it can help one in an emergency capacity: your house is flung forty miles into the desert by a tornado and you need help, or your car runs out of gas on the turnpike. Fine.
    But do you really need to be in the grocery store on the phone with your sister in law telling her you just picked up the milk and you are heading to the checkout? Do you really need to talk to anyone while you are driving? Its herd enough to believe that most people even have driver’s licenses much less that they know how to use a car; but talk on a phone while you are pretending to drive?!?!
    Many states are outlawing the use of a handheld cell phone in a car. Bravo to them! When will it happen in Pennsylvania? Probably the same day those PA drivers are taught how to drive well than our neighbors from New Jersey.
    People in general are only vaguely aware of the life that goes on around them. They barely notice that there are other people doing other things when they walk, drive or sit on their porch. Ok, they notice when you flip them off, but not when you hold a door for them or say hello. People are growing more ignorant of simple common sense every day. They have a cornucopia of distractions as it is without the cell phone. They can’t get along with anyone, but do they need to not get along on a phone anywhere they wish?
    Kids of all ages have cell phones. They talk and instant message more than adults. They need the added distractions as it keeps them out of everyone else’s hair for the most part. But did you ever listen to there pathetic conversations? Maybe they shouldn’t have the cell phones. Dumb kids are making other kids dumber by talking to them on the phone constantly.
    The worst thing, and most annoying to all around them is the cell phone earpiece with mic attachment. This gives the user the freedom of having their cell phone clipped to their pants with a line connecting the phone to an earpiece. The line has a mini-microphone close to their throat. This lets a person have a conversation with you and someone else without the live person knowing to whom the user is speaking. This is the pinnacle of ignorance in my book.
    Another thing that is not quite as bad as the earpiece, but come in a close second is those annoying walkie-talkie phones that have a 15-mile radius. They should not be used for public use. Construction workers or other businesses that require a range to work should have them. It would help them a great deal. Your dad does not need one to let you know the football score while you are standing in line a Wal-Mart.
    And whatever happened to people being concerned about brain cancer from the harmful rays emitted and collected by the cell phone being held to your head too long?

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