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Kawaii Mart


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- PK Star,
---- Overall Manager
- Fiona,
---- Asistant Overall Manager
- Pat,
---- Bishoujo Manager
- Masamune,
---- Violence Manager
- Jacob,
---- Bishie Spokesperson
- Bryan,
---- Mascot

Welcome to the Kawaii-Mart Homepage!

We've only got two rules here, so please heed them...
---1) Please don't take our content without asking. Almost everything here was either scanned, captured, or created by the employees, and if you'd like to use something, a simple email isn't too much to ask.
---2) Please stay away from the off-limits area. It's for you own good. Really.
That aside, please enjoy your day here at Kawaii Mart!


Graphics and Layout By PK Star, with the exception of the Violence Department, which is an affiliated work by Mystic Kind Masamune, and the Bishoujo department, which is a affliated work of Pat. Inspiration from Jacob and Fiona, Hotohori belongs to me and Yuu Watase, Faye belongs to whoever created her, too, and finally, Kawaii Mart is an idea and trademark of PK Star, Jacob, Bryan, and Fiona. Etc etc..


Bishie and Bishojo of the Month;

| Loki | Aya |-
| Matantei Loki RAGNAROK | Parasite Eve |-