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Posted: April 8, 2004
Staff Member: Tai303
Hiya everyone lol... I know it's been a long time but, im actually still alive just didn't update for a while but I did manage to put up 4 new pages under the noir section so don't be that mad at me please. I also have 2(two) new affiliate Ultra Evolution- A great digimon site with a hott splash page (a must go see kind of thing) and my other affilaite is Digimon Squared also another great digimon site that I enjoy well go take a look at those and hope you enjoy them as I did. I joined the a new topsite if you wanna go there and check out the other sites which are about kingdom hearts which is like one of the best games I ever played lol. Also I adopted a sora at the website kame click on my sora to get to that site if you wanna adopt a kingdom hearts of final fantasy character ok!? well until next time im out please come back and visit and thanks for 74,000 hits yall you's are making site building all worth while ;) laters

Posted: December 30, 2003
Staff Member: Tai303
Yo everyone uhh I didn't really get to update much today cause I was at lehigh university all day since 6am in the morning to 6:30pm at my track meet so sorry about that but I did manage to fix all the affiliates links so go visit their site meanwhile but, don't worry i'll put up the links to my site when they are done and ready for people to see them okie dokie? The game review section won't be up for a while cause im going to do them after im done all my other links which won't be for a while but, if you need help for one of those games email me and i'll let ya know cause I beat them all lol... Kingdom Hearts 2 is the only game I didn't beat yet because it didn't come out yet but once it does you will be sure i will be getting it and whoopin the game all over everywhere lol. I won't be able to update saturday's like that because every saturday I have track meets and I can't be here so sorry but, things will move along best beleive that ... Well see ya im outty *come back again*

Posted: January 1, 2004
Staff Member: Tai303
I updated alot today somewhat but first I wanna say happy new years to everyone and hope they didn't do nothing that was illegal lol... I spent new years in philadelphia with my step brother he had a party. There are more fan listings that I joined like the Naruto and Sesshoumaru and the Oh so cute Lilo and Stitch Movie Fan listing lol. Actually lilo and stitch is one of my favorite movies because it is so funny and cute. I started making the pages for the links that are on the layout it's gonna take me a while though so please be very very patient cause I don't be having alot of computer time because my brother hogs it and doesn't let me use it most of the time which is messed up on my part.I sent a affiliation message to a site to see if they would affiliate with me which I hope they do.

If you want any news on digimon this is a like to a forum that has info on it.

Posted: January 10, 2004
Staff Member: Tai303
Okay just because I haven't posted in a while doesn't mean I haven't been updaeing because I have I designed about 9 pages so far which is alittle bit but I doing 2 to 3 pages a day so come back to see us keep growing. The pages I did was in Digimon Adventure and in Digimon 02 I wrote the info myself and you are more then welcome to take it just make a link back to my site if ya do if your not already a affiliate lol... I've been doing good in track practice which I went to today I ran pretty good but I almost had a asthma attack while I ran so yeah everything was cool besides that plus my coach told me if I beat my personal record next week he will treat me to lunch and I told him don't say that I might look real skinny but I sure do eat alot and I really mean alot lol... So people I wanna thank yous for coming I doing good in the topsites becuase of you's *THANKS* and I've almost reached 55,000 hits which is pretty cool to me thanks so much fans I love ya'll and hope you's return. Oh and if you see any pics that aren't showing up or any links that aren't working and they are suppose to be please email me or aim me and please let me know cause they always the customer is always right but in this case the fans are lol... well im outty so laters and btw the best band is "Taking Back Sunday" lol laters

Posted: January 15, 2004
Staff Member: Tai303
Hey everyone Uhh I put alot of pages up since last update for Season 02 and Season Tamers. Hope ya like the pages I put info everyone should be able to like on there. I have two new affiliates 1. Kaiba's kingdom (a good site dedicated to the CEO of Kaiba corp Seto Kaiba, it has alot of pictures and info on Seto Kaiba there so if your interested go visit it, its a great site.) 2. Digital Evolution Forums (created by the webmaster of The DigiZone, it has alot of answers to digimon on there in case ya wanna give it a visit.) I almost have 56,000 hits everyone thanks so much for visiting my site your making it into a great site so THANK YOU FANS... More info will be up on here cause i've been doing 2 to 3 pages a day so everything will be up givin a certain time so i'll have to see you's later ~night night~

Posted: January 25, 2004
Staff Member: Tai303
Hiya fans whats up? uhh I did alot and I mean alot of updating on the webiste I just put it up today because I was really really sick I had a runny nose and my asthma was acting up and on top of that I had a freakin headache soo sorry that I didn't update earlier though but better late then never I suppose. I made about 9 to 12 pages from Tamers to Frontier and for the site like the Job Opening page and the Affiliate page and also the Staff page so go visit them if you think they sound interesting of your interested. Remember everybody I will be updating everyday but you won't see the actual update until I upload it which I will do once a week but, It will be a big update so just wait alittle while longer and more will be here. Im also start a Site of the Month program where I will put a link to your page on my site for the month if I think your site got what it takes to be the best site for the month. I will also be doing a pic of the week program if you got a bangin' pic that you think should be up for the week send it to my email and I will put it up for the week. Laters everyone and thanks for 57,350 hits... :)

Posted: February 1, 2004
Staff Member: Tai303
Hey everybody whats happenin' uhh I did alot of thinking and thought of putting this anime called Rah Xephon up I will put up like four of the links today and the rest will come when I find out that information like the episode guide and the voice cast and what not. Well thanks for 58,000 hits guys this means alot to me and I really wanna thanks you's for coming to this site and supporting it like this without you's it wouldn't be nothing also I have a new affiliate that's hiatus at the moment but im joining there staff so that it won't be no more so you know what that means another digimon site is coming back up YAY!!! also The dragon ball z section won't be up for a while reason being is because im doing the other animes first and leaving that for last why? you ask because it's gonna take me the most time to do that section then it probaly took me to do all four seasons of digimon so you won't see that up for a little bit. Also if you's wanna email me to help you's with anything you know just email me and i'll see what I can do cause im willing to help anyone if I can and if I have the time cause im kinda a busy person ...kinda, well uhh I hope you's come back and check us out again later im outty...

Posted: February 15, 2004
Staff Member: Tai303
I didn't update that much from last time because i've been really cause it's my last week of track and school have been hard on me so i've been doing alot of work and catching up but I will definitely get to working on the site only about 39 or 40 links are up so enjoy those links for now please wait i'll have them up before ya know it. Oh and put the link to this page on my old url so ya'll can come here gtg later im outty...

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