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Blue Gender

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Character Profiles

Yuji Kaido

Voiced by Eric Johnson (also voice of Mirai Trunks from DBZ)

After being diagnosed with an incurable disease, Yuji decides to be put in cryogenic sleep in hopes that an effective treatment will be developed soon. In 2031, twenty seven years later, Yuji wakes up to find the world overrun by a deadly new species know as 'Blue.'

In 2009 Yuji worked in a gas station, rode his motercycle and hung out with his best friend Takashi. But in 2031 everything Yuji knew has been destroyed by the Blue. He feels lost and alone in an unforgiving new world. For better or for worse, Yugi is guided by the only thing he can trust-his emotions-as he attempts to gain control over his life.

Nationality: Japanese
Eye Color: Dark Blue
Hair Color: Burnt Orange on top, Dark Brown on sides and back
Skills: Arm piolet of a Grapple class Armored Shrike

Marlene Angel

Voiced by Laura Bailey (also voice of Chibi Trunks from DBZ)

After being orphaned at age 10 when the Blue killed her parents, Marlene grew up training intensively and became an elite soldier. She is assigned to a Sleep Recovery Team and is a top piolet of a sniper class Armored Shrike.

Seeming heartless and cold, Marlene first views Yugi as nothing more than carge. After awhile, Yuji begin to awaken feelings that have been dormant in her for many years. As Marlene's emotions begin to resurface, everything she believes beging to breakdown.

Nationality: ?
Eye Color: Light Blue
Hair Color: Blonde
Skills: Elite soldier, Top Piolet of a Sniper class Armored Shrike

Joey Heald

Voiced by John Burgmeir

Joey and Yuji become close friends soon after Yuji awakes from cryogenic sleep. Kind and friendly, Joey does not come across as the soldie he was trained to be. Joey eventually trains Yuji to be an arm piolet of a Grapple class Armored Shrike.

Young and optimistic, Joey manages to maintain a positive attitude despite his bleak surroundings.

Nationality: ?
Hair Color: Blue (which he wears with a red bandana)
Eye Color: ?
Skills: Piolet of a Grapple class Armored Shrike

Robert Bradly

Voiced by Kyle Hebert (also voice of Teen Gohan, West Kai, and Pikkon from DBZ)

Robert is the commander/Sergeant of the Sleep Recovery Team sent for Yuji Kaido. He is a capable leader and a man of few words, he focuses on the mission at hand. Robert is willing to make the ultimate sacrific if it ensures a successful mission.

Nationality: ?
Hair Color: ?
Eye Color: ?
Skills: ?

Keith Bean

Voiced by Christopher Sabat

A fearless and efficent soldier, Keith is a valuable member of the Sleep Recovery Team. He is a rowdy guy whose reason for living is to kill Blue. Keith's skills are certain, but when pushed too far, there's no turning back.

Nationality: ?
Hair Color: White
Eye Color: ?
Skills: ?

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