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Kirika Yuumura (Kuwashima Houko [Yurika in Nadesico]) - A quiet high school girl with a mysterious past.  Awaken one day to find herself in an unfamiliar place with knowledge that a girl her age shouldn't know.  Her weapon of choice is Beretta M1934 Commercial handgun.  But she is also well skilled in art of hand-to-hand combat, and anything that could be considered a weapon.

Mireille Bouquet (Mitsuishi Kotono [Sailor Moon, Juri from Utena, Misato from Evangelion]) - A well-known assassin that agreed to help Kirika find her past.  Knowing that her own past is also connected somehow to Kirika, she seeks information about the Soldats for herself as well.  When teamed up with Kirika, she begins to use the codename Noir.  Her weapon of choice is Walther P99 handgun.  She is not bad in hand-to-hand combat, but pales in comparison to the skills of Kirika.

Alrutena/Altena (TARAKO [Maruko in Chibi Maruko-chan) - One of the high officials in the order of Soldats.  It is still a mystery concerning her ultimate goal in the scheme of thing.  She seeks to complete the "Grand Return," one could only speculate at this moment what this implies.  However, other officials of the Soldats fear her abilities...

Chloei/Cloe (Hisakawa Aya [Sailor Mercury, Kero-Chan in CCS]) - A serious assassin of Soldats, first introduced herself as the "Shin Noir."  Her role in the anime grows in importance further along the series.  Usually appears out of the blue and from the shadow, her movement is shadowed and feared within the Soldats itself.  Her weapon of choice are knives and daggers of all kind.  Her methods of killing and the speed is on par with Kirika, perhaps even greater.



Knights of Paris - Men who works for the Soldats.  Sometimes wear a cat-like mask when executing a mission.