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Sailor Moon at Miko

Sailor Moon at Miko's Hideout


Thanks to Pan-chan for this scan


Welcome to My Sailor Moon site, this website is more of a side project I have created for my website. Sailor Moon if you didn''t know was a Japanese anime that I've been watching for quite some time now. I have seen the NA dub, but I have not seen any of the Japanese version. So I don't know much about that part of the story. E-mail me if you have any questions on this. 

Besides that I have designed this part of my website as a tribute to Sailor Moon. Anymore information can be found through my various links shown below. Also below can be found navigation to this website, the first place is my lyrics their is only one at the moment and that is of 'Rainy Day Man' as that is my favourite song. Next you have the story which is a basic outline of the story, kind of a beginners guide. Third we have an episode guide, which pretty much speaks for itself. The last is poems, this is a section on my poems. If any of you have come from the main website "Miko's Hideout" You will find more poems there about digimon. If you want to use any pictures and information please ask me and I shall probably let you. If you do think that you can steal the pictures at least link to me afterwards. On the updating side this web shall be updated on a regular basis but remember my primary concern is Miko's Hideout. Still you can e-mail me any questions about sailor moon and I shall try my hardest to answer it.











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Sailor Moon and all related characters, information, pictures, etc. are copyrighted by Naoko Takeuchi, Kadasha Ltd., Toei, Dic, and Fox. Any questions e-mail me here. This is a non-profit website. Please respect me and do not steal my website.