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Here is my guide to the story of sailor moon:

The story begins when a young girl called sailor moon finds out that she is sailor moon, from a cat called Luna. Luna tells her the story of the moon kingdom and of the evil Queen Beryl. The story goes that at a time called the silver millennium, peace rained throughout the galaxy. No where else but the moon did peace rain so much, it was the center of everything. The queen of the moon, Queen Serenity had one daughter called Serena, princess Serena or princess serenity had fallen in love with the prince of earth, Prince Darien. A problem arose when an evil presence called the Nega-force started to invade earth. The force was unstoppable to the people of earth, Queen Beryl led this ruthless army to the moon. There she hoped to get the moon crystal, which with she could destroy the universe with, leaving the  negaverse. Prince Darien came to Princess Serenity to say goodbye,  but he found the moon kingdom thinking him a spy. Queen Serenity asked him to stay and protect the kingdom. 

 The nega-verse arrived at the moon and destroyed much on the arrival. The sailor scouts, protectors of the moon thought valiantly but ultimately failed. Prince Darien was about to fight but Serena asked him to not go, But then queen Beryl arrived and tried to kill Serena, Darien tried to protect her but he got hurt and then Serena ended as well.

 Her Kingdom in ruins Queen Serenity, used the moon crystal to seal the nega-force in the nega-verse. Queen Serenity then used the last bit of energy she had and sent Princess Serenity, Prince Darien and the children of the moon to be reborn on earth, when the nega-force begins to attack the universe again.  

 Serena became Sailor moon, she later met up with the sailor scouts, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Mars, Sailor Jupiter and Sailor Venus. Also she met Darien and a mysterious person called Tuxedo Mask. Later into the first series she found out she was Princess Serenity, this made her realise that darien and tuxedo mask were the same person. Also he was Prince Darien.

The enemy of Series one was Queen Beryl who Sailor moon destroyed in a fantastic battle at the end of the series. (for more info see the episode guide) She continued to fight as sailor moon against a host of enemies. She also found out here that she would become Neo-Queen Serenty in the future.

That is up to where I've seen sailor moon on fox kids here in the U.K. even though I do know a bit about the other seasons past 2.

For more information check out the episode guide, and if there is any corrections please could you e-mail about hem.















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