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The Wolf Brigade




Mamoru Oshii's "Kerberos - Panzer Cops" tells the story of the CAPO, with the background of a alternate Japan that has just been defeated in war a decade ago, after the German Occupation. Although they are on the road back to mass industrialization and prosperity, strong handed economic and political policies have turned many areas into dilapidated slums. Anarchists and anti-government student protesters have taken up arms, stirring up violent social revolution riots. In order to combat this growing threat, the Japanese government has nationalized a division of the police, creating the Capital Police Organization (CAPO). The CAPO consists of hard-trained panzer troopers carrying heavy firearms and wearing special armor suits called Protect Gear, this specialized unit is feared by anti-government groups, criminals and civilians alike. 

Side note: 
Mamoru Oshii directed the critically acclaimed "Ghost in the Shell". 

Kenrou Densetsu, the manga
Before the anime movie, Mamoru Oshii wrote the scripts for six mangas illustrated by Kamui Fujiwara and named Kenrou Densetsu (Kerberos Panzer Cop). The rights were acquired by Darkhorse Comics and the manga was published in English under the name of Hellhounds: Panzer Cops.


Title : Kerberos Panzer Cop 1
Price : $HK38
Version : Hong Kong Chinese version


Title : Kerberos Panzer Cop 2
Price : $HK38
Version : Hong Kong Chinese version


Written by: Oshii Mamoru 
Art by: Fujiwara Kamui 

Chinese text, 'old style manga illustrations'. Compiles the six mangas into two books. Most pages black and white, some in color. You will find that Jin-Roh the anime movie is based on many scenarios and characters in the manga. And understand the background story of the Kerberos unit. Singapore visitors can buy this two books at branches like: 

Jurong Point Shopping Centre
1 Jurong West Ctrl 2, #003-36, S648886 
Tel : (65) 763 5082 Fax : (65) 251 9022



HELL HOUNDS: PANZER COPS ( English version )


Hellhounds: Panzer Cops #1 (of 6)

n a future, postwar Japan, poverty and crime have created a new breed of criminal. A new police division is formed with the resources and firepower to deal with the threat: the Hellhounds! To the government, they're heroic guardians. To the people, they're armed thugs. Now, a newcomer to the Hellhounds finds himself caught between the people he's sworn to serve... and the revolutionaries out to kill him! 

B&W... Published on Jan 1, 1994 


Hellhounds: Panzer Cops #2 (of 6)

A young pilot realizes his dream of flight as a pilot for the Hellhounds. As the capitol faces growing unrest, his missions become more and more urgent... and dangerous. Will the growing number of saboteurs make him go out in a blaze of glory? 

B&W... Published on Feb 1, 1994

Hellhounds: Panzer Cops #3 (of 6)

In a secret meeting between factions of the Capital Police, Director Muroto cuts a deal with the National Police Agency -- those that wish to destroy the Hellhounds. His underling, Tsujimura knows that the agency men can't be trusted... but can even Muroto be trusted? He finds out in a hail of gunfire as the Agency men show their own true colors!

B&W... Published on Apr 1, 1994

Hellhounds: Panzer Cops #4 (of 6)

Urban guerrillas have captured an embassy in Tokyo, and it's up to the Panzer cops to rescue the hostages. The rival Metropolitan police don't plan to make it easy for them, however. As they storm the embassy, Panzer Midori finds they're up against young, poorly armed students -- who are nonetheless shooting to kill!

B&W... Published on May 1, 1994

Hellhounds: Panzer Cops #5 (of 6)

A crisis brews at Haneda Airport, as a politically motivated plane hijacking leads to the deployment of a Panzer convoy. The local police don't want anything to do with the Panzers, however, and a stand-off ensues. This issue boasts a dynamic cover by Brian Stelfreeze.

B&W... Published on Jun 1, 1994

Hellhounds: Panzer Cops #6 (of 6)

The series wraps up with a slam-bang finale as the stand-off at Haneda Airport erupts into a full-blown war! It's non-stop action as the Panzers do what they do best -- blast away! This final issue also includes special feature text and a dynamic cover by Dave Johnson, so get in before it's gone!

B&W... Published on Jul 1, 1994


Dark Horse Comics - Hellhounds

Hellhound is the same as Kerberos Panzer Cop, it's just English translation of the Japanese manga. I think the differences are only in the cover, language and title (I hope!). Also it's separated in six volume. 

Thanks to Gene who sold me the six volume. I have not read them yet, may consider scanning part of the volumes. I think full scans may get me into copyright trouble so that is not possible.

( Images courtesy of Daniel DeLorme )




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Kerberos Panzer Cop - JIN-ROH Book : MANIAXX

  • ¥2,000
  • 144 pages
  • ISBN4-04-853219-7
  • Published by Kadokawa Shoten
  • Japanese text

144 pages of full information of JIN-ROH. This book covers most of the animation photos, art works, illustrations, designs and character designs from the Animation of JIN - ROH, & an introduction of Kerberos live action movies in 1986 & 1990, staff interview, cast interview and More!! ( limited print )

The above image belongs to Art Of Toys / Heroes Club, purchase order and enquiries please visit the respected site. 


I just bought it, it's a great book but I can't understand Japanese!
Well, for collection sake... I found part of the pictures on the Production I.G web site, that means I don't have to open my book wide to scan the pages. But the pictures are small... Think that will do. Yes I will finally find some time to put up the movie secion. Hopefully, in future...

Singapore visitors can order this book through:

Kinokuniya BookWeb Singapore



Kerberos Panzer Cop ZEN 
Limited Print 500 

The complete Art of Kerberos Panzer Cop, over 300 pages of illustration, limited print art work and CD sound track.

The above image belongs to Art Of Toys / Heroes Club, purchase order and enquiries please visit the respected site. 


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