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I just had to do an update today. X3
I've always wanted to spruce up my site a bit for special occasions etc. but never have stuff ready in time. Yes my "sprucing up" this Hallowe'en is rather shoddy I admit, but it's a start nevertheless! o_0


Pretty big update this time, because I've scanned in a bunch of stuff yesterday--er--the day before yesterday (it's now 1 am). More to come though, as I've still stuff to scan. But for now, go see the Sketch and the Miscellaneous pages. I'm going to bed now... *_*


2 pics (coloured!) added to Original page. Yes, I am still alive and updating--occasionally... o_0 There's obviously a lot more drawings done over the 4 months since I last updated, but egh, they need to be scanned in, and that's a pain, so they'll just have to wait till I've enough spare time scan them.


Original page updated.


Ehh...there was actually an update in the Characters section a week or two ago, but I uh, didn't mention it. And today I've updated the Fanart and Oekaki galleries; there should be another update soon, because I've still got some stuff to put up. Yes, soon.

©Laughingpuddle, so please don't use my stuff without asking. If you do steal my stuff to pass off as your own, well you must be stupid. o_o"

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