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The Sims
Unzip all files for charecters to the Sims\gamedata\skins directory. Unzip any object files to the Sims\downloads directory. Feel free to edit anything for your own personal use. If you change something, and it comes out really good, send it in to me and maybe I'll post it! If you would like to redistribute anything on your own website, please contact me for permission first.
Warning:I am not responsible for any damage these files may cause to your game or to your system. (They shouldn't damage anything; they work fine in my game.) If you do have difficulties with them, ~e-mail me~ and I should be able to help you out. Nothing on this page (or any other Sims downloads page online) is compatible with The Sims Online.



~Preview Entire
Skin Pack~

(Pack contains meshes by ~Jerome~)

Ancient's Staff Fire Alarm
Works with all versions

Works with all versions
(Requires ~Puffy the Porker~)

Mia's Window Set
May Require 1 or More Expansion Packs