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~Memento Mori~

~Memento Mori: A dedication to Hotaru~

Since I cannot make a shrine for the life of me, I shall have to settle for this. Anything Hotaru-y I have will go here--fanfics, profiles, my Pokemon Chibi-H, anything. (^^;)

Memento Mori, if I have it right, is Latin for "Remember that you must die". Sounds kind of Hotaru-like to me.

I'm trying to get more up, maybe fanart. Yes, the Hotaru Fics page is the Sailor Moon fics page. It really isn't any different... I've only written about Hotaru... Please look around, I hope it's better soon!

I had to let it happen,

I had to change,

Couldn't stay all my life down-at-heels,

Looking out of the window, staying out of the sun,

So I chose freedom...

  ~"Don't Cry For Me, Argentina"

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