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Liquid Dreams


A Shrine to Tiger's Eye

Konnichi wa and welcome to Liquid Dreams. Please make yourself comfortable, and mind the cats... 

I am now part of an alliance with the only other shrine to Tiger's Eye on the net, D'or Félin! WAI!!!! Check out our cool banner (scroll down)!!!

1-27-02 GOMEN NE!!!! argh, i can't believe how little i update! it's really sad *sigh* -_- i seriously don't think i can handle revamping this site, so for now i'm gonna keep it the way it is-i think it's pretty nice, ne? oh well. *sigh* ah, well i almost have the media page up, i'll have a few sound files along with a few videos! just adding a few finishing touches and soon we'll have that up!  all i have for you this update are a few new additons to 101 reason why and a new link~but don't worry i'm working hard and soon the media section will be up along with two new tiger's eye fanarts by me ^_^ please send me fanfiction!!! i know there is someone out there that writes tiger's eye fanfiction because i've seen it!!! please!!!!!!!! *sigh* i'm really low, sorry all, but i'd love so much for at least one story on my site.... and besides, y'all know that this April is liquid dreams's one year anniversary, right? *hint, hint* ah well i suppose it wont work.... i want to thank for the nice suggestions for 101 reasons why, i am eternally grateful to you!!!!! i never get mail... *sob*

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Feel free to take a look around...


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Now I don't intend to do so, but if you do happen to see a picture on this web page that is yours and I have not given you credit for it i will gladly do so. Please send any praise, flames, or whatever here


Disclaimer-Alright, I don't own Tiger's Eye, Sailor moon, or any other of that stuff. I'm just a hopeless teen otaku who has no money so please don't sue, ok?