"Minako's Warrior"
By: Jess Tigger
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Rated: (PG-13)

Note: This story depics two girls in love (Makoto and Minako). If you have a problem with that, please evolve.

There is also some minor violence and ...erm... as demanded by the masses... a bit of hot lovin' going on between our two favorite senshi... >=D

Disclaimer: The Sailor Moon characters are not mine. I promise I'll put them back as soon as I'm done with them.

Chapter 5

"Don't you think that diversion was a bit over the top?"

"No, I had to gain its full attention before it could release another one of its music attacks. The only way to do that was by using something it was interested in. That being fashion and everyone knows I'm the best suited for the job." Minako was stating her case to a very upset Luna.

"Your attacks were having no effect?"

"We couldn't hit it until it was distracted, hence the big production."

Luna scrutinized the blonde. "For that long? You sang an entire song!"

"I had to make sure it was totally preoccupied with me. If an attack had come too soon it would have gone on the defensive and we would have never gotten another chance to blast it."

Luna quirked her kitty eyebrow in doubt and shot Ami a look for confirmation.

"Tactically it was the best plan we had and it was on the cautious side."

"Cautious Side?!" Luna back arched slightly and a few of her hairs stood on end between her shoulder blades. "You left yourselves open for that thing. If the diversion hadn't worked you all could have ended up like Rei!" Luna finished with a soft hiss and everyone spared a glance at the raven haired girl who had temporarily become autistic. Ami said she would recover as soon as she had some rest.

"Lighten up Luna. That didn't happen. Then plan worked plain and simple." Usagi, for the life of her, couldn't understand why Luna was so upset and nitpicky about this battle.

"Number one... This was the first battle you've all been in since Makoto and Minako have come out. Number two... these tactics we totally unprecedented, it was more of a performance than combat. And three... the plan didn't go directly as intended. Jupiter was supposed to give the weakening blow but was too distracted by Venus to do much of anything but gape. And you Sailor Moon were supposed to finish it off. That improvisation could have been deadly. I'm afraid Makoto and Minako being together on the romantic level is hindering their judgement."

The three aforementioned senshi looked down concealing their emotions. They were hurt and angered by this accusation but they knew they couldn't argue with the lunar cat since she decided that their opinion of things was skewed. They didn't have to say a word though.

"Luna you weren't there. If anything I've never seen them fight better. Things would have been a lot worse it if wasn't for this new development in their emotional bond. In fact, Sailor Moon would have been badly injured or worse if it wasn't for those two. And I don't just mean each separately. Without them being so in synch with each other, it could have been disastrous," Ami said defensively and pulled out her computer. After punching a few keys a replay of the battle appeared on the screen in the few moments when Usagi was throwing her tiara. As Luna watched Ami gave a commentary. "As you can see the youma was charging with a great amount of speed. Now Venus could have used her chain or a another attack but getting it off would have taken time that she didn't have. Jupiter knew this and launched her attack at it. Now look at this." After a few more keystrokes the clip was magnified and slowed. "Look how close the electric ball is to them. That is no accident. If the energy hadn't hit the youma dead center in the sternum it wouldn't have been knocked back far enough for them to get away unscathed. Jupiter had to know exactly how Venus was going to throw her body to get Sailor moon out of the way. Now how could she have done that if there wasn't more there than just friendship? We all know each other well... but that kind of timing is something only intimately involved people have. And if you doubt me ask Mamoru. He's always throwing himself in front of Usagi at just the right moment to be a human shield. In any case, Jupiter slowed the youma's forward momentum enough for Sailor Venus to keep Sailor Moon from getting hit. Without that they both would have been mangled."

Luna opened her mouth to argue but was cut off by Artemis. "Give it a rest Luna. They just finished a battle and one of our scouts is hurt. You aren't helping morale any. In fact I think you should apologize to Minako and Makoto. This is hard enough on them as it is. And you should know that from being around Usagi, as empathetic as she is. She's probably having the same mood swings as them." He rubbed his head against Minako's knee and was rewarded with light scratched behind his ears. He saw how much Luna's last comment had hurt Minako.

She had told him that duty would come before love. That's what she had always said when she had crushes that might turn into something more. Just because Makoto was a senshi didn't change that fact. But what she didn't tell him was how much it would hurt her if she had to give it up. Those words didn't need to be spoken however. Artemis knew this girl better than anyone. He had seen her give up love once before in England. He'd be thrown into the middle of a Doberman dog fight before he'd let that happen again needlessly.

Luna looked at the three girls but noticed the white knuckles of Makoto's clenched fist. Her other hand was at the small of Minako's back making soothing, unseen circles. The muscle in her jaw worked as she ground her teeth holding back a few choice words to say the black guardian. Luna sighed and walked over to Usagi. "I'm sorry girls. This is all just ... it's..." she sighed again. "I'm very happy you've found what you have. I just can't help but worry sometimes." Usagi lifted the small cat into her lap.

"That's alright Luna. I understand." Usagi said as Mina nodded in agreement. "Plus someone has to worry about us since Rei is in her coma. Though it is kinda nice only having one person nag me instead of two." Everyone looked over at Rei again who was swaying back and forth slightly with glazed eyes. Her lips move as she babble breathlessly about daemon diva's and clutched her charms.

Luna did however catch the glare Makoto shot her way which clearly said if she ever said anything like that again she would experience every way there was to skin a cat in a very slow and painful matter.


As Ami had predicted, Rei had come out of her deficient state after a good nights rest, though curiously she would freeze in one spot whenever one of the great divas' tunes played over the radio. And even more curiously Usagi was the only one who could bring her out of her trance like state. Unfortunately the means by which it was done involved the moon senshi pretending to steal Rei's manga.

The date was set for Friday night at eight. Mamoru still had no clue who was attending the double date with them but wasn't bothered by Usagi's little secret game. Artemis had told Mina that Luna had calmed down considerably since the meeting a few nights ago and was quite chipper about the whole arrangement now.

"He actually said 'chipper'." Makoto asked Mina with a quirked brow.

"Yeah, sometimes he can't shake those sayings he picked up in England. At least he gets them right in the translation though." Mina sighed and her shoulders drooped a little. "I mean you guys think its so funny when I mess up sayings here but you have to remember, I do speak two languages and sometimes they mix, and words end up ... different."

Makoto put her arm around the blonde and gave her shoulders an encouraging squeeze. "I wouldn't change you interpretations for anything Koko. It's one of the things that make you so lovable."

"Yeah," Mina said smiling again. "and besides... none of you can speak English worth a shit!"

Makoto promptly pinned her on the couch and began tickling her for the last jibe. After a few futile moments of Minako trying the swat the strong brunette's hands away she decided to change tactics. Grabbing the taller girls wrists Mina quickly jerked them towards her and wrapped her legs around Mako's waist so she couldn't move. Right before Makoto could break her hold she quirked an evil little smile and arched her back while simultaneously rolling her hips into the green eyed girl's.

Makoto's eyes went wide with shock and something between a whimper and a grunt strangled out of her throat. Minako went in for the kill and rolled her hips again while letting out a soft moan. Her eyes were hooded seductively as she gracefully raised her arm brushing her fingers across Makoto's jaw line, past her ear, and to the nape of her neck. She ran her tongue from the corner of her mouth over her cupid's bow lip and arched her neck.

Makoto was helpless and didn't realize she was leaning down to the blond vixen. She had never been so hungry for a kiss in her life. Everything was forgotten except the urge to ravage the girl underneath her. She was trying to keep that desire under control but Minako chose that moment to whisper against her lips in the most tempting voice imaginable.

"Mako-chan... I want..." Makoto pressed her weight into Minako's body completely. Her heart was pounding in her ears as she assaulted the perfect pouting lips before the blonde could finish. She drank in the kiss deeply as she explored the warm curves of her lover's mouth. Passion controlled her hands as they roamed the perfect body beneath her; as they tangled in blonde tendrils of hair; as they caressed the soft, warm skin while sliding the red T-shirt up her sides. But they were stopped from going further by a gentle voice.

"Uh uh uh. You don't get none of that." Minako punctuated the point with a quick nip to the brunette's shoulder.

Makoto grinned evilly and nipped at Mina's neck lightly. "And why is that?" she whispered huskily and brushed a kiss over the spot her teeth just grazed. One kiss wasn't enough though as the silky skin and sweet scent beckoned her. She trailed gentle and nibbles and kisses along the tender flesh.

Minako swallowed as she was momentarily distracted by the taller girl's tongue flicking across her pulse point. "Uh... because..." she let out a soft moan as Makoto traced small circles over her ribs with her thumbs.

"Oh..." Makoto whispered against her neck in-between kisses. "Because is such a good reason to stop." She chuckled softly and took the collar of the red T-shirt between her teeth tugging it down so she could give more attention to dip above the curve her collar bone.

Minako's plan was quickly backfiring as she was becoming the seduced instead of the seducer. She knew somewhere in her foggy mind that there really was a good reason for them to stop... but in her fervent haze she couldn't remember what it was and she really didn't care. But as luck would have it she didn't have to remember because the phone chose that moment to ring. Makoto groaned and lifted herself off the bemused blue eyed girl and answered the phone. The irritation in her voice was unmistakable as she barked a greeting over the line. "What is it?!"

Her tone quickly changed as the caller revealed their identity. "Mrs. Aino. NO. Yes... no... no... yes.... ok... ok... no... but...yes ma'am...yes ma'am... uh I really have to go now... yes... I'll tell her...yes... yes...yes-goodbye." She quickly hung up the receiver before the hag could pester her any longer.

Minako stared at her blankly though she actually understood what conversation had just taken place. "She wants me home now and I have to be there in five minutes or else I can't come over anymore and she was wondering if your parents raised you with any manners before they passed away because of the way you answered the phone but she wanted to make sure that I did my own homework and didn't pay you off to do it for me right?"

"It amazes me how you can get all of that from my monosyllabic answers." Makoto glared at the phone. "And nothing personal baby but your troll of a mother is a real bitch."

Minako sigh and nodded. "I know... at least you don't have to live with her."

"But the thought of her being my mother-in-law is almost as bad."

Minako laid back on the couch and covered her eyes with her arm. She let out another sigh of understanding while mustering the resolve to head home.


Minako made it home in the allotted five minutes although three and a half of them were used in saying good bye to her Mooki. Thank goodness her senshi powers gave her the speed to make it across town in a minute and a half or she would have been grounded.

But as it was she wasn't and she was almost finished getting ready for the double date. She had already taken an hour of her mother's badgering about how immoral it was for that Chiba boy to be taking advantage of that Usagi girl and how whatever trouble Usagi got herself into with him was her own fault. She was told to keep a wary eye on the "womanizer" and to call the police if he tried anything dirty and inappropriate.

She ran the brush through the ends of her hair once more after putting her bow in. The baggy plaid blue shirt hung loosely off her form. It was unbuttoned to reveal the red heart on her baby T that read "Angel" in silver-blue letters. Mako-chan had gotten it for her a few weeks earlier along with the low-rise jeans. She briefly wondered how a belly button ring would look with this outfit and many of her others but knew Luna wouldn't go for it. Plus how would it look while she was transformed. Would it disappear? She doubted it since Makoto's earrings never changed in her transformation. How stupid would she look with a tiny bulge under her skin tight fuku.

She came out of her thoughts realizing her mother was babbling at her again. She had gotten good at tuning her out. But sometimes the wretched hag did have important things to say, like the fact that Makoto was there.

Minako rushed down the stairs. It wasn't just because she was excited to see her Mako-chan. It was to save her from the beast's inquisition. Luckily Artemis was already taking care of the situation. He was in the kitchen knocking things over trying to get to a can of tuna. This was enough distraction to get the two lovers out the door before the harassment could ensue.

They walked to the restaurant Usagi had insisted on meeting at. It gave Minako time to appreciate her partners choice or clothing. Well, truthfully, how good she looked in her clothing and what she would look like half out of them. They were at the restaurant before little Miss ecchi could completely undress her.

They were seated after telling the hostess of their reservation. The place was casual but had the undertone of class in the atmosphere. If the appearance was anything to go by then the food would be superb. Their drinks had come by the time Mamoru and Usagi entered.

To his benefit Mamoru only had a confused look on his face. He smiled and greeted the two girls without asking about the unexpected arrangement. Makoto was tensely sitting in her chair while Minako and Usagi babbled over how cute each other looked in their attire. The other couple ordered drinks as they looked over their menus. Mamoru was making pleasant small talk with Minako and Usagi was giving reassuring looks to a stiff Makoto. After giving their orders Mamoru finally spoke up.

"Excuse me for asking but I thought this was going to be a double date. Did someone stand you up Makoto? Is that why Minako's here with you?"

Makoto's eyes narrowed. "And what makes you think I was the one stood up Mamoru?"

Mamoru gave Makoto a look of sympathy boarding on the line of pity. "Well as tense as you are I figured you were upset about something and put together that it was you who was stood up and Minako came along as a filler so you wouldn't feel like a third wheel or something."

Makoto's fist clenched at his assumption and her temper was fast rising. The only thing holding it in check was the fact that Minako had put a calming hand on her knee.

"Actually Mamoru," Minako began, "We have something to tell you. Makoto wasn't stood up like you think. We came here together because we are the other couple."

Mamoru sat stone faced as the news sunk in. His jaw clenched and he stood pulling Usagi up with him. "Come Usa-ko. I believe I just lost my appetite."

Usagi looked up at him confused. "But aren't you happy for them? They're in love just like we are." This wasn't the way she had planned things to happen.

Mamoru glared hard at her. "They are nothing like us. Don't ever make that comparison again. They are disgusting and I don't believe we should be in their presence any longer. Who knows what their vile behavior could cast on us."

Minako sat in shock over his reaction. She didn't understand how he could hate her so much for being in love. Usagi was much in the same state. Neither one was prepared when Makoto rose up like a flash and with all her fear, anger, and love behind her swing; landed a right hook to Mamoru's precious face. The only thing the crowd heard was a fierce growl of something akin to a panther and all they saw when they turned to the noise was a tall, handsome man falling across a chair to the floor unconscious.

Makoto's teeth and fists were clenched tight as she took in deep breaths of air through her nose trying to calm herself. After a moment she took a stunned Minako's hand and guided her to her feet. Minako's eyes were glued to Mamoru's prone form, not believing what she was seeing. Makoto turned to Usagi and said in a deathly quiet voice. "I'm sorry to leave you in such a position, but I do not apologize for what I just did. I know you love him and I will respect that. But if he comes into my sight again he will not come out so lucky. I know your feelings are different than his and I blame you for none of this. I'm taking Minako home now, I will see you later."

Usagi nodded numbly and watched her two friends leave as a concerned manger and a few waiters showed up trying to figure out what just happened.

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