"Minako's Warrior"
By: Jess Tigger
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Rated: (PG-13)

Note: This story depics two girls in love (Makoto and Minako). If you have a problem with that, please evolve.

Some more of that hot lovin' being thrown your way.... Please tell me if it's too cheesy .... ...

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Chapter 6

Usagi sat on Rei's bed with a pillow hugged to her chest. She was down to just a few sniffles now and again after retelling the tale of the disastrous double date. Usually she would have talked to Minako about such an incident but since the other blonde was involved in it she went to her raven haired friend who was gracious enough to let her sleep over.

Rei quietly listened to the whole thing and was now ranting every so often during her pacing. How could Mamoru do such a thing. Her fists were clenched as she thought of the barbarian. Here Usagi was, crying her eyes out because she hurt two of her dearest friends and also because she had severely upset her boyfriend which in the process of her brilliant surprise idea... put him in a situation where he got knocked out. And if that wasn't enough of a blow to his pride, the person who did it was a girl. Needless to say he wasn't talking to Usagi anymore and went as far to say he would never talk to her again till she "smartened up" about the friends she chose and that Luna better do something about the two "freaks". The real kicker was that Usagi still loved this jerk. Needless to say Rei was slightly in turmoil on what to do.

For once Rei wasn't yelling at her. She still shouting but none of it was directed and the moon princess. "How can he be such an asshole. I personally don't think you should be with him if he's truly this kind of person." Usagi started sniffling some more and was about to begin crying when Rei sat beside her and put an arm around her shoulder. "I'm sorry Usagi-chan but I hate to see him pull this kind of crap on you all the time. How many times has he broken up with you? I know you love him and you're destined... to be together and everything. But maybe you're not destined to be with him now. I know it hurts but... I think you two should call it quits for awhile until he gets his act together." It tore her up inside to know that Usagi and Mamoru would end up together, but what hurt more was seeing Usagi so upset.

The blonde sniffed and leaned into her friend. She was completely drained emotionally and really just wanted to fall into a deep sleep and not wake up for a millennia or two. She whispered softly into the pillow. "Maybe you're right Rei-chan. I think I will stay away from him till he has an attitude adjustment. What he said..." she shook her head and huddled closer into the comfort Rei offered. "That's borderline unforgivable. Not only are Minako and Makoto my friends... they're my Senshi, my royal guards. I won't abandon them. They would never abandon me. I just want it all to go away. I want to go to sleep and when I wake up... everything will be better."

Rei was gently rubbing Usagi's arm. "Then go to sleep princess. Things might not be better tomorrow, but soon they will be. I'll make sure of it." Usagi nodded mutely as she let the emotional weight drag her down into a dreamless sleep. Her only thought before drifting into a peaceful slumber was that of Rei taking care of everything.

Rei gently pulled the blanket over the sleeping girl. She looked so vulnerable holding the pillow like a child would a teddy bear. 'Such a burden she must be carrying over this,' Rei thought. 'I'll make sure to add nothing to it.' The fire senshi gently brushed a few strands of hair off the bunny's brow and placed a soft kiss on her head. She resolved again never to make her feelings known to the empathetic girl. She would never put her in that kind of a position. Rei grabbed her sleeping bag and an extra pillow and fixed herself a spot on the floor. Before letting sleep take her, she plotted a way to make things right between everyone again.


Makoto was sitting on the Aino's couch. Minako was in the kitchen getting drinks for them. Luckily her parents were out of town till tomorrow sometime so they had the house all to themselves. Even Artemis was out with Luna this evening.

"Have you talked to Usagi yet?" Makoto asked.

Mina came out with the tea and sat next to her. "No she stayed over at Rei's last night and I didn't get a chance to call her today. I actually want to talk with her in person and I won't be able to do that until tomorrow. I'm sure Rei has taken care of her though."

Makoto nodded and slowly sipped her drink. Minako rested her head on the taller girls shoulder and sighed. Makoto put an arm around her and snuggled her closer. "How are you taking all of this angel?" she whispered softly.

"I think I'm ok. I mean... I was kinda messed up with the initial shock of him regarding us as he did. But I figure he's probably feeling very threatened. And you know how men are when they feel like that. So..." she shrugged and let her voice trail off.

"So what you're saying is one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch." Makoto kissed the top of her head.

"Yeah... three out of four is good. But it's made me very wary of my parents finding out." Minako closed her eyes as Makoto began tracing light patterns on her side. "I honestly have no idea how my mother would take it if she found out."

"Well no worries about that now. She's not going to find out anytime soon." Makoto whispered in her ear. "Besides you know I'll take care of you if anything happens."

Minako smiled and chuckled softly. "Yeah. My own personal warrior. That shot you gave Mamoru was.. was... it rocked. I should reward you for defending me so valiantly." The blonde looked up and waggled her eyebrows evilly.

"I will always defend and protect you my angel. But a warrior does have many needs. And as beautiful as you are, preserving your virtue comes at a high price." Her green eyes flashed mischievously as she leaned down to steal a lingering kiss.

"Mmm I believe a just payment can be arranged." Minako encircled her arms around the taller girls neck. "What is your price for tonight my love?"

Makoto gently laid the love senshi back and whispered against her ear. "That you let me share and illustrate my previous conquests." She began to nibble gently on the tender lobe.

"Sounds... very... intriguing. I accept." The blonde arched her neck invitingly.

Makoto trailed soft kisses down the gentle curve and began in a husky voice. "My journey began along a trail. Everything was so peaceful. The river flowed near and could be heard from where I was." She quickly flicked her tongue over soft beating pulse now below her lips. "The flowers around me had the most beautiful scent you could imagine. I lingered on that trail for many days not wanting to leave its warmth and elegance." She nuzzled the crook of her neck lightly before continuing. "I came to a small pool set against a sloping ridge and enjoyed its splendor." Her teeth grazed the smooth curve of her collar bone. She left a blend of soft nips and kisses in the gentle dip. She carefully removed Minako's shirt. "Would you like to know what happened next?"

The blue eyes were half closed as they gazed into green. A soft sigh was her only answer. "I continued down the path until I came to a valley." Warm lips moved down her chest and felt as though she was melting as a warmth spread through her at each touch.

"But as I tarried a fog set in and I lost my way. I started to the east, cautiously making my way up the mountain." She ran her thumb along the silken cloth before following with her lips, placing soft kisses on the edge of the fabric where it met with smooth skin. "As I was nearing the summit I found..." Makoto paused and was still for a moment.

"Found what?" Minako's breathless whisper was cut off by a sharp shush from Makoto.

"I thought I heard something." She had a hard look of concentration on her face which, to any other observer, might have been humorous considering she was laying upon a half naked Minako. The intruder that made the noise though was not so amused though.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!" Mrs. Aino stood in the doorway with wide angry eyes and a fiery red face.

Minako gave a small yelp as Makoto scrambled off her almost falling off the couch completely. She did manage to throw a pillow onto Minako's chest in the process though before she tried finding the discarded shirt or something else that would be more concealing.

"MOM What are you doing here!?!" Minako was clinging to the pillow as if it was a shield as she sat up.

"Oh don't you start with me young lady I want some answers right now." Mrs. Aino screeched as her husband came in behind her. He was trying to piece together what was going on.

"Aino-sama," Makoto stepped up shielding Minako from view even more, "this is my fault. Don't be upset with your daughter."

"You're that Kino girl aren't you? What have you been doing to my daughter! NO don't tell me! I believe I know exactly what you've been doing. I'm calling the police." Mrs. Aino stalked to the kitchen and picked up the cordless phone and a large wooden spoon. As she came out Minako had dressed herself and was standing beside the tall girl. "Should have known not to trust an orphan."

Mr. Aino saw Makoto make a fist and clench her jaw. He also noted that Minako put a hand on the tall girls shoulder which, though light, stopped her from stepping forward. "Now dear. Why don't we let them explain themselves before we do anything rash." His eyes were stern as he looked at his daughter. "A full explanation."

So it began. Makoto stood silently as Minako told her parents that they were dating. Mr. Aino kept his wife quiet and asked many of the questions. How had they met. How long had they known each other. How long have they been "seeing" each other. Who else knew of their involvement. Minako patiently answered all of his questions while keeping a tight hold of Makoto's hand. When he had heard everything he wanted he turned to Makoto. "I would like you to leave now. There are many things we must discuss with our daughter." His tone brooked no argument. Makoto looked down at her angel to make sure she would be alright. She wouldn't go if there was the slightest bit of pleading in her loves eyes.

Minako nodded up at her tall warrior and gave a little grin. She didn't want to piss her parents off any more than they already were. Her mom looked like she was about ready to throttle Makoto. The attempt it self would have been laughable but Minako didn't want to give Makoto a reason to do anything... harmful.

Makoto took her leave but before exiting she turned back to the ridged family. "Call me when this is over."


Ami was busy studying some physic equations when her communicator began beeping. Makoto was on the other end looking completely ragged. Before Ami could even get out a greeting the green eyed girl began giving orders.

"I need you to call over to Usagi's place and see if Artemis is over there. If he is tell him to get home as soon as possible... Minako needs him. If he isn't there, see if Usagi knows where Luna and he went. If she doesn't know make her guess then call me back. I'll look for him myself. Got all that?"

Ami nodded. "So do I get to know what all this is about?"

"Yes. Just make sure Usagi doesn't find out right now." There was a short pause a Makoto seemed to gather herself. "Minako's parents caught us."

"Caught you how?"

"Caught us...er... making out on the couch."

Ami's hand flew up and covered her mouth. "Was it bad?"

"Well I had Minako's shirt off and I was on top of her... you do the math."

"Are you two ok?"

"I'll be fine. I don't know how Minako will be. I had to leave after being threatened with the police. Anyway, try to find where Artemis is and get back to me ok."

"I'm right on it." Ami was signing of as she heard a loud crash from Makoto's end. She hoped the dark haired girl hadn't damaged anything too badly. She thought it sounded like a dumpster crashing into a brick wall. But it could have very well been Makoto's fist. First Mamoru and now this so soon after. She wondered how her friends were going to manage though this.


It had been about an hour after Ami had contacted her saying Artemis was on his way. She had oscillated between pacing around her apartment and sitting on the couch. Now she figured rearranging the back room might help. As she was heading that way the buzzer rang. Makoto cursed, wondering who could be at her door at this time of night. She swung it open ready to lash out at the intruder.

Instead she stood in the doorway speechless and staring as Minako waited with a suitcase and a few smaller bags. "So do I get to come in or do I have to sleep in the park." The forced laugh was feeble at best as Artemis pushed pass the tall girl not waiting for a response.

"Hi hunny... I'm home?" Minako put her hand behind her head and attempted a smile.


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