"Minako's Warrior"
By: Jess Tigger
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Rated: (PG)

Note: This story depics two girls in love (Makoto and Minako). If you have a problem with that, please evolve.

Also i got a little carried away with the youma battle. But I don't think it takes away from the story. It's not a conventional battle so... ARTISTIC LICENCE BABY! =D Also the attacks used have no bearing on the timeline since there isn't one. It's my story so they get to use whatever they want to blow stuff up.

Disclaimer: The Sailor Moon characters are not mine. I promise I'll put them back as soon as I'm done with them.

The song "I Am Body Beautiful" is from the soundtrack "To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything ... Julie Newmar" and is preformed by Salt-N-Pepa

Chapter 4

The five girls were going in and out of various shops, weaving through people trying to avoid the large crowds. Rei, Usagi, and Minako were leading the group and Ami and Makoto doddled behind. Makoto was there to get new clothes but she wasn't hunting for a sale like Mina and Usagi were. Rei was just there to pester the bunny and see if there were any new manga out. And Ami tagged along to people watch, especially two certain original senshi.

"So what's going on with Rei-chan?" Makoto asked after the other three ducked into a store.

"What do you mean?" Ami replied pretending she didn't know what the taller girl was talking about.

"Come off it Ami-chan. We all know you have something on Rei and I want to know what it is. It must be something really big for you to get her to clam up so quickly."

"Yes, it is," with that the blue hair genius ducked into the store leaving Makoto to stand alone outside.

Rei was busy telling Usagi that she would never look as good as her. Minako was modeling a red shirt vying for attention. Finding she wouldn't get any where she was she went out and grabbed Makoto's arm and dragged her in with the rest of them.

"Do you have any idea what Ami-chan has on Rei?"

"I might have an idea but I don't want to say anything. It's Rei's business and if she wants us to know she'll tell us. You know how delicate matters of the heart are." Minako brushed some of Makoto's bangs away from her eyes and smiled.

"Maybe she just needs a bit of friendly persuasion," she replied socking her fist into her palm and grinned evilly.

Minako gave her a serious look and shook her head. "I think we should just leave her be. When she's ready to tell us she will. Now come on. We have clothes to buy. I need to make sure what ever you get looks good on me too." She winked impishly and continued to drag her to the back of the store where the rest of the girls were.

Makoto dug in her heels and refused to be moved. "Not until you tell me what you think is up with her. At least you have some kind of hint that apparently I missed."

"It's not that hard to miss if you know what you're looking for. Plus I'm not 100% sure it's what I think it is. But I can say I feel the charge in the air when I'm around her. And I think that's just because I can pick up on those kinda vibes being sailor Venus and all."

It only took a few moments to pick up on Minako's well placed hints. It was hard to believe at times how subtle the blonde could be when she wanted to. That was one of the things Makoto loved about her angel. She had a lot of maturity underneath her crazed and carefree personality. Sometimes Makoto wondered just how much of her childhood was lost while she was in England being Sailor V. It would explain her childish behavior now. Makoto was glad when she was being dragged away again by Minako. It dragged her away from those more depressing thoughts.

Makoto picked up a pair of jeans and a sweat shirt from the store before they moved to the next. Minako had insisted on trying on the sweatshirt to make sure it looked good on her too. She also tried it on over another shirt... and tried it on with a pair of caprice... and tied around her waist with a different shirt before Makoto actually bought the items.

The same general thing happened in the next stores too. Makoto kept one eye trained on Rei while she picked out clothes. So far nothing was unusual. The constant bickering with Usagi and the large ego were all the same. She thought it might have something to do with Ami, but then again that didn't make much sense considering Ami was the one who kept her in check with the blackmail. She wondered if maybe it was herself that was the point of interest. But that just didn't fit either. She wasn't really that close to Rei. That only left one other person. Her fist unconsciously clenched when she thought of Rei making goo goo eyes at her Mina.

Her eyes narrowed considerably when Rei and Mina were looking at a red blazer. Rei was standing just a bit to close to the blonde for her taste. She clenched her teeth as Mina brushed some of Rei's silky black hair away and held the blazer closer to her face. She was on the verge of charging over there and using that friendly persuasion in a way that wasn't entirely friendly.

"They are just shopping Mako-chan. Contain your jealousy and maybe I'll tell you who Rei has her attention on. But it's not your blonde girlfriend" Ami had somehow appeared beside her. She had that creepy way of being somewhere when she should be. Makoto took a deep breath and willed herself to calm down. She would ask later how Ami knew what was going through her head.

"So who is it then," she was getting frustrated.

Ami shrugged. It was hard playing this game. She couldn't tell Makoto because she promised to keep Rei's secret. But she could just stand by and let Makoto think something wrong and risk injury to Rei. "Think about what I just said." Ami again slipped away before more questions could be posed.

"I think she enjoys being that creepy." Makoto mumbled to herself. "like she's part ninja, popping up without warning, slipping away before you can make her talk."

"You know if you're going to talk to yourself at least have some sort of animal around. I mean, I have Luna and she can talk back and all, but my mom doesn't know that and she doesn't find it too odd. But people are staring Mako-chan. So what's up?"

Makoto shook her head and smiled. "Nothing important. Let's go see what Koko and Rei are buying." She winked as Usagi started laughing at her pet name again.

They joined the others and Makoto puzzled over Ami's words. There was no point in asking Usagi. She was oblivious to such things. She didn't even know Artemis had a thing for Luna. Makoto was ready to call it a day. They had been there for 3 hours now and she had all the clothes she needed. Usagi had bought an outfit for the upcoming date and Mina had grabbed a few accessories to add to her wardrobe.

Suddenly there were people screaming and the pool of bodies in front of them began to split and separate as something moved through it. Outraged yelling followed. The girls craned their necks trying to get a better look at what was happening. Makoto could see easily over everyone's head but she still couldn't tell what was going on. All she knew was something was headed their way and fast. Before she could give warning it was there. The blur grabbed Minako's bag and ripped it from her grasp as it went by.

"HEY! COME BACK HERE!" Mina was holding her wrist enraged. Ami had her computer out and was scanning the area. Whatever it was wasn't human. Not moving that fast. Minako was storming after it pushing up her sleeves. Makoto grabbed her around the waist and picked her up. "IT STOLE MY THINGS! I WANT THEM BACK! PUT ME DOWN MAKO-CHAN!"

"It's definitely a youma Mina-chan. I believe you should transform first before going after it. In fact I think we should all transform given its speed." Ami punched a few more buttons while saying this. "It's headed for the food court. We should be able to cut it off there."

Mina had her fists clenched and her arms were stiff. She was still dangling off the ground. Her chin jutted out and she spoke barely below the level of a yell. "When we find it, I want it at it first." Makoto gently set her down and the blonde stomped off to an empty hall to transform.

Rei and Usagi watched her go and then turned to Makoto for an explanation. She shrugged. "You just don't want to mess with her new stuff before she's had a chance to wear it." She followed the irate senshi and transformed herself. The rest of them filed that information away and before continuing.

They had reached the food court before the youma had and spread out. Ami decided they had to corner it if they were going to have a chance. Usagi was busily drooling over the food and sneaking a few pretzels when no one was looking. They had cleared all the people out of the area before hand. Rei had caught her with a chicken tender in her mouth but before she could yell at her the daemon showed up. The mere site of it made her speechless along with the rest of the senshi.

It had stopped when it reached the food area noting there were only five girls there without shopping bags. The short bulky creature sneered through its smeared orange lipstick. The blue mascara was chunky in its tattered eyelashes. The hot pink blush on its gray-green cheeks was caked and cracking and the purple eye shadow was applied all the way to its temples. The blue frizzy hair had a number of non matching bows and clips tangled in it. It pointed ears were pierced dozens of times though none of the gaudy earrings matched. Its thick muscular neck was adorned with twenty or so necklaces including three chokers; one purple velvet, one hemp, and one of metal balls. Its clothing was a montage of different fabric and colors. The frills, ruffles, and trim moved slightly in a nonexistent breeze. It had a blue and orange striped sleeve covering one arm. The other was bare revealing an arm like that of a bodybuilder. The delicate pink lace covering its shoulder was a stark contrast to its masculine build. The skirt had a multitude of pleats and was yellow with olive green polka dots. The bottom was lined with multicolored plastic strips that you usually see on the handle bars of banana seat bikes for children. The lavender fishnet pantyhose covered a set of muscle bound legs. One foot was incased in four inch, red and gold snakeskin, stiletto heel while the other had a knee high heavily laced dominatrix black leather boot. Scarves, anklets, and bracelets adorned every available extremity. An infinite amount of gaudy rings adorned its fingers.

"Oooooo I sthee you have sthome accesthories I can use. You in the red, I want your tiara. That visor would look wonderful with it, bluebell." It turned from Mercury and looked over Sailor Moon and Venus. "And those red balls in your odangos will look abstholutely fabulousth your red bow. Nice bleach job by the way, did you do each other?" Its voice was masculine but it was speaking in falsetto using sing-songy inflection. Lastly it viewed Jupiter. "Hunny, you definitely need some pointersth on feminine fashion. Those bootsth have to go and that hair just sthcreamsth tom-boy. Darling I am a queen but you are definitely no king!" It flicked one wrist and snapped while the other hand rested on its hip.

Mars and Mercury stood unmoving, but Jupiter was springing with a snarl and clenched fists at the oddity. Venus and Sailor Moon screeched at the youma in drag at the same time. "IT'S NATURAL. WE DON'T BLEACH!" All hell was about to break loose.

The youma's speed allowed it to dodge Jupiter's punches. It sped to the other side of the court near Venus. "Give me back my stuff! That bracelet is mine and so it that belt!" She launched several acrobatic Venus kicks and chops at the thing yet it still was too fast. It retaliated with a deadly attack.

"Clubbing Music!" Disco type lights filled the area and music started playing. Cher's voice rose as "Believe" began roaring out of the youma's purse.

Jupiter covered her ears and Venus gritted her teeth as she fell to her knees. Mercury held her forehead as Mars readied her flame sniper. Usagi was in the back dancing mindlessly.

Mars got her attack off before the music incapacitated her. And the flaming arrow demolished the frightening purse. She looked over at Usagi who seemed to be lost and pouting over the end of the song.

Venus sent her love me chain after the thing as Jupiter hurled a few sparkling wide pressures in front of it. Mercury was busy trying to find a weakness in, what her computer called, Draggeena.

"Mars Fire Ignight!"

"Jupiter Thunder Crash!"

"Venus Crecent Beam Smash!"

They all hit Draggeena at once. What was left was a sizzling mass of crispy clothes and muscle and a very pissed off youma. The three scouts looked at each other worriedly. Sure those were some of their weekest attacks but it should have done more damage than that. "Mercury... do you have anything yet?" Mars asked nervously.

"I'm working on it. Just don't do that ag- What the..?!?" her computer started proccessing number that it shouldn't be. There was a great energy shift. She looked back at the youma and watched in horror as it transformed. What was left of the material ripped away as it trippled in size. Its teal painted nails grew into hidious claws and sharp spikes popped out all over its body.

"I think we have have problem. Mercury you better find out what this thing is weak against and fast. Rei you try and keep Usagi from getting too close before she can use her attack. Jupiter help me keep it busy so we can give Mercury some time." Venus gave out the orders and everyone followed them.

They tag-teamed the new grusome youma from opposite sides. They were completely in synch knowing the others movement precisely. It was a dance of light as they threw their attacks. The youma sheilded itself and became disorrientented. All it wasnted was to lash out and the first thing it saw after being spun around by a Venus Love Me Chain was Mars.

"Diva Die!" it screamed, its voice now very deep and rough. Dark energy came from its taloned hands and encased the fire senshi. Outside the encasement Sailor Moon could hear the soft playing of Celine Dion, Madonna, Mariah Carey, and the greatest diva of them all... Elton John playing all at once. To Mars however it was blaring at several decibles. She crumbled to the ground pressing her hands over her ears and screamed trying to drown the hellasious noise out with her own voice.

Sailor Moon sent her tiara flying at the dome but no dammage was done. While her back was turned the youma sprang towards her. Venus was there to knock her out of the way while Jupiter hit it dead in the chest with a Thunder Dragon. Mercury saw this and blinked, then a smile formed before she got back to her computer.

Mercury had found what she was looking for. "Jupiter, use your Sparkling Wide Pressure. and hit it in... the..er... groin area." Sailor Moon looked at Mercury confused. "When Jupiter hits it in its "privates" use your Moon Scepter and desroy it." She turned to Venus, "Distract it so Jupiter can get a shot." She quickly went over to the dome and began finding a way to break it open.

Venus has an eerie evil smile on her face. "You think you're a queen? Step aside girlfreind and watch this diva work it. In the name of Venus, Goddess of love, beauty, and fashion. I will punish you!" She turned to Mercury and nodded. Slowly but clearly strands of saxiphone music began to eminate from her computer. Venus struck a pose and began singing.

The body's beautiful baby
That's right I just can't help it
It's not my fault, I was born this way

The youma was about to charge and Venus held up one finger stopping it for a moment and continued.

Get with the B- E -A -U -T -Y
Beauty the body is beautiful

She gestured with her hands to her own body.

I'm up and coming, I am a child
I'm legendary, hey, I'm free and wild
I am the ocean, and I rule the world
I'm sensual, I am body beautiful

She sashied over to bench and and flipped up to it. Putting her hand on her hip she turned back to Drageena.

My cha-cha pumps

Sailor Moon began to sing backup.

I've got them on
(in a winnin' ticket)
And I work the runway
baby, all night long
I am the one
(the only one)
There is no other
I am mother, I am body beautiful

The youma looked on, its eyes glowing pecularly... entranced. The dome that held Mars vanished. Mercury checked to make sure she was stable before motioning to Jupiter to make her attack. What she got in return was the brunette waving her off as she continued to watch Venus in action.

Lights, camera, action!
Satisfaction guaranteed, that's what I need
I celebrate the body and enjoy good health
And I gets down with my bad self

Venus knew she had a great body and was now shamelessly flaunting it. Living with Artemis had some effect on her because the sensual roll of her hips and arch of her back were almost cat like in nature.

It's all good from the front to the back Two snaps and a clap for a body like that It's a good damn thing I don't care what you say Somebody beautiful hey, that's me

The youma had its full attention on Venus as she walked toward Jupiter with Sailor Moon circling behind her.

I am grand
(grand diva),
I am the queen
(Queen Bee)
A masquerade
(who am I?),
I'm fantasy
Sailor Moon placed her hand on Makoto?s shoulder and whispered to her.
(your fantasy)
I am the house
(the whole mansion)
of elegance
Featuring, I am body beautiful
(body beautiful)

Venus and Sailor Moon turned back to Draggena having its full attention.

Don't hate me cuz I'm beautiful
Everybody's beautiful in their own special way

Drageena was listening and whispered excitedly back, "Yes."

Carry yourself like a queen and you will attract a king
Beauty comes from within


Whatever the mind can conceive and believe
You will achieve

It held its hands clenched in front of its chest, eyes shining with hope, "Got to believe."

Do you believe


that you are body beautiful?

"Yes! Yess! Oooo, yessss!" The youma was almost begging

"Jupiter pick you chin up off the floor and hit it!" Mercury whispered harshly. But the thunder senshi had also been entranced by the love goddess. Mercury let out an exasperated sigh. Her attacks would be useless against the youma. "Sailor Moon!" but the blonde ignored her. The blue haired senshi glared at Minako who just winked back.

The youma was disabled but it was still a threat. Venus narrowed her eyes. "You will pay for stealing and wearing my NEW things before I got the chance! Venus Love and Beauty Shock!" Drageena never knew what hit him and with a shriek disinagrated into dust.

To be continued in Chapter 5

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