"Minako's Warrior"
By: Jess Tigger aka Jessica Welch
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Rated: (PG)

Note: This story depics two girls in love (Makoto and Minako). If you have a problem with that, please evolve.

Disclaimer: The Sailor Moon characters are not mine. I'm just using them for my own romantic pleasure. I promise I'll put them back as soon as I'm done with them.

Chapter 1

The street lights reflected off the wet pavement casting a soft golden glow across the blackness of night. The rain was falling softly and as the drops pelted the window pain it soothed the girl who was staring into the darkness. Graceful fingers caressed a beautiful necklace that lay against her chest absently. It was a new habit she picked up and now rarely realized she was doing the motion. It soothed her just as the rain did, bring her closer to the one she loved. The rain continued on as she watched out the window, a small smile coming to her lips as she thought of the one who had given her the necklace.

"You know I would like to stare out the window too at some point, Minako." The cat's deep voice was annoyed. He jumped off the bed as Minako turned and jumped onto her shoulder.

"Artemis, all you ever do is sleep, eat, and stare out windows. You should know by now you aren't missing anything," the blonde retorted, peeved by her thoughts being interrupted. They were wonderful thoughts of a tall warrior with dark, chestnut colored hair and striking green eyes. Minako sighed dreamily as they took hold again. Artemis just rolled his eyes. This was becoming a regular habit now.

He knew who she was thinking of because that's all she ever thought lately. She tried hiding it at first but it didn't last long. It was a combination of him pestering her and her needing to tell someone. Minako was ready to explode with the news by the second day. She swore Artimis to secrecy until she was ready to tell everyone else who the new love in her life was. Actually she couldn't wait to tell everyone but she promised she would wait till the time was right and both of them could tell.

"So do you think she's ready yet?"


"Will she ever be ready?"


"Well I don't want to push her but..." Minako let her voice trail off.

Artemis sighed and nuzzled his head against her neck. "Leave it to me Mina, she'll be ready soon."

Minako nodded and stared out the window and stroked Artemis' white fur gently. She didn't want to put her love on the spot but it had been close to a month since that night. She wished she could save the brunette from her worries. She had already been through so much and the last thing Minako wanted to do was add to her stress. The rain continued to fall on the silent street and the night continued on.

Makoto laid on her bed staring at the ceiling. Her stomach was in knots and her emotions were close to reeling. Today had come too soon. She wanted more time to bask in her new found love privately. But she knew she had stretched time out long enough. She doubted Minako could go another day without slipping up and revealing everything.

Makoto smiled thinking of the peppy blonde. She was so happy and excited about their relationship. Makoto had to peel Minako away from herself before they left the safety of her apartment. Well that was only going to last a few more days. Makoto closed her eyes as her stomach resumed its spastic tightening with that thought.

Minako and Artemis had approached her two days ago saying it was time they reveal their relationship to Usagi and Luna. Minako was just salivating to tell Usagi. Those two were like a pair of maracas, loud and obnoxious when they were together. They caused so much good hearted trouble by plotting against the rest of the senshi with their pranks. Ami was the only one who ever seemed to come out unscathed. Probably because she was smart enough to move out of the way. But those two were the most lovable of the bunch. They would just smile an innocent beaming smile and look at you with puppy dog eyes... who could resist them? And as a pair they were twice as deadly.

Makoto worried for a moment that the relationship Usagi and Minako had would suffer because of the news. She viewed it as second to the worst case scenario she had come up with. Makoto would be crushed if Usagi decided to end her friendship with Minako. She would blame herself if it happened. But there were worse things.

Luna could decide they were unfit to be senshi and take their henshin pens. All the senshi could shun them. They would know they could not protect Usagi and help the others anymore. The guilt would be tremendous if someone got hurt in their absence. Makoto would never forgive herself. But all this was only an if.

The tall brunette reminded herself that. And knowing the worst possible outcome prepared her for what laid ahead. More than likely it would turn out better. She hoped so, for Minako's sake more than her own.

Makoto was lost turning these thoughts over in her head, much the same as her stomach was churning and jumped when someone pounded at her door. She glanced at the clock and decided it was Minako. She had told both her and Usagi to come over at seven. It was now seven-fifteen and Minako was always the "earliest" of the two. Usagi probably wouldn't show up for another twenty minutes at the very least. She did a quick scan of her apartment as she made her way to the door.

There was a pile of Minako's clothes in the living room. They were set in a corner out of the way. Minako had a habit of leaving her clothes all over Makoto's apartment. It was almost as if the blonde was marking her territory in some primal way. Makoto was getting a little tired of picking up after her so she just started a pile of "Mina's Things". Plus the fact that her wardrobe was depleting rapidly. Minako could never remember where she had left her things so she ended up "borrowing" Makoto's. The blonde loved the bigger baggy fit that Makoto's jeans and sweatshirts offered. The problem was that those were Makoto's nice looking clothes. The rest looked like they had been a gift from an ancient relative who thought things from five decades ago were still fashionable. They actually had been left to her by some great aunt who had passed away that she never knew about. Anyway Makoto just couldn't say no to the blonde since she looked so cute in her oversized things. But it left her wardrobe lacking and she really needed to get some of her things back. So the pile was just the trick. Minako could wear her own things home from now on. Plus maybe she would learn her lesson about leaving her clothes out for everyone to see after she told her that Usagi could have just as easily arrived first to see the lovely arrangement. But on the bright side of this wardrobe transaction, it was a great excuse for a shopping spree. She would bring that up with Minako later.

She was opening the door as she thought about getting a new pair of jeans and greeted the blonde standing there. "Hey swee-" Makoto stopped and stared wide eyed. There was a blonde senshi at her door but this one had a black cat and had her hair done up in odangos instead of a nice big red bow. Her face must have shown her embarrassment and horror because Usagi doubled over in laughter.

"You were just going to call me 'sweet cheeks' or 'sweet-ums' or 'sweetie pie' weren't you Mako-chan." The shorter girl put her arm around Makoto's shoulder and nestled close saying in a deep, throaty voice, "Sorry hot stuff but I'm already taken." She tried to keep a straight face but it lasted all of two seconds before she was doubled over again laughing.

"Really Usagi, do control yourself." Luna nagged as she pushed past a furiously blushing Makoto.

"Oh Luna, don't act like you didn't find that in anyway amusing." Usagi followed as Makoto stepped out of the way reluctantly.

Makoto quickly rushed over and tried to shove "Mina's Things" under the couch as casually as possible with her foot. She directed Usagi and Luna into the kitchen as she nudged one of Minako's shirts under couch with her toe trying to be inconspicuous. Usagi stopped and turned as she was halfway into the kitchen and gave the taller girl a strange look.

"Mako-chan?" Usagi looked at Makoto curiously. "Is anything wrong?"

"No-no... heh... everything is just fine," Makoto said with a forced grin as she labored to cram a pair of shorts under the already stuffed davenport with her heal. Once everything was out of sight she went to the kitchen and offered Usagi a beverage and Luna some milk.

"So why exactly are we here Mako-chan? I mean not that I mind coming over for dinner and a chat but we hardly do that by ourselves..." she trailed off suspiciously, already concerned about the way the brunette was acting in the living room. "What's the big secret?" Makoto's eyes got a little rounder and a blush began to creep up her neck.

"You are acting rather strangely Makoto." Luna piped in after a few laps of milk. "Just like Artemis has been lately."

Makoto was silently begging for the door to be pounded on. She couldn't handle this interrogation much longer and she and Minako were supposed to tell Luna and Usagi together. "It's something to do with Minako isn't?" Makoto fell over at Usagi's statement. She quickly picked herself up and regained her composure as if nothing had happened. Usagi and Luna just stared at her.

Makoto saw there was no use trying to cover anything up any more. Minako wasn't going to be there when expected and Usagi knew what was up with them already so she might as well come clean with it. She was always much better at the direct approach. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. "Minako and I are-" A knock sounded at the door. Makoto's eyes snapped open and she raced towards the door that was already opening.

"See love? I didn't loose my key this time so I believe you owe me a bubble bath and a back rub and breakfa..." The word died on Minako's lips as she saw the expression on Makoto's face. She then cautiously peered around the door and found Luna and Usagi staring flabbergasted at her. "Usagi you're here!" Minako's face split into a wide smile as she rushed over to where her and Luna were standing in the kitchen. "Mako-chan why did you leave them standing in the kitchen?" Grabbing Usagi's hand she dragged the other blonde to the front room like nothing had happened at the door two seconds earlier.

Luna jumped onto the couch and interrupted the two blondes chatter. They were speaking about the "difficulties" of being punctual. Makoto, for her part, was stunned into silence. "Now you two, Makoto invited us over here to discuss something and I for one would like to know what it is."

Minako turned to Luna with an annoyed look and said, "Oh she's just making a big fuss about me and her being together." Turning to Usagi she beamed a smile and continued, "Isn't that great! I've finally found love and it's with my closest friend." Suddenly there wash a loud thump and Minako turned to see Makoto laying on the floor with spinning eyes. Next heard was Usagi's wails but before Minako could ask what was the matter Luna began mumbling a tirade of things, mostly about Artemis. Minako sat with a bewildered look and wondered if she had made a mistake...

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