"Minako's Warrior"
By: Jess Tigger
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Rated: (PG)

Note: This story depics two girls in love (Makoto and Minako). If you have a problem with that, please evolve.

Disclaimer: The Sailor Moon characters are not mine. I'm just using them for my own romantic pleasure. I promise I'll put them back as soon as I'm done with them.

Chapter 2

Usagi's wails had died down to a few sniffles, Luna was prowling back and forth with only an occasional remark about Artimis made under her breath. Minako and Usagi had moved Makoto to the couch with some difficulty, they had to transform in order to pick the lanky girl up. Makoto might not show it but man you could feel how much she really did enjoy her own cooking. Her eyes were still spinning but at least she had stopped drooling. Luna said it was better if they just left Makoto knocked out till everything was discussed.

"Now Mina, exactly how long has Artimis known about this... 'arrangement'?"

Minako chewed on her lip, "Ummm... three, maybe four weeks..." she answered Luna. Usagi started to cry again and Luna's fur was spiked on her back. She started grumbling again about the white cat. Minako didn't know whether to console Usagi or to stick up for Artimis. She decided Usagi was the easiest to deal with. Luna could just stew for awhile, it wasn't like she would listen to anything good about the other lunar cat just yet.

"Usagi would you please tell me why you are crying? I didn't think me being bi would make you so upset. And you know Makoto, so it's not like I'm with some stranger..." Usagi began sobbing more.

"You kept it a secret from ME!" Usagi took a few shuddering breaths between sobs. "You are my best friend! ...and ...and ...and ...and YOU SAID Makoto was your best friend now... her NOT ME!!"

Minako facefualted but she knew Usagi was really upset about this. She had to handle this very gently. "Usagi you are my best friend, truly. Makoto and I are more than friends though. You know how it is with you and Mamoru, it's like that with me and Makoto. She is my best friend in a different way than you are. It's like a coin. Two faces of the same tail. You and Makoto are the faces looking at my tail."

Usagi looked at her confused and sniffled once more. "Huh?"

"You will always be my best friend Usagi. I wanted to tell you but I couldn't. Makoto wasn't ready and I couldn't do anything to hurt her and I didn't think not telling you right away would hurt you. I thought you would be really happy for me." Minako sighed and looked down, "But if you don't want to be my friend anymore I guess I can understand that."

Usagi's eyes grew big and her tears were magically gone. "What do you mean not be your friend! You're Sailor V. I've always looked up to you and now you think I don't want to be your friend because you didn't tell me about you and Makoto. What ever gave you that idea? It's not like I was that upset about you not telling me, really Mina-chan. You're so touchy."

Minako looked up with a big smile. "So we're still friends?"

"Yeah!" Usagi gave the other blonde a huge hug. "Like I could ever be mad at you. SO! You have to tell me what it's like." Suddenly it was gossip hour and the two began chattering a mile a minute while Luna was still prowling and muttering.

Makoto was slowly coming out of her faint but the buzzing in her ears from the on going conversation kept her from becoming fully alert. Her eyes weren't spinning anymore but she kept them closed and tried to make her way back to reality and away from the horrible dream she had about Minako blurting everything out to Luna and Usagi.

Luna interrupted the two blondes and drew their attention to the groggy brunette. Usagi had been leaning over and staring at the necklace Minako was given with emotional eyes and a quivering lip. It was such a beautiful love story. Almost as good as her and her Mamo-chan's. But Minako pulled away when she wasn't paying attention and her face smacking the floor brought her out of her romantic reverie rather painfully.

The black cat was poised on Makoto's chest peering at her and Minako was gently stroking her forehead. Usagi was beside them rubbing her own forehead which had a red mark. "Mako-chan," Minako whispered softly, "come on sleepy head. Time to waky waky and shaky shaky."

Makoto stirred and moaned quietly. "Angel, just... just let me lie here ... I'll wake up soon soon," she managed to mumble. She wanted to clear that dream away from her foggy mind.

"Huh uh baby. Time to get up. Luna and Usagi are worried about you." Minako said ruthlessly jabbing her in the side. But her tactics worked and Makoto bolted upright on the couch. Luna, unfortunately, went airborne for a short flight before landing on her head by Makoto's feet.

Minako turned to the cat, "What is it with you two hitting your heads... is it a moon thing or something. It can't be good for you. We don't do that stuff on Venus."

"What I'm saying is that your involvement with each other could endanger the moon princess. I'm not saying the relationship is bad in 'that' way." Luna tried to explain again looking at Usagi and willing it to sink in through her thick skull.

"It won't endanger me Luna. It will make the team stronger. You're just not accepting them."

They had been in a circular argument for twenty minutes now. Luna was showing her concern and Usagi was valiantly defending her friends. Minako broke into the argument wanting things to be settled. "I can see why Luna has her concerns Usagi-chan. Artemis has said the same thing but it doesn't mean they are being judgmental about our lifestyle." Luna nodded and Usagi looked over to Makoto who had recovered but remained pensive. In fact she had said very little since waking up.

"Do you think you'll endanger me Mako-chan?"

"No Usagi. It is my duty to protect you first and foremost. It is also my duty to protect all my friends."

"But will you be protecting Minako more than the others?" Luna countered and looked at Minako, "and vise versa? This is a very serious question. If one of you is in danger and so is Sailor Moon, where will your loyalties lie..."

Both scouts we quiet. Usagi was glaring at Luna thinking it was a cruel question. They had already risked their lives for her so many times and each time she was grateful yet she hated it too. Makoto reached out and squeezed Minako's hand. Looking into each others eyes they knew what the answer was and they both understood what it really meant.

"We will protect Sailor Moon." Minako answered.

"We wouldn't forgive each other if we sacrificed Sailor Moon over ourselves. It doesn't mean don't love each other deeply. We know what is important." Makoto stated. She didn't mention how crazy she would go on anything that would dare harm Minako though.

Minako nodded. Luna looked at both of them and let out a soft breath in acceptance. Suddenly both Mina and Mako were tackled by Usagi who was again wailing.

After Usagi's blubbering had died off to a few sniffles they began discussing when they were going to tell the others. Luna had decided to go find Artemis and show him exactly how many ways one could skin a cat. She was still put off by the fact that he had kept it a secret for so long and no pleading by any of the girls would make her see reason.

"Well I think we should break it to Rei last. I don't know how well she's going to take it considering she's a priestess and all." Makoto suggested.

"Yeah and if we have Ami on our side first she can calm Rei down and make her listen." Minako added.

Usagi looked really unsure. She had dealt with Rei's anger, if badly, and knew that it wasn't that easy to make her see things in a different light. Something nagged at the back of her mind though that she couldn't quite place. Whatever it was though, she didn't think Rei would be that adverse to the idea of Makoto and Minako being together.

"How should we tell Mamoru, Usagi-chan?"

All thoughts of Rei and her odd quirks disappeared and were replaced by thoughts of her Mamo-chan. And with those thoughts came and idea. A sneaky grin appeared on her face and she waggled her eyebrows. "Let go on a double date and surprise him."

"Umm... Usagi... I don't know if that's such a good id-" Makoto was cut off by a shriek of excitement from Minako.

"Oh that would be such a blast Usagi. What a perfect idea! We can go shopping for new outfits and corridor them and everything."

"Don't you mean coordinate dear."

"She knew what I meant love... isn't that right Usagi."

Usagi nodded thinking of shopping and food and Mamoru. She was in daydream heaven.

"Speaking of clothes Mina-chan... when are you going to return all my nice clothes that you borrowed. I look like I shop at the Salvation Army with the wardrobe you've left for me." Makoto complained, her eyes narrowed.

"Well this just gives you an excuse to buy some new things then doesn't it." Minako turned back to Usagi and they began making plans for the date.

Makoto rolled her eyes and sweatdropped, although it worked out for the better. She did want new clothes after all. She was pulled into the planning by Usagi but her thoughts wandered. For some reason she had a bad feeling about this whole thing. But then again she was always wary of Mamoru. There was just something about him she didn't like. She shook the thought and wondered how poor Artemis was fairing with Luna.

Chapter 3

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