Someday Out Of The Blue
by: Immeblue

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, nor any of the characters in this fic besides the one you've never seen before.


Makoto turned this way and that in front of the mirror, trying to examine herself from every angle possible. Each presented a stunning view of her flawless physique. The black knee length strapless dress she wore, hugged her in all the right places, and along with her pinned up hair revealed rich creamy skin. Makoto debated on the high heels, but donned a pair realizing they made her legs howl sexy.

Giving herself the once-over for the fourth time, Makoto referred to her mental checklist. She smiled with satisfaction as she liked what she saw, but a hint of guilty clouded her smile. ‘I never tired this hard to look good for Koan.'

Makoto didn't get to dwell on it further when a knock at the door interrupted her thoughts. Glancing at the clock she brightened, 7pm, ‘the ever punctual Ami.' 

Makoto had noticed the changes in Ami since their first meeting in the elevator, but now spending the evening with Ami allowed her to see more of what the past eighteen years had done. It seems Ami had developed more social courage. The shyness that kept her from expressing herself in her early years had dissipated, probably not completely, but it wasn't as apparent as it used to be. Makoto grinned as she remembered being the only one who knew all sides of Ami, and was glad that Ami finally found the courage, or became comfortable enough, to let some sides show. 

Dinner went by pleasantly the two spent it catching up on the general specifics of their lives apart. She had hoped that their conversations would lead to her finding out who little Mako's father is, but Ami never let on and Makoto knew not to ask. 

After dinner the two went for a walk in the vast hotel gardens. As they walked Ami told her of the new life she was making in Japan, the new job she moved back for, the medical conference being kept at the hotel that would introduce her to the notables in the Japanese medical world. She even voiced her fears of becoming a workaholic like her mother. Makoto's heart went out to her as Ami went on about how much she wanted to be a part of her daughters life. 

Makoto weighed out how much she should share with Ami. Not that she wanted to lie, there were just things that didn't want to bring up, like the specifics about the recent state of her marriage. Obviously Ami had the same thought. She ended up telling Ami about her businesses and mentioned her divorce like she was commenting on the weather.

"Divorce?" Ami said a bit surprised. She stopped and sat on a bench some distance away from a small man made pond, "how long?" Makoto sat next to her a took a calming breath, "hmm...negative a few months."

Again Ami looked surprised and stared at her, "what?"

"well honestly, I don't even know if he knows about the divorce yet." 

Ami let out a low chuckle and turned to admire how beautiful the moonlight looked on the pond, "I see."

Makoto felt sheepish and lapsed into silence, pretending to admire the same pond, but in reality in addition to keeping very good tabs on Ami's movements, she was mentally beaten herself up.

A moment later Ami sharply turned to her and quietly studied her. Makoto wordless watched her in turn, trying to figure out what was going through her mind. Though Ami didn't let her wonder long, "wasn't worth fighting for huh?"

Makoto knew Ami wasn't asking about her doomed marriage. She watched uneasily as Ami's eyes began to reflect those emotions she had riled in them the last night they were together eighteen years ago, and knew Ami was reliving it in her mind. 

Makoto contemplated the difference between Ami face and her eyes. She watched her fixed calm visage, then catalogued the emotions in those stormy eyes. Her mind didn't know what to think as she recognized love, but her heart swelled. It was still there. This time along with self loathing, the love she saw there brought her hope, she had a chance with Ami. How big or small she didn't know, but it was a chance. A chance she had no idea how to utilize.


Makoto gave herself a mental shake and concentrated on Ami, "I'm sorry." With a quick glance around she turned back to Ami, "was just thinking."


"It's not that it wasn't worth fighting for. I just didn't want to hold you back. Didn't want to be the source of all your regrets." She solemnly peered into Ami's eyes pleading with her to understand. "Believe me Ami, I was the last person that wanted you to go, but I was also the first person that believed you had to go. You wanted it and you deserved it...."

"I wanted you!"

It wasn't screamed, or seethed in anger, but said firmly and based with hurt. Those words and there tone broke Makoto's heart and shamed her into silence. She couldn't look at Ami anymore and sat with her back against the bench. 

"I left Japan devastated you know," Ami's voice was quiet and firm, the hurt had left it, but it still tore Makoto apart inside.

"I don't think you'll ever understand Ami." she whispered.

"No, I understand." That's when Makoto looked at her fully intrigued, and Ami began again.

"I left devastated, for weeks I thought I had done something for you to have said what you did." Ami stopped and studied Makoto for a few seconds before going on, "I thought you loved me...."

"I did..." Ami quickly cut her off by placing her fingers to Makoto's lips. 

"I know." She slowly ran her thumb over them before taking her hand away. Makoto only swallowed.

"I couldn't completely convince myself that you didn't, that's when it occurred to me that you probably just said it to get me on the plane and keep me in the U.S." 

Makoto smiled grimly, "it worked." Then something occurred to Makoto, "if you knew why I did it why didn't you call me, write, get in touch."

Ami was noticeably surprised, "what am I hearing?" she gave a short chuckle. "Shouldn't I be the angry one, I'm the one that got dumped."
That shut Makoto up. "Besides," Ami began as she sobered "I distinctly remembered someone not wanting a long distance relationship." 

Makoto colored, "I see."

"That's the one that kept me away, why I didn't visit or write...I couldn't explain it away." 

Ami looked at Makoto and sighed, "and I don't really want an explanation anymore." 

Makoto took that as cue that the hope she saw earlier was long gone, apparently Ami had moved on. It has been eighteen years, she herself did get married. ‘But I wasn't over you I just ignored my feeling for you."

Makoto was snatched from her thoughts as her mind registered warm lips pushing against hers. She froze as her mind fed her more details. Who: They were Ami's lips. Why: ? Who cares. Just as Ami was about to pull away, Makoto began to respond bring Ami's lips back to hers. Both women moaned, and pulled each other closer as their tongues rejoiced in what was deprived from them for almost two decades. 

when they parted both were out of breath and quite aroused, and one a bit confused. Ami used her right hand to cup Makoto's face and caress her lips again. 

"All I want to know," Ami whispered intently peering into Makoto's eyes, "is what do you want right now?"

Makoto couldn't believe her ears, there was only one answer to that question. She took Ami's hand and kissed the palm before pulling the smaller woman into her arms.


The next morning Makoto woke up with her face cradled by a mass of something soft and blue. She sighed with satisfaction and wrapped her arms around the warm naked body that lay in front of her as the faint smell of Ami's shampoo invaded her senses. She thanked the gods as she reveled in the feel of the other woman and memories of their night together flooded her mind. Makoto licked Ami's left earlobe as she remembered that there wasn't a second of last night that she would ever forget. 

Ami gave a sensual moan as she woke cocooned in the warmth of a smooth muscular embrace. She was about to turned to her lover when her eyes caught the time. 

"Damn it!"

She bolted out of bed, no shame anywhere on her, and proceeded to stumble into her clothing. What she could find of it at least. 

Makoto didn't know what to say. The woman she just spent hours making intense mind-blowing love with just jumped out of her bed swearing. ‘What a way to hurt a girl'. Makoto just stared as Ami made her way around the room trying to put on everything she needed to look decent. 

Ami was almost at the door when she stopped and made a B-line for Makoto. After dropping a single kiss on her lips she made her way to the door calling "I'll see you later, have a date with a younger Makoto to get to."

When the door closed Makoto snuggled under the covers only to grin profusely when she found Ami's panties in there with her.


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