Someday Out Of The Blue
by: Immeblue

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, nor any of the characters in this fic besides the one you've never seen before.


"Mmm," Makoto instinctively snuggled closer to the warm body holding her close, memories of Ami, flashing thru her head again. She smiled through her nebulous state as the body nibbled her ear, "Hon." Makoto's eyes sprang open as the voice scattered her desire for rest. She didn't have to look up to know who it was, she just wondered what he was doing here, ‘didn't he get the papers?'

"Hon?" Makoto looked up to see a smiling Koan gazing down at her. Her confusion must have shown, as Koan answered the unasked question, "well I got business taken care of pretty quickly, and you know this is a getaway to put some ‘umph' back into to our marriage..." he stopped to land a gentle kiss on her forehead, "it isn't gonna work if I'm not here." Holding Makoto's chin and staring intently into her eyes he finished, "and I want this to work, I couldn't bare to lose you darling."

Makoto was surprised, to see him here, and to hear his words, but more so to see the genuine look of sincerity and love he exuded. She was so caught off guard by his change in attitude, that his kiss came out of nowhere and after fifteen years of marriage she reacted instinctively to it, kissing back. She only regained her senses when he tried to initiated more intimate contact. She didn't know exactly what was going on, and she needed time to get to the bottom of it. Whatever it turned out to be, she knew she couldn't sleep with him, if not for the fact that less than 48 hours ago she asked her lawyer to serve him divorce papers, then for the fact that she had Ami's essence all over her body. 

"Koan, stop," she broke away from his kiss, but he didn't take no for an answer as he leaned in closer draping his body over half of hers, and kissed her with renewed vigor. The passion he ooze mesmerized Makoto into almost going through with it, but the feel of Ami's panties against her back snapped her mind to someone else whom she wanted to make love to way more than this man. 

"Koan," again Makoto tried to get him to stop with a gentle push to his shoulders, yet he still didn't want to take the hint. "Makoto, don't tease me," he groaned and went back to kissing her - it amazed Makoto how he didn't notice the peculiar new taste on her lips and tongue, it was hard for her not to.

"KOAN!!" Makoto had had enough, and forcefully pushed Koan off of her. He laid on the other side of the bed where she had thrown him, and silently stared back at her brooding, a look of hurt and wondering in his eyes, though not anger. Makoto sighed exasperated, as she calmed down, "I'm just not in the mood Koan. Sorry." She was about to get out of bed when she realized he would definitely find Ami's delicate, if she did. She slid down to lay in bed as Koan's voice brought her back to him, "That's alright hon, we have the rest of our lives for that sort of stuff, right?" As he said that he had scooted closer and wrapped his arm around her waist. Not hearing a respond, he sloped his head to whisper into Makoto's ear, "right?"

Makoto turned to him, wanting to see what he really meant by those words, but all she saw was hopeful desperation, and a glimmer of warmth. It wasn't love, she knew what his love looked like. Somehow she didn't have it in her heart to say no to him, though she didn't have the nerve to yes. She did the only thing she knew which would throw him off guard, she kissed him and gave in to his instant advances, while surreptitiously getting Ami's underwear out of the way.

Makoto sat staring at her late lunch wondering what in the world was happening to her life. Just last night, she thought she had what she wanted, Ami. Only to have that desire tested by Koan this morning. She knew he didn't love her, recently that fact became clear to her, but at least he still cared for her, doesn't he? If it wasn't love, then it was mutual respect and care that made a marriage work? Wasn't it? Does he respect me? 

Makoto was too lost in thought to notice the woman sit opposite her, but she did notice the shoeless foot run a course up and down her right leg, and jumped. Her heart calmed as she noticed it was only Ami, and blushed again thinking of how those years in America had changed the blue haired woman. 

"How long have you been sitting here?" the young doctor asked as she leaned over to inspect Makoto's lunch, "looks like you haven't touched your food." Looking up at Makoto, Ami saw the melancholy face, and downcast eyes of her rekindled love, "what's the matter?"

Just then, Koan showed up and planted a kiss on his wife's cheek, "sorry I took so long hon." He stayed standing as the wide eyed woman across from his wife had the only other seat at the table. Seeing as how his wife made no move to introduce the two, Koan took it upon himself, "well, I'm glad to see that while I was gone my wife made a friend to keep her company." He inclined his head to Ami, "and a beautiful one at that." He didn't notice the burning eyes of his wife on him as he smiled at Ami and continued his introduction, "I'm Koan, and you are...?"

Ami slipped her eyes from the man to the almost dejected woman sitting in front of her starting at her food. Ami didn't pay much attention to what he had said after the words "my wife" passed his lips - her mind was frozen, she couldn't put together a coherent thought for the life of her. She didn't know what it all meant, the kiss on the cheek, "my wife," Makoto's spiritless look. She didn't want to think about what it all meant, she had a feeling it that if she knew, it would hurt more than it already did. 

She seemed to gather her wits, as Koan saw a somewhat confused expression turn into a mask of steely indifference. Ami stood up and regarded Koan, "Ami, my name is Ami," giving one glance at Makoto, she turned back to him and excused herself.

Koan watched the woman go with a small smile on his face. After Ami moved away from the table Makoto finally found the strength to lift her head again, and caught the smile on her husband's face. She expelled a breath of air and returned her vigilance to her untouched food, ‘why can't I tell him to get lost?' 

"Hon?" Makoto felt his hand on her chin and shrugged it off, she felt like a creep, ‘what does Ami think of me?' If Koan was annoyed at being rebuked he didn't show it. "You alright hon, you haven't eaten a thing." Then he remembered the night he left, "are you sure you're not sick?"

His wife picked her head up and eyed him, "you know I think I am bit sick." She stood next to him as he asked if she wanted a doctor - an ironic smile crossed her lips as the only doctor she wanted blazed a trail through her mind. She turned and left Koan without an answer.

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