Someday Out Of The Blue

by: Immeblue

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, nor any of the characters in this fic besides the one you've never seen before.




the dialogue in //.. // is in English


Makoto was up early the next morning, 6am. It seemed like no one in the hotel cared for a morning swim today, or maybe it was too early. Makoto didn't know and she didn't mind, she did many things alone. She slapped the water as she remembered Koan and realized she'll be doing many more things on her own now, during and after this trip.

Her solitude was broken when she heard a high pitched voice scream out nonsensical words. As she turned to see a blur of brown and blue heading straight for the pool she heard a voice that did make sense, "she's gonna do a cannonball." But it was too late, Makoto was caught off-guard by a small tidal wave. As she gagged on the water stinging her throat, the little cannonball popped up in front of her. It smiled.

"//Are you ok?//" it asked after watching Makoto gag a few times.

Makoto didn't have a clue what the little girl was saying, all her English was forgotten the day she graduated high school. She regarded the genuine concern in the little girls face and smiled. ‘Guess she's wondering if I'm alright.'

"I'm fine, don't worry about it."

"//Great//." the child squealed happily. "swim with me until my mommy comes."

Makoto was stunned. "I thought you didn't understand Japanese."

"I'm learning" the girl swam away with Makoto in tow. "No one speaks English but mommy, her doctor friends and Hanean," pointing over to her nanny when she said the last name.

"//Hanean, look I made a friend./" The little girl called over to her nanny. "//Makoto stop bothering the nice lady, I'm sure she just wants to swim in peace.//" Little Mako pouted and turned to the older "you're my friend right?" With those words Makoto had guessed what the conversation was about. She smiled her wickedest smile as she swooped a deluge of water onto the unsuspecting girl. Wasn't enough to drown her, but enough to get her excited. "Now we're even, so now we're friends."

Instead of reporting back to Hanean the status of her new found friendship little Mako engaged in a class two water fight. One of the toughest in her little life. Class one's were only fought with her mother, she has yet to win any of those.

Both Makoto's froze in the middle of getting the water the thrashing of their lives, since they last did this with Ami, to stare at Ami.

She was standing next to Hanean in a pink bikini and smiling down at the two. "I see you two are having fun?"


"//Mommy!!!//" little Mako squealed and swam toward her mommy, but Ami dove in and met her partway. "//Hey sweety,//" Ami hugged her daughter close "//Hanean says you've got a new friend, mind if I play with her too.//" "//Sure,//" looking over at Makoto, little Mako whispered to her mother "//but I think I should be on her team just to be fair./" Ami had to laugh, she leaned into her daughter and whispered "//she's more powerful than she lets on, she could annihilate us.//" Little Mako looked skeptical, "//not with you here, you won't allow let it happen.//" Throwing another glance in Makoto's direction she added "//plus she's my friend. I don't think she'll hurt a friend.//" Ami said nothing, but followed her daughters advice when she screamed "lets play."



‘I can't believe it.' Makoto was sitting at a deck table by the pool side having breakfast with Ami and little Makoto. ‘She has a daughter.' Watching the little girl closely as she ate her pancakes and chatted with her mother, the physical similarities were unmistakable. Granted the young one didn't have her mothers curvy figure yet, but the eyes, the nose, the mouth, bone structure, they were all very much alike. Makoto wondered if all the father contributed to her physical characteristics was his skin and hair color.

‘She has a daughter.'

As if feeling the eyes on her Makoto turned and was peering right into Ami's. Ami smiled knowingly and went back to her breakfast.

‘Who is the father? Where is he?' Makoto was using every once of restraint and propriety she had not to ask. ‘It's none of my business.'

"So are you married?" ‘Where in the world did those words come from.'


‘phew!' Makoto picked at her fruit salad, ‘phew? why am I phew-ing.' Looking over at Ami as she spooned her oatmeal Makoto brooded ‘I'm probably the last person on earth she'd go out with. Not that I wanna go out with her anyway." Lancing a piece of fruit Makoto knew she was lying to herself, she had wanted Ami the moment she walked into the elevator. ‘Is that why I've given up on my marriage?.'

"Wow Makoto," Makoto shook off her cogitation and turned to her newest friend. "You and mommy really knew each other when you were young?"

Makoto smiled at the little girl and looked over at Ami as she said, "yeah, we were the best of friends."

"Then why did you stop being friends?"

Makoto hadn't taken her eyes from Ami and watched as Ami herself waited for the answer. "You're mother had to go to school," she said turning back to the little girl.

"But you could've //written// and talked on the //phone//, and Internet." As Ami corrected little Mako's mistakes, big Mako filled in the gaps. She didn't know what to say to the little girl...that it would have been too painful to talk to her mother night after night, and wish they were together, to watch as the communication dwindle because both had different lives to deal with. It all would have been painful, and the quick end seemed to be the less painful of all. She couldn't say that.

And luckily she didn't have to as Hanean came to get little Mako ready for the day. "Bye Makoto." "Later Mako."

"//See you later mommy.//" "//I'll be there in a few little miss.//"

‘So now we're alone. Yikes!'

"She's a wonderful littler girl."

"I know," Ami literally glowed because of the comment. "I'm free tonight Makoto."


Ami chuckled. "Remember you asked for a dinner to get reacquainted, and I was supposed to let you know when I'm free."

"I remember." ‘Wow, I thought you were gonna be busy until I was gone.' Makoto's smile widened as she figured if that was the plan then something had changed, for the better. And if it wasn't the plan, then what the heck, she's going out with me. Her smile dimmed. ‘As old friends.'

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