Someday Out Of The Blue
by: Immeblue

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, nor any of the characters in this fic besides the one you've never seen before.


The next evening Makoto and Koan were on there way to dine at the hotel restaurant when Makoto saw little Mako again, this time with a different nanny. Makoto smiled to herself, ‘good riddance to that other one.' 

Koan and Makoto weren't seated long before she realized that Ami was in the diningroom too. This time Ami was only with one person, a man. Makoto's stomach burned as she figured it may be Ami's husband. The burning soothed as Makoto realized Ami was still /Mizuno/ Ami, only to inflame again when she discerned that didn't mean much.

"Hon you ok?" Makoto brought her mind back to her own husband "you look a bit sick." 

Makoto looked down at her plate slightly guilty. About what, she wasn't sure. 


The concern in his voice made her look up, she was touched. Though it didn't last long as she caught the look in his eyes. They were empty. He looked at his dinner with more desire, more regard, than he did at her. Makoto was hurt and fascinated, why hadn't she seen it before. ‘How long has he been doing that?' she wondered ‘pretending he cared." She didn't see his hand reach over to grab hers, but she felt it. Still, fascinated and dumbstruck by her new discovery she continued to stare into his eyes. Maybe some emotion will flicker in them.

"Makoto?" he whispered "do you want to go back to the room?"

‘There it is' the flicker of emotion she wanted to see in his eyes. She was just taken aback at which it was, ‘annoyance.' 

Makoto pulled her hand away and sat up straight, ‘probably annoyed that I'd ruin his dinner.'

"I'm fine. Lets just enjoy our food."

"Alright," Koan agreed already continuing with his meal, "If you insist."

Just before dessert arrived Koan's cell phone rang. From Koan's side of the conversation it was clear what was going on. He was urgently needed back at the agency. Makoto had no intention of stopping him from going, and he was surprised that she didn't. He was even more surprised when she didn't protest his suggestion that she stay and use the room since it was paid for. He was out the door before she had a chance to change her mind. Not that she would have, Makoto knew what he was doing and just didn't care anymore. As she sat on the bed and stared at the door she didn't understand /why/ she didn't care, but she was glad she didn't. ‘Wonder how long it would take my lawyer to serve him divorce papers.'

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