Someday Out Of The Blue
by: Immeblue

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, nor any of the characters in this fic besides the one you've never seen before.


Makoto slammed the door to her room. "I can't let her think I'm an idiot." She stalked over to the phone and rang the front desk. "Connect me to Mizuno Ami's room please." Makoto paused as she realize there might not have a Mizuno Ami at this hotel, there was a chance Ami was married. The thought somehow brought an unnoticed frown to Makoto's face. 

Makoto was so enthralled with her thoughts she didn't hear the operator say she was being connected, and was a bit nervous as she listened to the ringing phone.


Makoto froze, ‘why the hell don't I think these things through? What am I supposed to say to her?' 

"Hello, is anyone there?"

‘Wait! That doesn't sound like Ami.' "May I speak to Ms. Mizuno please."

"Just a moment." ‘She sounds a lot like that damned nanny from the pool' Makoto huffed at the memory of the unpleasant woman and the poor child who had to suffer through her. 

"Dr. Mizuno here," Makoto snapped to attention on hearing Ami's business voice. Makoto knew it all to well; the voice that showed strength, yet compassion, leadership, yet friendship, she'd had to use it with her own subordinates. She sighed as she reasoned everyone had to learn it. 

"Is anyone there?"

‘Shit.' Makoto chided herself ‘this just makes me look like more of an ass.'

"Ami its me," she crooned jovially hoping that things would go smoothly as they established a dialogue. 

There was silence at the other end, bringing Makoto's mind to the gravity of what she's doing. ‘Damnit!! I'm probably the last person she wants to see..." Again her mind was drifting to that horrible night, but was halted by Ami's voice.

"Makoto? Is it you?" Makoto noticed the loss of the business tone and smiled.

"The one and only." perplexed by Ami's laugh Makoto asked her about it.

"What's so funny?"

"Nothing." Ami sobered "but you would think so wouldn't you."

"No Ami I know so," Makoto smiled. ‘This is going well.' "I know I'm the only me on this planet." Laying flat on the bed with one knee up to get comfortable she continued, "as for being the only Makoto then there I have to give in, I actually saw one at the pool today."

"You did?" 

Makoto could hear Ami was intrigued so she went on, "yeah cute little mutchkin, probably around 5, though she had the most insolent nanny I have ever seen...."

"What makes you say that?" 

Makoto assumed Ami's eagerness to know was polite encouragement and went on, "It looked like the kid couldn't understand Japanese very well and the nanny would shove her around and even called her a halfbreed loud enough for everyone to hear. She insulted the mother too for not teaching the kid some Japanese before bringing....." 

"Makoto" Ami's voice was tight as she cut Makoto off. "Are you sure about this?"

Makoto snorted "of course I'm sure I was there, I wanted to rip her head off myself." Makoto could tell that this conversation was obviously making Ami upset, and decided that now was a good time to get around to why she called. Though Ami was ahead of her.

"Is there something you wanted Mako?" 

"Yes, for us to see each other again."

Ami was quiet and Makoto realized her error, ‘oh man! Don't use those words.'

"I mean I'd like us to catch up, its been eighteen years, don't you want to she how I've changed." ‘And that I'm not a blushing idiot.'

"Ok, I'd like us to get reacquainted again too..."

"Wonderful! Dinner tonight?"

"No, sorry I have plans to have dinner with someone else. I'll leave a message for you to let you know when I'm free, excuse me Makoto I have to go. Bye"

Makoto laid stunned, listening to the dial tone. "Um..right!" she said as she slowly hung up "what just happened?"

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