Before I write this story I just want to make a few comments on it. My friend Katherine wrote this in her creative writing class for school just like my friend Ayanna wrote the obsession one about me and Nuriko. ^_^ ::looks at Yanni and worships her:: I must say I disagree with this story somewhat, as Nuriko would never run away from me, and I don't know why on earth I'd be chasing Nuriko around a forest. But it's still funny so you should take a minute to read it. :)

Running Scared


Smirking, the young man stealthily ran from site. "Whew! That was close!" he thought as he wiped a sweaty strand of plum tinted hair off his forehead. He had been running all day, yet he wasn't tired. He scanned the forest, violet eyes flashing. He tightened his silky sash and smoothed his rumpled smock. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted her.

"Why is this happening to me?" he muttered. A tall girl stepped out from behind the tree. Her eyes glimmered with insane happiness. She pushed a brown curl behind her ear.

"Alas, I have found you my love!" she reached her arms out to him. He stepped backwards, but she pulled him towards her and hugged him as a child does her beloved teddy. As he cringed, his pale cream colored skin spoiled slightly.

"Let me go!" he shouted as he pushed away from the girl. Still she smiled. "Sarah, I have told you this at least five hundred times: LEAVE ME ALONE!" The tress around them leaned away from the two. "I don't love you! I barely even like leave me alone!" Yet the girl grinned wider.

"Oh stop playing hard to get, you silly head," she giggled. Her eyes sparkled with admiration. The boy shook his head.

"I have to go now," he turned around and walked quickly down the sparkling blue path.

"Wait for meeee!!" the girl came flailing after him. He sprinted out of the forest and down the street. He ran through the main part of town, but soon he began to tire and the girl was closing in on him. He scanned for an easy way out. "The costume shop! Yes!" he thought. He dashed through the front door and into the back room. The shopkeeper nodded to his assistant, signaling him to help the young man. He ducked under the curtain and scanned the cluttered room for the boy.

"Oh there you are! I've been waiting for you." he placed his hand on the boys shoulder. "Are you coming to the party tonight?"

"You know I am..." said the boy, still attempting to retrieve his breath. His friend smiled and walked over to the closet.

"We've got the outfit you ordered. Do you want it now?" He held up the plastic garment bag. The boy nodded and took the bag into the dressing room. He unzipped the bag, revealing a shimmering black kimono with a golden rosebud pinned on the top of the collar. Smiling, he slipped the silky gown from it's metal hanger. Unbuttoning his smock he let it fall to the ground as he ran his fingers over the soft kimono that he slipped over his head. Lastly he fastened the pin and tied his silky sash around his waist. The kimono lay perfectly over his slightly curved figure as he walked over to the mirror. He stepped out of the dressing room.

"Oh you look fabulous!" his friend exclaimed as he threw his arms around him. the young man smiled and smoothed his braid. A bell tinkled in the store front.

"I know your in here..." the girl playfully called. She looked around and saw a woman with magnificent violet hair emerge from the dressing room. She wore a silky black kimono and her eyes retained a familiar sparkle. "Did you see a boy run in here?"

"Why no I didn't," the woman answered. She waltzd past the admiring girl and out of the front door. A ray of sunshine lost itself in her brilliant amethyst eyes as she glanced back at the store and grinned...


And just a few more notes from me...I would like to say, I am in no way that lame in real I wouldn't be fooled by Nuriko cross dressing.. ^_^