credit where credit is due: before I go on with this story, I have to give credit to the Amozoness Duo/Trio/Quartet for one of the idea's in this story. I got if from one of their Chibi-Usa/Hotaru fan fics and I'm sure they will know what I'm talking about if they read this. I tried emailing them to ask if i could use this idea, but they didn't respond and I don't want to get sued or nothing for taking their idea. ^^ But the story is completly different from theirs..just one small thing came from it's like i'm just borrowing it like i am the SM characters. okay, I'm done...later..

Is The Future Really Set in Stone

By Chibi Nuriko

Usagi lay on the floor at Rei's temple snoring at the other senshi tried to hold a study session. "Why does she get to sleep while we have to study?" Rei asked angry that Usagi seemed to get special privalages. If she wanted to doze off they wouldn't let her for one minute! She took another look at her sleeping friend and immediatly her face softened. It was hard for her to keep hiding her feelings for this girl. Whenever she looked at Usagi she seemed to melt into a big pile of goo.

"Just leave her alone for a while. She'll wake up when she's hungry, and we all know she'll be hungry soon." Minako answered Rei with a knowing look. Usagi's stomach began to growl at that moment and the blonde girl woke up. "See, I told you," Minako said pointing at Usagi.

"Told her what?" Usagi asked as she wiped the drool from her mouth. Her stomach made some more noise causing her to realize she was hungry. She gave Rei her most innocent look silently asking Rei to make her food.

"No way Odango. I'm studying." Rei told Usagi before Usagi could even ask.


"I could go make something for everyone," Makoto added turning her attention away from a math problem Ami was helping her with.

"Daijoubu Mako-chan. I'll get it but your coming with me Odango."

"Why?" Usagi asked.

"Because your the hungry one! Now come on." Rei offered her hand to Usagi helping her up. Once Usagi was up Rei realized that Usagi wasn't pulling her hand away from Rei's. Reluctantly Rei pulled hers away from Usagi's after a minute and led her to the temple's kitchen.

"I feel bad for her," Makoto said as Rei and Usagi were out of earshot.

"Sometimes I wonder though." Minako added.

"Wonder what?" Ami asked taking a break from her studies.

"Well sometimes I think Usagi love's Rei too." Minako knew in fact Usagi did love Rei but was to afraid to do anything about it.

"Nani?" Ami and Makoto exclaimed in unison. "That's obsurd Minako. Usagi's in love with Mamoru-san," Ami reminded Minako.

"And he left her again to go back to America. I know Usagi loves him, I just don't think she's in love with him anymore. And her and Rei are getting closer..."

"Closer? All they do is fight." Makoto said almost laughing at how silly Minako was being. Ami just returned to her studies not worried about such a ridiculous conversation.

"No," Minako corrected Makoto. "All they do is fight when they are around us. They figure if they don't fight with each other, the other will figure out their feelings. It's really simple."

"Riight," Makoto felt Minako's head for a fever. "You've lost it this time Minako."

"Fine, don't believe me. I am the Goddess of Love aren't I?"

With that Makoto and Ami just got some sizeable sweatdrops and decided to ignore Minako.


"Are they almost done?" Usagi whined as she looked in the oven at the cookies Rei was baking.

"Give it five more minutes. They aren't instant cookies you know." Rei was standing behind Usagi who was still staring at the oven. "Besides with that belly your getting you don't need to be eating more." Rei teased Usagi as she reached her arms around Usagi's waist to tickle her.

Usagi quickly grabbed Rei's hands in an attempt to stop her. Rei however struggled and kept trying to tickle her friend. She loved moments with Usagi like this when she let her guard down and got to show some affection towards her. "Do you give up?" Usagi asked tightening her grip on Rei's hands.

"Never." Rei quipped renewing her attempts to tickle Usagi.

"Have it your way then." Usagi said as she still had her hands on Rei's and pulling slightly wrapped Rei's arms around her waist so Rei was now holding her.When Usagi leaned back into Rei, the dark haired girl froze. "See, I win." Usagi said triumphantly.


"Hmm? You see...It's just I've always wondered what it would be like to have you hold me. Now just seemed like a good time to find out."

Rei held on to Usagi tighter hoping this was more than one of her silly dreams about Usagi actually loving her. "I like being like this with you Rei," Usagi confessed. Rei was still speechless so Usagi decided to keep talking. "You know, I haven't talked to Mamo-chan since he left for America and I'm pretty sure I'm not in love with him anymore. I know it sounds crazy because of the whole thing about the future and all. But I think I belong with you, not him. I've fallen in love with you Rei."

At that moment Rei began to panic. Sure, she'd dreamed of hearing Usagi say that every five minutes, but she never expected it to happen. It couldn't possibly happen. She already knew the future, and Usagi and Mamoru were together in it. "I..You can't Usagi. What about Mamoru? And Chibi-Usa? We already know you end up with him because of Chibi-usa. Either way I lose." Rei lowered her gaze, not wanting Usagi to see how hurt she was.

As if on que the buzzer for the cookies went off and Rei grabbed them and quickly took off to her room leaving Usagi behind. She stopped to wipe the tears from her face before facing her friends and put on a smile. A few seconds after Rei entered her room she noticed the confused looks on her friends faces.

"Where's Usagi?" Minako finally asked.

"Oh, I guess she's still in the kitchen." Rei set the cookies down and immediatly busied herself with work so she wouldn't think about what just happened.

"Usagi's in the kitchen...when there's cookies in here? That doesn't seem right." Makoto added.

"I'll go get her," Minako offered. She had a feeling about what just happened and hoped she wasn't right. A few weeks earlier Usagi came to her and confessed her love for Rei. She didn't know what to do and just needed someone to talk to.

Minako entered the kitchen to find Usagi sitting on the floor crying her eyes out. She rushed to her side and hugged her trying to calm Usagi down. "It'll be okay Usagi. Just tell me what happened."

"She loves me Minako. She really does."

"Then why are you crying?"

"She doesn't believe me. She ran off saying that I still love Mamo-chan."

Minako smiled softly as she wiped away Usagi's tears. "You didn't tell her everything did you?"

"I couldn't..I'm too scared she'll be mad at me."

"Mad at you? Usagi, if you'd just tell her everything, she'll realize that her every dream will be able to come true. Once we all leave why don't you just tell her everything you told me?"

"Are you sure?" Usagi knew what she had to do..she just didn't want to do it. She knew Rei would love her regardless, but still. A little over a month ago Usagi realized that she was already pregnant with Chibi-usa, and also very in love with Rei. She just had no clue what to do about it.

Minako reassured Usagi that everything would be okay as the two walked back to Rei's room. Usagi looked at Rei, who had a look on her face that broke Usagi's heart. Once the two made eye contact Rei quickly tunred away.

"Here Usagi, we saved you some cookies." Ami said handing the rest of the cookies to Usagi. The blond wasn't hungry anymore. She had no idea things would all happen so fast. Now all she could do was wait for everyone to leave so she could talk to Rei.

Minako tried helping her out several times offering to take everyone to the arcade, or asking if they could go get ice cream but Ami always stopped her saying they needed to study more. It seemed like months to Usagi who could only stare at her book and hope she wouldn't start crying. Finally after the sun set everyone left for the night and Usagi stayed behind to talk with Rei.

"Rei, please, listen to me." Usagi begged her friend as Rei tried despratly to avoid her. "You can't ignore me forever. Just give me five minutes."

"Fine," Rei gave in finally knowing she could never resist Usagi for long. "But please, don't hurt me anymore. I love you so much and even though you think you love me, we both know you go back to him." Rei couldn't even say Mamoru's name.

"But your wrong Rei. Yes, I do have a child with him but I'm not in love with him anymore. Its just that..well you know that 'belly' you were teasing me for having earlier?" Rei nodded her head and Usagi continued. "Its not from eating to much Rei. It's because I'm pregnant with Chibi-Usa. I was in love with Mamoru. But it's all over. Your the only one I love now, and will love in the future."

"Are you serious?"

Usagi moved close to Rei and put her lips on the fire senshi's. Rei tensed at the contact but finally gave in. She wrapped her arms around Usagi and pulled her close kissing her with all the love and devotion she had. When the two finally broke apart Rei looked into Usagi's eyes and knew for the first time, that she'd never be alone again for as long as she lived.

"I love you Usagi." Rei took hold of Usagi's hand and led her to the bed. "Stay with me tonight Usagi." Rei asked.

"I'll stay with you for the rest of my life. We'll never be apart. I love you." And with that the two girls climbed into Rei's bed. It was still early but it didn't matter. As long as they had each other right now they didn't care if the world around them fell apart. Because they'd make it through everything that came their way, together.