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Part IV.

Later that day at around 9 PM, Makoto walked Ami back to her house. It was hard getting Ami to agree to come back, but Makoto made her realize she couldn't hide from the situation.

"Ami-chan," Ms. Mizuno exclaimed, her whole body filling with relief. "Hello Mako-chan" she said acknowledging Makoto's presence. "I figured she was with you," smiling for the first time since she answered the door to see her long lost imuto-chan. "It's the only reason I didn't worry" seeming to realize what she said Shizuko sobered and gave Makoto that 'you better not be doing anything your not supposed to with my daughter' look and amended her earlier statement "much." 

All Makoto could do was keep her demeanor and pray she wasn't blushing. The last thing she wanted was to confirm Mizuno-san's suspicions.

Luckily for Makoto, but bad for the situation, Shizuko as well as the two young girls were distracted by her imuto-chan. "I still can't believe you condone this behavior" She groaned in disgust.

"Excuse me?" Shizuko asked turning to her younger sister.

"You know what I'm talking about" she said looking from her sister to her daughter and her girlfriend. "When I gave my daughter to you I knew you could provide the best for her, but I also thought you would raise her morally."

"Don't be ridiculous, Yoko" Shizuko bellowed. Not even bothering to put her anger in check she continued "I raised her with excellent ethics..."

"Ethic's my foot, I could have died when I saw her with that girl" Yoko hollered pointing at Makoto. "If you had raised her with any sense of decency she would know that...that...that being like that is wrong."

Makoto had had enough of this and had to put her own two cense in "If you had any sense of decency" she began "you wouldn't be stalking people."

Yoko glanced at her indignantly, then went on as if Makoto hadn't said anything at all "You allowed her to be ruined, she can never marry a decent man now."

"You're being ridiculous again" Shizuko stated plainly, having already moved passed her anger. Now she was just annoyed that her younger sister could be so naive and blind.

"Ridiculous?" she said looking at the girls standing by the door. "What's ridiculous is that you would allow this. If I hadn't seen it my own eyes I would've stayed out of your lives." Making sure that all three females in the room was listening she stated "my aim here is to have this relationship expunged."

Everyone was surprised when the first thing out of Ami's mouth was laughter, cold cynical laughter. Even Makoto was surprised in all their years of fighting along side each other she's never heard Ami sound that sardonic.

"Just how do you plan on doing that?" Ami sneered as she continued her frosty laughter. It was all Makoto & Shizuko could do to pick their jaws up from off the floor, they had never heard or seen this side of Ami before.

"I'm gonna take you to live with me..." 

"You can't do that, so stop fantasizing" Shizuko declared, stopping her sisters ranting. "You may have giving birth to her but in the eyes of the law she is my daughter." 

Yoko silently fumed, she understood that her sister was right. "Then you put an end to it" she seethed.

"Why would I do that?" Shizuko asked, highly annoyed.

"Their relationship is an abomination..."

"They're in love for Kami sake" Shizuko shouted "do you really want Ami to give up the one she loves, someone who obviously loves her back to maybe end up marrying Kami knows who."

"It could be a very respectable man" Yoko offered weakly, already seeing the logic in her sisters argument.

"Or it could be some asshole." Shizuko swallowed the chagrin she felt at using such strong language, 'it's to prove a point' she told herself though she still didn't feel too good about it. "At least right now she's in a relationship where she safe and loved." Looking sternly at her sister "why would you want to break that up?"

"As if she could" Ami and Makoto said in unison. Both ladies turn to look at them, though with two different expressions. A comforting grin from Shizuko and a far from comforting scowl from Yoko, however the disgust that used to be evident her glare wasn't there anymore. Not that either girls cared, as far as Ami was concerned she wanted nothing to do with this woman.

"Well," she started, as she walked to the front door "with your futile efforts to break us up thwarted...how about you leave?" 

Again Yoko looked to Shizuko "You raised her with morals, eh?"

Shizuko instantly reddened, embarrassed at Ami's uncharacteristic rudeness. But then she remembered, "treat her as you would want to be treated."

"Hmpf." Walking to stand in front of Ami Yoko expressed her sorrow "I know what happened today has probably made you hate me, but remember that I do love you and that I do what I do because I want the best for you." Pausing she studied Makoto for a solemn moment, releasing a poignant sigh she said to Ami "maybe someday you'll come to understand that." The look in Ami's eyes told her that that day definitely was not today. With that she walked out of the door quickly enough to not be hit with it.

"I can not believe this day, or the nerve of that woman" Ami exclaimed turning away from the door she had just slammed behind her birth mother. Regarding the two women still in the house "I'm sorry about my earlier temper..." she looked as if she wanted to say more, but all she did was walk to the stairs apparently going to her room.

She left the two woman silently staring at each other in the livingroom.

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