by: Immeblue

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Part V

Ami sat at her computer staring absentmindedly at the screen, while Makoto sat on her bed staring intently at her. After about twenty minutes she couldn't take it anymore "so, aren't you gonna tell me what's wrong?" Makoto asked her blue haired girlfriend. It had been several days since the confrontation with Yoko and the twosome were relaxing in Ami's room. Dr. Mizuno was at the hospital and wouldn't be home until late at night.

Ami was shaken out of her daze by Makoto's sudden outburst, "what did you say?" she asked as she turned around to face the bed. 

Makoto sat up and faced Ami's direction, "you know you've been doing that since Yoko was here." Makoto couldn't help it anymore since Yoko came and went Ami hasn't been herself. She has often caught the genius spacing out, yep you read right, spacing out. Signs of her preoccupation were all over the place, book's left unread on her lap while she stared into space, work that took a little longer than usual to finish, most surprising of all she even pulled a ditzy Usagi stunt and walked into a wall. 

"Sweetheart, I don't have the faintest idea of what you're talking about?" 

"What?" Makoto was decidedly frustrated she couldn't believe Ami didn't recognize her own change in behavior. 

"I asked you first Makoto." Ami laughed, but it was short lived as she saw the displease look on Makoto's face. Getting up and making her way to sit next to makoto on the bed Ami asked "What is it?"

"What is it with you?" Makoto asked as Ami settled next to her "almost every time I look at you you're daydreaming." 

"Don't worry, its not like I'm thinking of some hunky guy I wanna leave you for" Ami joked.

Makoto didn't laugh, though she was curious she hadn't really given any thought as to what Ami was thinking about when she went off into her own world. "So what do you think about then?"

Sobering Ami sighed "I wouldn't call it daydreaming."

"What do you mean?"

"Well, daydreaming makes it sound as if I'm thinking of something pleasant." 

Again Ami developed that faraway look, Makoto couldn't say whether or not she was enjoying her reverie, the stoic look she acquired gave nothing away. Sighing Makoto leaned over to gently shake Ami's shoulder "you're doing it again." 

Ami said nothing, her only response was to look solemnly into Mokoto's eyes.

"You still haven't told me what you think about." She took Ami's hand and softly squeezed it "tell me, maybe I can help make them more pleasant for you."

"I don't see how you can" Ami answered thoughtfully as she pulled her legs up and hugged them to her body "I keep thinking about Yoko." 

Makoto waited for her to go on, however when she realized Ami didn't intend to, she prompted "why?"

"Exactly!" Ami exclaimed. "Why did she give me away? My mind keeps making up countless different scenarios...I just wish I knew."

"Oh!" the far off looks made sense to her now, but she didn't understand why Ami didn't do the obvious. "So why don't you ask her?"

Ami gave Makoto a surprised look, she expected her to know, wasn't it obvious ‘because I can't stand her,' "because I don't like her, she's bigoted and obstinate among other things, I shouldn't have to associate with her...and besides the things she said that evening are unforgivable" Ami brooded.

"That's the real reason isn't it?" Makoto asked as she remembered how much the woman had annoyed her too, it took all her control and regard for Ami not to blow up at the woman. "The real reason you don't want to see her."

Ami nodded her agreement, "I just can't forgive her for that" she murmured.

"But you want to know why she gave you up?" At Ami's nod she continued "I don't see why you should care." Makoto was a bit confused at this "you love the mother you have, don't you?"

"Of course!" Ami was almost appalled "how can you question that?"

"I'm sorry" Makoto quickly asserted, "I know you do...I don't know what came over me." The blush on her face showed her embarrassment. "Just why is it such a big deal?"

Ami thought for a moment, "I just want to know about my past, why she gave me away?" 


"Yeah, I know I can ask my mom but she'll only know so much...I want the first hand experience, details." Ami clarified somberly.

"Then you must go to her," Makoto started "I don't see how you can get that information without talking to her." Makoto mused. 

Ami visibly shrunk as she contemplated what Makoto said, "will you come with me?"

Both girls knew it wasn't a question, it was plea that one desperately wanted answered. There was no way Makoto could say no even if she had wanted to, "Of course I'll go with you." She hugged Ami thinking that Yoko wouldn't be happy to see her there, but that's a bridge to cross later.

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