by: Immeblue

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Part III.

She couldn't tell you how she did it, but Ami found herself in front of Makoto's apartment. 

"Ami-chan?!" Makoto whispered. After answering the door she was about to express her surprise at seeing Ami, but all that vanished from her mind as she noticed the other girls forlorn state. 

"Makoto!!" Ami cried as she moved into Makoto's waiting arms, releasing the tears she had held back all this time.

Closing the door, Makoto took Ami to the couch and held her as she cried. The hot tears drenched Makoto's shirt but she couldn't have cared less, all that mattered to her was Ami. 

After several minutes of nonstop sobbing, Ami finally raised her head from Makoto's chest. 

"Are you feeling better?" Makoto asked as she gently wiped Ami's tears away.

"I guess so" She took Makoto's hand in hers and Kissed the palm, "Thank you."

"There's no need to thank me sweetheart" she said leaning forward kiss Ami on the forehead "I'm always here for you."

"I know."

"What happened?" Then Makoto suddenly remembered "Does this have anything to do with that stalker?" she asked.

Ami gave a short derisive laugh which confused Makoto.

"Well?" Makoto insisted.

"Yes, actually it does" she declared. "But its not what you think" she quickly added as Makoto jumped off of the couch obviously with the intention of finding the woman then knocking her clear into the next millennium, where she would find her again and kick her into the next. 

"What?!" Again the smaller woman had confused her.

"Sit down, I'll tell you everything." 

At the end of the story Ami couldn't help falling into tears again. And again Makoto held her. "I just feel so betrayed Makoto."


"Because Okaa-san has been lying to me all these years, she could've told me. I would've understood."

Makoto thought for a moment then answered "Maybe she wanted you to have a normal life" she looked down into Ami's eye "you know, so you won't feel anymore different."

Ami knew what Makoto was trying to tell her. She was already set apart from the rest because she is a genius, and earlier in her life not having her father around also made her an outcast. Agreeing with Makoto she figured her mother just didn't want to ostracize her anymore than she already was. But, still. "That doesn't say much...we wouldn't have had to tell anyone." Ami said, her anger and sadness returning. "Why didn't she tell _me_?"

Makoto gave a sad sigh "because she didn't want _you_ to feel different, I don't think she cares much about what other people think."

Realizing what Makoto truly meant, she sadly acquiesced "I guess you're right." In spite of how quick her anger had dissipated, it returned again. Though this time it was directed at the other 'mother.' 

Makoto saw the ire on her face and knew "you're thinking about your...mother's sister?"

"Can you explain away her actions" Ami's voice and eyes conveyed her hurt. "How can someone give away there child?" though on realizing that's not what she meant she said "How can _she_ give _me_ away?"

"Well, at least she didn't..." Makoto caught herself "I mean Um...you left before you got her story" She hugged Ami closer "I'm sure she has a perfectly good explanation." Looking down at Ami again she reminded her "And remember Ami, she left you with a wonderful woman."

Ami sighed and rested her head on Makoto's chest, "I know."

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