by: Immeblue

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**In this part I gave Ms. Mizuno a name, I just had to.** 

Part II.


"Okaa-san, I'm home" Ami called as she hung her jacket on the coat rack. 

"I'm in the kitchen dear" Ms. Mizuno called.

Ami couldn't help but get exciting as she made her way to the kitchen, her mother rarely took days off and she looked forward to spending this one with her. As Ami walked through the kitchen's entrance the sight of who was seated at the table made her almost choked on her own heart. Regaining her composure, she looked to her mother for an explanation "Okaa-san?"

On hearing the word Ms. Mizuno shook with the effort it took to hold herself together. "I should've told you earlier" she whispered to the parqueted floor. 

"Okaa-san" Ami gently called as she made her way to her mother. "Tell me what?" she entreated.

Ms. Mizuno said nothing though she tried, the words just wouldn't escape her mouth.

Turning around Ami look at the woman seated at the kitchen table, the same woman she has noticed following her, watching her, for the passed week. "What are you doing here?" She fired at the woman, "what did you say to my mother to upset her this much?"

The woman just sat in her seat biting her lip, staring intently at Ami.

"Answer me!!" Ami yelled, startling the woman and her mother. 
She didn't care that she was being rude, as far as she was concerned this woman had lost all rights to respect when she started stalking her and now upsetting her mother. "Answer me" Ami seethed.

The woman looked at Ms. Mizuno before she spoke "I was hoping Shizuko-San would tell you" she expressed in a clear voice. "Though, seeing as she can't say much at the moment" just then the woman got up and slowly walked to Ami all the while keeping an intense gaze on her. "Don't I look at all familiar to you Ami-Chan?" 

"Imotu-Chan, please don't!!" Shizuko begged her younger sister.
"If you love her at all, you won't do this to her."

Ami was stunned into silence at the exchange, ‘imuto-Chan? I didn't know mother had a little sister...' Scrutinizing the woman she eventually noticed the similar features shared by the woman and her mother, even between the woman and herself. ‘Is that why she should look familiar to me?' Ami wondered remembering the woman's earlier words.

Looking to her mother's devastated visage, Ami figured this was obviously more than it seemed to be. "Will someone tell me what is going on?" she pleaded, looking from her mother to her aunt "please."

"Ami" her mother spoke before her aunt could. With trembling hands she took her daughter by the shoulders and looked solemnly and lovingly into her eyes. "No matter what Ami, know that I love you..." looking up to her younger sister before returning her stare to her beloved daughter "as if I had giving birth to you myself." 

Ami stood motionless as she registered what her mother had just said. The whole conversation made sense to her now, but she still couldn't believe it. Finally letting out the breath she was holding she slowly stepped out of the arms of the only mother she had ever known and turned to the other woman in the room. Her stalker, her aunt, her mother? Who was this woman?

"I assume, you would be the one who gave birth to me?" she asked the woman who was now standing in front of her.

She slowly shook her head as the whispered answer passed her lips "yes."

As the woman tried to hug her Ami stepped back, "NO!"
Gazing back at the woman she'd called mother for 16 years then to the newly found mother she didn't know at all, Ami couldn't shake off the overwhelming sense of betrayal she felt from both of them. Blindly she walk to the front door and left the house as her ‘mothers' called after her, though neither one really tried to stop her knowing she needed time to acclimate herself with what just took place.

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