by: Immeblue

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**I have to apologize in advance, Ami's a bit out of character...forgive me (^.^;) **

"That's the fifth time tonight you've looked over your shoulder" Makoto said stopping to turn to her girlfriend, "what's the matter?" 

"Nothing" Ami replied, not at all convincingly. 

"Nothing, eh" Makoto repeated as she registered Ami's actions "then why have you been looking around so much?" Taking the smaller girls hand she began again "all through the movie you were looking back into the tiers, I bet you can't even tell me what the movie was about." 

"Um..." Ami started, visibly making an effort to remember. A demure little smile played across her lips as she looked pointedly at Makoto then proceeded to give a summary of the movie.

Makoto wasn't so easily deluded, "you know all of that because you read about it online." Scanning the streets herself before finally looking back to Ami "C'mon Ami-chan, tell me what's the problem."

Ami gave a heavy sigh as she began to walk down the street ahead of Makoto. "Alright fine," Makoto said as she caught up to her "you don't have to tell me, but..." 

"I think I'm being followed" Ami whispered to her, cutting her off. 

"What?!" Makoto asked. Concern written all over her face as she put her arm around the smaller girl, stopping her once again.

"I've had this feeling for the passed week, like someone's watching me."

"All the time?" Makoto asked calmly. She was angry, not at Ami but with this possible stalker. ‘How dare they?' she thought, however for Ami's sake she remained composed.

"No, not all the time" she said looking down the street as she instinctively moved closer to Makoto. "I feel fine when I'm inside, like in school or at home..." Looking up at Makoto she smiled and included "and at you place." 

Nonetheless, Makoto wasn't having it. Her only thoughts were of Ami's safety. "Why haven't you said anything before?" Makoto began harshly, surprising Ami though by no means scaring her. "Whoever's following you could be dangerous" she stated.

"I know" she assured Makoto, "I just thought no one would believe me." She paused looking at Makoto's livid countenance "it is just a feeling."

"So what?!" Makoto said, now taking a more detailed look at their surroundings. "They shouldn't be ignored" looking back at Ami she asked "have you noticed anyone around all the time?"

Ami's face reddened as she studied the ground.

"Oh Kami-sama!" Makoto exclaimed, "You have." Putting her anger in check, Makoto got her voice under control enough to say "point ‘em out."

Venturing a brief glance at Makoto Ami shook her head, "She's gone."

Makoto stood there staring at Ami not knowing what to say to her. Ultimately, it was Ami who spoke again "the next time I see her I'll point her out to you."

Makoto only nodded, taking Ami's hand as they resumed their walk to her apartment. "Maybe we should call the police?"

Ami knew Makoto was afraid for her, but she saw no point in calling the police and told her so.

Makoto said nothing, silently marinating in her anger.

"I know there's not much the police can do" she tried explaining to Makoto. "And I don't think she's dangerous..."

At this Makoto couldn't help but respond "if you don't think she's dangerous then why have you been looking over your shoulders, hmm?"

Ami sighed and started again "I don't think she's dangerous because we are senshi..."

Makoto stopped dead in her tracks, turning to Ami she asked "do you think this is a new ene.."



"NO buts, I know she isn't."

"Fine, I'll take your word for it."

After walking a few more blocks Makoto perked up, "we are senshi" she said proudly, even if it was only a whisper meant for Ami. "We can take her whenever she finally makes her move."

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