The Odd Adventures of Haruka, Michiru, and Setsuna

By Lady Grizabella

Haruka Is Sailor Pluto?! Party At The Time Gate


Whenever Setsuna went to guard the Time Gate, which she did about once a week for several hours, I always wondered what she did there. "When she was little, she played with her dolls," said Michiru, "But I have no idea what she does now."

"Maybe she still plays with dolls?" I grinned.

Michiru laughed. " I think you still play with dolls!"

"I don't! Only that one time..." I sulked.

"Anyway, why don't you just ask her what she does? I'm sure she'll tell you."

"Funny that she's never told us much before. I'll ask her."


That night, I threw myself down on the sofa next to Setsuna and wrapped an arm around her. "Hi, Suna! Have fun at the Gate?"

She gave me a look. "Everything is in good order. Why?"

"Just curious. What do you do while you're there, anyway?"

She leaned her head on my shoulder and looked up at me. "I just make sure that time is moving correctly. That's about it." But a curious blush had lit up her cheeks. She obviously wasn't telling the full truth. But I decided to leave it for now.

"Sounds a bit dull."

"It's terribly dull. It always has been." She lifted her head and wrapped her arms around my neck. "I'm going to bed. Goodnight, Ruka."

I gave her a kiss. "See you tomorrow. Love you." Once she had gone into her room, I looked at Michiru. "I think we're going to be paying a visit to the Time Gate very soon..."


Michiru was in our bedroom reading on the next afternoon Setsuna was going to be at the Gate. I pranced in, my hands hidden behind my back. "Oh, Michi!" I sang. "Look what I've got!"

"Um...a sandwich?" Michiru set her book aside.

"No, much more exciting than that."

"A waffle?"

"What, have you been drinking that wine from the other night? You're being silly. It's not food!"

"Darn...then what is it?"

I made a mental note to make Michiru a snack. "This!" I proudly pulled Setsuna's Time Staff out from behind my back.

Michiru gasped. "Where did you get that? She keeps it in her invisible pocket."

"She was polishing it, and left it on her bed when she went to play with Chibi-Usa. I thought we could take a trip." I tried to twirl the staff like Setsuna did, but ended up knocking something off the dresser. "Awk! How does she do it?"

Michiru got to her knees. "For heaven sakes, don't break it!"

"I wonder how it works?" I stared into the Garnet Orb for some clue which didn't come.

"What exactly are you planning?" Michiru slipped off the bed and pulled on some shoes. "I don't think it will work for you anyhow."

"I figured we would go to the Time Gate, hide, and wait and see what Pluto does all evening. It'll be good education, and maybe we'll even see our future."

"I don't want to see my future," Michiru muttered, but she placed a hand on the staff too. "But maybe it'll help us to understand Suna better. She's a mystery to me."

I thrust the staff in the air. "Tiiiime STOP!"

Michiru jumped a mile. "Don't do that! Don't get that thing mad!"

I grinned. "Do I look like Puu?"

"You look like crazy Uranus trying to blow up the planet."

"That works too. Now, Michi, hold onto the staff and let's see if we can get this thing to take us somewhere."

Michiru hesitantly put her hands back on the staff. "This will never work. We'll end up somewhere in the sixteenth century."

Ignoring Michiru's warning, I said good naturedly to the Time Staff: "Please take us to the Gate of Time!" Nothing.

"I told you, sweetheart. It's not going to let you do anything unless you're Setsuna."

"Or it thinks I'm Setsuna."

Michiru pressed a hand to her head. "Ruka..."

"I'll be right back!" I dashed into Setsuna's room and sifted through the stuff on her dresser. I finally found what I was looking for - her transformation pen. "Please humor me and work..." I raised the pen in the air and cried out in a commanding voice, "PLUTO PLANET POWER, MAKEUP!" Before I knew it, I was clad in Sailor Pluto's outfit. "Huh." I was baffled at the fact that it had worked. "Setsuna's stuff is really gullible. I'm surprised everyone isn't turning into Sailor Pluto." I spun around, admiring my red and black sailor suit. "Mmm...cute colors. Nice and depressing. I feel more like Setsuna already." I headed back into my bedroom, welcomed by screams from Michiru.

"How did you do that? Are you actually Sailor Pluto now? Could I become Uranus if I wanted to?"

I cackled. "That would be kinky! Then Setsuna could become Neptune and I could watch the two of you..." I was cut off when the Time Staff whacked me in the stomach. I gasped. " should be know how to hit with that thing as well as she does..."

Once Michiru and I had stopped arguing, we both held onto the staff. "Let's try this again." I pulled myself up to my full height. I was suddenly painfully aware that Setsuna's suit was too short for me, and the panties were showing in the back. "Time Staff! This is Sailor Pluto! Take us to the Gate of Time!" I was amused at how well my voice echoed. Being Sailor Pluto was such a lark.

The Garnet Orb flashed - I swear it giggled - and we were suddenly standing in front of the Gate of Time. Michiru let go of the staff and looked around. "What a lonely place. I hate the fact that she had to stay here alone for centuries. I wish she had been with us."

"It’s no wonder she’s nuts." I was busy fishing around the intricate carvings on the Gate. "Ha! I knew it!" I pulled out a very old doll.

"Put that back, and be nice! We did steal her staff, and come here against her will. How will she make it here now?"

"I'm sure she can get here on her own. I'll bet she doesn't even need the staff anymore. After all, she's got the power in her. I'm just wearing her clothes. I'm surprised the staff listened to me at all." I looked around. "Michi, what's that noise?" Forms were rapidly approaching through the mists.

"Quick, hide!" Michiru ducked into the shadows, but I was surrounded by a group of people who were carrying a music player and many CDs.

"Pluto! Hi!" I was embraced by several people.

I immediately stiffened. "Er...hello..."

"Pluto, your hair is really different!" said one young woman. "It's cute, but why did you cut it and dye it blonde?"

"She looks like Sailor Uranus," commented another young woman, who looked a lot like Minako.

"Um, who are you?" I asked.

"Are you feeling okay? I'm Sailor Venus!" I suddenly realized that these must be the sailor soldiers of the future, possibly our daughters or their daughters...who knew with time travel?

"No matter. Let's party!" A dark-haired woman, a Mars I assumed, turned on the boombox and suddenly music blasted forth. My hands were grabbed and we all danced. I looked helplessly in Michiru's general direction as a wild blonde twirled me. "You're cute," the blonde whispered to me, and I had the sudden feeling that if I ever had a daughter by some miracle, this would be her. I felt a bit odd.

"I...I...I...need to get" I managed to slip away and found Michiru in the shadows. "Are you getting a load of this? I'm dancing with the children of the future and they think I'm Sailor Pluto."

"I guess there are always going to be Inners," said Michiru. Poor Inners, doomed to be a bit dumb.

"Hey, I think the blonde is a Uranus."

Suddenly, the Gate opened and a very pissy looking Sailor Uranus stomped in. I looked at Michiru. "Oops. Someone's going to be cranky for the rest of the night."

Setsuna, looking very sexy in yellow and blue if I do say so myself, had arrived at the Gate. She had my Space Sword in her hand. I blanched. "How did she find that? I had that hidden!"

"You stole her staff!" Michiru pointed out.

"True." I was feeling anxious.

"Besides, I think she could use it better than you can..." Michiru mumbled.

"I heard that!" I examined the situation. "I think it's time we were moving along..."

The group had gathered around the true Sailor Pluto, having figured out it was her, and were very interested in finding out why she was dressed as Sailor Uranus.

"Well, when I went to transform, I found that someone was already wearing my outfit, so I couldn't change. I had to borrow a different suit." She must have found my transformation pen, since I had hers. She gave the sword a vicious swish and eyed the shadows.

I gulped. "I'm dead. She's going to kill me."

"She won't if you give her staff back." Michiru wagged a finger at me.

"I don't know...I kind of like it." I tried to twirl the staff again and clanked it into the door. "Damn!"

The sound had alerted Setsuna, who narrowed her eyes. "Just a moment." She waltzed over into the shadows, pushed me over on my bum, and pulled the staff out of my hand. "Gimme that!" She started away again.

"What about my sword?" I called.

"My turf, my game!"

I couldn't argue with that. I looked at Michiru and shrugged. "Should we dance?"

She smiled. "Yes." With a flick of her transformation pen, she became Sailor Neptune, and soon enough we were grooving to the beat of Pluto's Dance Party. I decided I loved the Time Gate.

I snuck up behind Setsuna and wrapped my arms around her from behind, lifting her and spinning her around. "I could be Sailor Pluto. I'll take over your job."

She laughed. "Go ahead!" She held the staff back out to me. "Now you can deal with Small Lady. And trust me, she has a lot of issues."

I blanched. "Er...I think Luna-P sounds better than can keep it. But I had fun playing with it."

She held out my Space Sword to me. "Me too. But you're lucky you didn't end up in some dimension in the Orion Nebula. The Garnet Orb likes to play games with those who steal my staff!" She winked and ran off to do the Hokey Pokey with Michiru and a future Sailor Saturn.

I smiled and lifted my sword. It had been a good night. "Hey Michiru, watch this!"

My girls watched as I spun my sword around with talent and grace...until I crashed it into the side of the Gate. "Er..."

The girls sweatdropped and I flushed. I decided to stick to racing. Twirling talismans was just not my thing.....



Okay, I don’t think this one really fits in with the other ones in terms of reality, but hey, what part of Sailor Moon is realistic? lol I also doubt they can use each other’s transformation pens, but it was fun to write and I hope it was fun to read! It was inspired by watching too many clips of the Black Lady Sailor Moon Musical where everyone’s dancing in front of the Time Gate. What a chuckle!

Next Time: I have no idea! I have a couple more in the works, but as for actual plots...we’ll just have to see. I know there will be one with Michiru in focus. How long can she put up with Haruka and Setsuna without snapping? My guess?...not too long.

Until next time!

Lady Grizabella

An accompanying illustration (copy, paste, take out the spaces): / anime / deathchild / images / pluto_uranus_swap_suits.jpg

Not my best work by any means (Setsuna’s hair screwed up completely), but you get the point...whahahahahaha. Ruka looks so uncomfortable in Suna’s little suit!

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