This is an actual paper my friend Yanni wrote for her creative writing class about my love for Nuriko. I was very proud of her for it and for getting an A! *bows down in worship* Your the greatest Yanni!


By Ayanna Haynes

She's about five foot ten with pale skin an shoulder length brown hair that curls around the edges. She always keeps it knotted up on top of her head in no kind of order, just keeps it out of her face so she cannot be disturbed while she looks at her picture of him. She dresses comfortable but isn't lacking style or taste. Today she wore her beloved pants, which has the face of a loved one on both sides of both pant legs. A godly purple haired man with lovely soft violet eyes, who haunts her every thought as well as dreams.

Who is he? A fettish of hers, a fictitious character for whom she feels affection, love and passion. Her ideal man, her renaissance man. Nuriko, a character from a Japanese anime called "Fushigi Yuugi". The roots from her love of anime and her love for Japan. Love is not a stong enough word... obsession. Yes, obsession! That is the only way to try to explain her uniqueness of thought. Unique indeed.

She's not the type that doesn't try to explain her unparalled train of thought. Nay, quite the opposite; she does it all too well. She looks at me excitedly and says.."Yanni, look at my agenda!" As she thrust the agenda in my face, I notice it's not just Fushigi Yuugi all over it, but other popular animes such as Evangelion, Sailor Moon and Card Captor Sakura. While she pints out which character is which, she's so happy that she practically glows. When she speaks she demands your undivided attention.

Her goal is for you to entirely understand her way of thinking, to fully grasp her reasoning. So I tried to do it for ther through this paper. Sarah, I have spread the gospel of Nuriko. Happy Birthday!!!

My comments on this: Isn't Yanni the sweetest???? I'm glad I have such good friends who understand my love for Nuriko. ^-^ Thanks for being such a good friend Yanni!! *worship worship*