"Makoto's Angel"
By: Jessica Welch
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Rated: (PG)

Note: This story depics two girls in love (Makoto and Minako). If you have a promlem with that please evolve.

Disclaimer: The Sailor Moon characters are not mine. I'm just using them for my own romantic pleasure. I promise I'll put them back as soon as I'm done with them.

Chapter 2

The next day started off terribly for Makoto. She was late. She over slept and had circles under her eyes due to the fact that roller paint wallpapered design and rubber broom info-mercials kept her vacant mind awake until five in the morning. She swore she would never pull something like that again. Her uniform was wrinkled and her hair was more mussed than usual in her pony tail. She looked like crap to put it bluntly. The other students kept their distance from the "karate maniac" not wanting to see if her mood was as foul as her appearance.

She and Usagi would have detention together because she was late also. Not as late as her though.. She just wanted to go home, curl into a ball and sleep. But no she would have to spend thirty minutes after school and then rush home and bake a snack for the study group at Rei's place. By the time that would finish it would be past six and she'd have to cook dinner for herself. When everything was finished it would be close to nine. She sat not eating her lunch while thinking of this, oblivious to everyone else around her. Makoto felt absolutely miserable.

"Mako-chan are you going to eat tha-OW!...Ami! Whad'ya do that for it hurt!" Usagi howled rubbing her arm where Ami had pinched her. Ami just glared at her. Makoto came halfway out of her trance like state and handed Usagi the rest of her lunch. "Wow, thanks a lot Mako-chan," she didn't waste anytime inhaling what was on the little tray.

"Are you sure you're alright Mako-chan?" Ami asked concerned. Makoto only nodded. She had explained earlier that she was just tired because she hadn't gotten much sleep. "Alright... " Ami still sounded concerned. This wasn't like Makoto at all. She would discuss it with the others later. The bell rang and everyone gathered their things and headed to their next class.

Makoto couldn't pay attention in class, it was like she wasn't even there. Her thoughts were scattered due mostly to the little amount of sleep she got. She would get flashes of Minako smiling or laughing but instead of getting that dreamy gaze, she looked despondent. Had she been more awake Makoto would have carefully hid her feelings but she was just way too out of it. The detention came and went with Usagi trying to pass her notes. She soon gave up after she realized all Makoto was responding with was a "yes", "no", "maybe", or "I don't know".

She didn't remember the walk home but when she got there she put on some old jeans and a sweat shirt. She went to the kitchen and thoughtlessly made a snack, mechanically producing cookies. She hadn't really noticed she made them until she started putting them on a plate. 'Whoa I really have to snap out of it before I have an accident. I really wish I could lay down and fall asleep.' It was time to go again and she grabbed her books and the cookies and headed out the door to Rei's temple.

* * * * *

"I'm really worried about her Rei-chan. This is not like her at all." Ami had related the events of today to her dark haired friend. They were the only ones at the temple so far. Ami was always early and usually filled Rei in on what happened at her school before everyone else arrived.

"You're right, that doesn't sound like Mako-chan in the least. I can't believe meatball head actually took advantage of her state and ate her lunch... well I can believe it but still!" Rei exclaimed. "So what should we do? Maybe she just need some sleep."

"I think its more than that, she seems sad too. Almost heartbroken. I wonder if it has anything to do with the boy she has a crush on."

"I don't know Ami-chan. She usually bounces back so quickly from those crushes. But I guess it could be that." Rei's brow furrowed. "And if it is then we really don't have much to worry about."

"Worry about what?" Minako asked as she bounced in.

"Not worrying rather, about Makoto. Didn't you see her in school today?" Rei asked.

"Actually I didn't. I had a dentist appointment this morning and it ran over. They wanted pictures and molds of my teeth to use as an example of a perfect mouth. Can you believe that? It lasted till lunch and there was no reason to come in for that so I ate out with my mom then she dropped me off at school. I don't have any classes with Mako-chan in the arvo."

"Arvo?" Ami questioned.

"Oh yeah," Mina giggled. "There was this little Australian kid there with the coolest accent. Arvo means afternoon. It's much easier to say it that way. Anywho, what about Mako-chan? Did she crush on another guy already?"

"Ami was telling me she seemed really out of it today," Rei explained. "acting depressed and lacking focus."

"She did say she didn't get that much sleep last night though so we concluded that's what caused her disposition," Ami clarified for the worried looking Minako.

Before Minako could inquire further, Makoto came sluggishly through the door. Her eyes were half closed and the circles under them were a darker shade of violet. She walked over to the study table and put her books down. She took the plate of cookies to the kitchen and yawned as she passed her three friends. She grunted in greeting not really seeing who was standing in the small group. As she passed through the doors Rei said under her breath, "She looks like shit." Minako turned and glared at her. Before she could say anything Makoto was coming back into the room. She sat right down on the floor next to the table and rested her cheek on one of her books. Rei muttered again. "Death warmed over might be a better way to put it." Minako shot her another withering look but Rei ignored it.

"She shouldn't be here," Mina said, "she should be at home asleep."

"You know how loyal she is Mina-chan. She never wants to let us down and I bet she thought she would if she didn't show up with some snacks." Ami added with some amazement, "I can't believe she managed to bake without having an accident."

Rei whispered back, "Well the kitchen is like second nature to her. I doubt she could do anything wrong in there even if the Negaverse had control over her."

Mina went over to the groggy brunette and touched her shoulder. Makoto jumped a little and looked up sleepily a dopey smile forming on her face. "Are you alright Mako-chan?"

She blinked a few times and looked at Minako again. Her smile fell. 'I thought I was seeing my angel again.' She nodded and mumbled something about being tired again and turned away.

Mina feeling a little hurt got up and went over to Rei and Ami. "She shouldn't be here, I'm going to take her home and make her sleep. Maybe then we can get some answers." Ami and Rei both nodded in agreement. Minako knelt in front of Makoto and took her hands. "Upsidaisy bakka head. You know you shouldn't have come today. I'm going to take you home."

Makoto resisted, "But I have to study and I had to bring the snacks. Everyone was counting on me to bring them."

Mina pulled Makoto to her feet, "You know we would have understood, now just be quiet and do as your told. We're all worried about you. We'll leave the treats here for Usagi and I'll stay over tonight incase you wake up and want to study. So there is no argument, got it?"

Makoto was actually too tired to argue more. The thought of her warm bed was calling her. She reached down for her books but Mina swatted her hands away. "I'll carry them," she said, "You look like you can barely walk." Makoto pulled her shoulders back and stood as straight as she could. She was tuff and strong, not an invalid. Her efforts just highlighted what bad shape she was in, and took the last of her energy. She didn't have the strength to argue with Mina.

When Mina had all their things she told the other's not to worry. Grabbing Makoto's hand she led her out of the temple and started down the steps. Usagi was on her way up them, late as usual. "Hey where are you two going? Does this mean there aren't any treats? Gosh Mako-chan you look like hell."

Mina rolled her eyes. "I'm taking her home. She needs some rest. And yes there are treats so you better hurry and get in there before Rei and Ami decide they're more entitled than you to Mako-chan's and my share." She didn't want to deal with Usagi, and that last comment sent her running.

Minako carefully lead Makoto down the steps, wondering how she ever made it up them on her own. The entire walk proceeded in silence, save for the constant scraping of Makoto's shoes against the pavement. Mina still held her hand guiding her through people and street lamps. Finally they made it to Makoto's place. "Can I have your key Mako-chan?"

Makoto reached into her pocket and took it out. Her hand felt all warm and tingly from holding Minako's. It felt so nice. She day dreamed for the entire trip, thinking of how great it would be to walk hand in hand with Mina everyday. She loved the way her hair shone in the sun. The way her eyes sparkled when she laughed, and of course she was always laughing. The way a room lit up when she smiled. 'Yeah I could definitely get used to this, I wish I wasn't dreaming.' She smiled and handed Mina the key.

Minako opened the door and walked in putting their books down. Makoto was still in the door way with a dreamy look on her face again. "Well at least it's an improvement." She went back and grabbed the taller girl's hand, "Come on dream girl, lets tuck you in." She led Makoto to her room and made her sit on the bed. Kneeling she untied her friends shoes and took them off. "Ok now lay down."

Makoto did as she was told, lost in her thoughts. 'I'm her dream girl. This is great. I don't ever want to wake up.' She let out a soft sigh and looked up at her angel. "You're so beautiful Mina-chan," she whispered closing her eyes. "I'm so lucky to have you, even if it is just in my dreams..." and with that she drifted off into real sleep.

* * * * *

Makoto woke up almost five hours later. It was near nine o'clock and her stomach was making its presence known. 'I don't think I've eaten anything since last night.' She yawned and stretched looking around. 'I wonder how I got here, last thing I remember was getting ready to bake cookies for the study group.' Her tummy growled again. "All right I'll feed you, hush." She got up and started making her way to the kitchen. 'Lets see, I remember having this wonderful dream with Mina-chan in it, she was a beautiful angel and we walked together hand in hand. And then I was in bed and I told her she was beautiful and I was falling asleep when I felt the lightest brush of her lips against my forehead. I wish I remembered more. What a great dream.' She opened the fridge and rummaged around for a moment.

"Ah so the sleepy head is finally awake I see. Did you have a nice nap?" Makoto jumped and hit her head on the freezer's bottom. "Pretty slick there champ," Mina laughed. "Are you ok?"

Standing up and turning towards her Makoto rubber her head and stuttered. "I... er... yeah... fine... what are you doing here?" she finally managed to get out with a confused look.

"Making sure you're ok baka head. You know how worried everyone has been about you today. Walking around like a zombie, not speaking, not eating," on cue Makoto's stomach growled loudly. "Here you go sit down and I'm make you something to eat. I already had a sandwich so before you start to protest, don't. Now go and relax." Minako practically pushed her into the living room before she had a chance to argue.

Sitting on the couch Makoto tried to sort things out in her head. 'Maybe that wasn't a dream. Mina-chan must have walked me home and put me to bed. I wonder how much of it were a dream and how much of it was real. I remember calling her beautiful... did I really say that to her though or did I dream it. Oh please let me have dreamt it.' She sat stiffly waiting for Mina to return wondering what questions she would ask and how she would explain herself.

Minako walked in with a plate and a glass of juice. "Now I'm not the great chef that you are but I can make a mean tuna fish sandwich. So enjoy." She set the meal in front of Makoto.

She was almost too nervous to eat, almost. Her tummy rumbled again when she hesitated and her nervousness was replaced by a severe hunger. She inhaled the two sandwiches faster than Usagi had ever inhaled anything. 'I guess that's what happens when you don't eat for 24 hours or more.' Makoto sat back and drank her juice, she was already feeling better. "Thank you very much Mina-chan. You didn't have to do all this but I appreciate it. I'm feeling much better now."

"It was no trouble," Mina replied. "and I'm very glad you're feeling better. All of us were very worried about you." She sat down on the couch beside her friend. "Now why don't you tell me what's bugging you."

Makoto was all tense. 'Oh what should I do. I hate lying to her but how is she going to understand. I can't just say "Hey Mina-chan you know I'm a lesbian and I like you as more than a friend. Yeah I think you're pretty hot!" Of course I can't do that. Though she is so gorgeous.' She looked over at the blonde. 'She does look like an angel though, so perfect. Maybe I should just tell her and get it over with. Then no matter what the answer was I would get over this anxiety every time I was near her. Yeah, screw it, I'll just tell her how I feel.' She took a deep breath, "Nothing is bugging me Mako-chan. I'm fine, just up too late last night." She looked down at her hands. 'Oh nice. Way to have courage bakka head. That's really telling it like it is.'

"Ok Mako-chan if you don't want to tell me right now I understand. You had a rough day today, and you're all tensed up. But I know just the thing to fix that." Minako reach over and put her finger under Makoto's chin and gently tilted her face up so she could look her in the eye. "But you have to trust me. Do you trust me?"

Makoto was trapped by her eyes, slowly drowning in their blue depths. "Of course I trust you Mina-chan, with all my heart," she whispered softly.

"All right then, you have to do exactly what I tell you. No questions asked. No arguments. Is that understood?" Makoto nodded. "Good," Minako grabbed her hand again and led her back to the bedroom. "Now, remember you trust me. No questions and no arguments. And remember this is just your old friend Mina. I'm not going to bite you or hurt you."

Getting a little suspicious Makoto asked, "Now what are you going to do to me that would make me think that?"

"I said no questions. You just have to trust me. Now are you sure you're going to cooperate?" Makoto sighed and nodded. "Alright then. Mako-chan you'll have to take your shirt off please."

Makoto eyes were huge. "What!"

Mina started chuckling at her expression. "Oh come on Mako-chan. You said you trusted me. Now don't be shy. I promise you'll love what I'm going to do." Mako relented and turned around. She pulled her sweatshirt over her head and tossed it on the ground. "And your bra too. I promise I won't peek. When you have that off just lay face down on the bed." As she said this she turned off the lights and lit a candle that was on Makoto's dresser.

Makoto laid down on the bed severely blushing trying to remember how to breathe. 'What the hell is she planning on doing? I'm half naked for crying out loud.' She felt Mina crawl onto the bed beside her. 'Oh this has to be the worst form of torture there is. I'm half naked and she's beside me in my bed in my room and I can't even say anything or do anything.'

Minako spoke softly. "One problem you have is that you are way to tense. I'm going to fix that. Now try to relax and just listen to my voice. I'm going to give you a massage."

'No, there is a worse form of torture, and I'm about to experience it.' Makoto shut her eyes tight. 'Just don't think of anything. Don't think of how softer her hands feel, her smooth skin, her beautiful eyes, perfect lips, her-NO. Don't think. Keep your mind blank. You can get through this.'

Minako placed her warms hands at the base of Makoto's neck and made gentle but deep circles with her thumbs working out the knot of muscle. She started speaking in a low soothing voice as if talking to a skittish horse trying to calm it. "You have a very remarkable back. It's well muscled yet it's not bulky or hard." She moved her hands across her shoulder blades and made large circles with the heal of her hand. "Supple, that's how to describe it best, now let out that breath you're holding and relax. Think of a warm beach with soft sand and clear blue water." Her fingers began kneading the tops of Makoto's shoulders.

Makoto let out the breath in a sigh. Minako voice was like soft music. She felt herself begin to relax and enjoy her touch without apprehension. 'It's just a massage, nothing more.' She felt herself sinking into the mattress becoming boneless through Minako's heavenly ministrations. Her friends hands found every place of tension in her back and magically made it disappear. Her touch was so soft and gentle like they were handling something extremely precious. It had an amazing affect making Makoto feel as if she was floating. Her thoughts started to drift as she became sleepy again. 'I could die now and be the happiest I've ever been in my life.' She gradually dozed off under Mina's tender care, imagining the soft caress of her lips against her cheek as delicate as an angel's breath.

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