"Makoto's Angel"
By: Jessica Welch
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Rated: (PG)

Note: This story depics two girls in love (Makoto and Minako). If you have a promlem with that please evolve.

Disclaimer: The Sailor Moon characters are not mine. I'm just using them for my own romantic pleasure. I promise I'll put them back as soon as I'm done with them.

Chapter 3

Makoto had slept like the dead that night. She felt great, completely rested, ready to take on the world. This morning she found a note from Minako hoping that she slept well and had sweet dreams. She had let herself out and would meet her before school in their usual spot with Usagi and Ami. She put a little heart at the end like she always did when she wrote notes. Makoto found it endearing.

She decided to stop moping around dwelling in herself pity. It was dangerous to do that. Although she enjoyed the massage last night she didn't believe she could go through that again. She would just have to enjoy what moments she could have with Minako... look on the bright side of things. 'The glass is half full, just keep telling yourself that.' She decided she would go out of her way to make Mina happy. At least she would feel like she was doing something. Also seeing Mina laugh or smile at something she had done for her would make herself feel better. She would just have to find a way to be subtle about it as to not raise suspicion.

There was another reason to do this also. Just a sliver of hope, if it had been real. She thought back to yesterday and the time when she was just falling to sleep. 'Those light kisses might not have been a dream. Maybe Mina-chan does care for me in some special way. It may not be the same way I feel about her, but its special never the less. If I can just sorta hint at her, not like court her, but just... make her think.. maybe things won't be as hopeless as I once thought. And if it doesn't work out that way, no one will be the wiser about my feelings. She is my friend first and foremost, and I don't want to do anything to screw that up'

Her course of action set she took one last look in the mirror. Seeing that she was ready and everything was in place she grabbed her books and headed to school. The old Makoto was back and she had a plan that would sweep Minako off her feet. She just hoped she could go through with it once she was face to face with her angel.

Makoto was already there when Usagi, Ami, and Minako arrived. Both Usagi and Ami were surprised but Minako knew their friend would be feeling better today. "How are you feeling today Mako-chan?" Ami asked.

"Oh much better thanks to Mina-chan. She did a great job of helping me recover." Makoto turns and looked at Minako, "Thank you for everything. I'll make it up to you," she said softly.

Before Minako could protest Usagi blurted." Well you sure do look a lot better than yesterday. We thought you got hit by a truck the way you were acting. What was up with that anyway?"

"Well thank you for the compliment Usagi, I know I can always count on you to tell me when I look like crap," she said shaking her head. She knew they would ask this and she had come up with a pretty good explanation. "You know that boy I mentioned the other day," she waited and everyone nodded. "Well after Mina-chan and I went our separate ways from the park I saw him again. I was on my way home and there he was across the street in another girl's arms. I guess it just hit me kinda hard," she looked at Minako, "I realized that I could probably never be with him, or any of the other boys I like. I would have to love from afar." Makoto was grinning inwardly. 'Oh yeah, nice and subtle, that can be read into or taken at face value.'

Usagi wailed, "That was so beautiful and romantically tragic." Tears were streaming down her face. Ami nodded in agreement and tried to console the emotional Usagi.

"Don't worry," Minako said smiling up at her, "I know there's someone out there, someone who loves you very much. They just have to find you."

Makoto smiled back. She longed to say she had already found the person she -loved. "I know, besides I'm better now. I have great friends to depend on. And when you have friends as wonderful as you, who needs boys?"

"WHO NEEDS BOYS!?!" Usagi had promptly stopped crying and was staring in shock. "I mean I don't know what I'd do without you guys for friends, But I don't know what I'd do without boys either! You sure you're feeling alright Mako-chan?"

'Oops, maybe I took that one a little too far.' "Well I just think I need a break from them is all, the emotional stress and such." Makoto's eyes narrowed a bit, "But I know why you're so concerned Usagi-chan. You want me to have another breakdown like that so you can scarf all my food!"

Usagi blushed, "Heh heh heh heh heh, no no no." She tried to hide behind Ami. "That's not it. Anyway," she twittered, "it was lucky I was there so nothing went to waste." Makoto pinned her with a glare. "But you know I would never want to see you in that type of condition again." Just then the bell rang and Usagi actually sprinted to class. The rest of them stood there laughing for a moment before following their princess to class.

The day went by quickly for everyone. It was a Friday and the sun was out. Even the teachers were distracted and took it easy for once. Makoto seemed to be back to her old self. 'Well maybe not her old self, there is something new about the way she's doing things, like she's on a quest or something. I'll ask her about it later.' Minako thought in one of her classes. Lunch was the same as usual, Usagi was eyeing everyone's desert. Ami was studying one of her books, Makoto was just enjoying the day and Minako was chatting away about a necklace she saw in the mall. The other classes passed quickly also and at three o'clock school was let out.

Everyone headed home to change before going to Rei's for their study group. Makoto decided to bring something light for a snack. "Cheese and crackers should do it. Just whip up some special cheese dip and I'm good to go." She had changed into a pair of jeans and a white T-shirt.

When everything was ready she took one last look in the mirror, put on her baseball cap and headed out the door. The walk there was uneventful, she was mostly lost in thoughts about Minako. She was halfway up the temple steps when she heard her named called. Turning she saw Minako start her way up. 'Gosh she looks great, perfect. Not that she could look any other way.' She was wearing a pair of low rise khakis and a blue baby-T with a pink heart on the front. Makoto waited for her to catch up, the temples steps were a pain alone, but with someone else they seemed to move faster.

"Hurry up slow poke," Makoto teased. She only had about five more steps to cover and she had jogged most of the way up.

"Oh ha ha. I busted my butt up here and you know it," she brushed her bangs out of her eyes and they continued on up.

"Yeah, I know, but I just couldn't resist bugging you. That outfit looks really great on you by the way. Is it new?"

"Mmm hmm. I got it at the mall the other day. They had a lot of new spring and summer stuff in." Minako said unconsciously smoothing her pants with a smile.

'See, I can do this. I feel like it's like old times again. She really does look perfect.' Makoto stealthily snatched Minako's satchel from her and explained, "It's the least I can do for you in return for you taking care of me yesterday, so don't think of protesting. Anyway you know you love it when someone else carries your books," she laughed knowing she had caught the blonde.

Minako laughed too. "Alright you got me there. I hate carrying those things. It's not like any of us, besides Ami, are going to study today."

"I know. I guess it's just a nice excuse for us to meet and just gab." 'And another opportunity for me to spend time with you,' Makoto thought to herself. "Hey are you doing anything after this?"

Minako thought for a moment, her brow creasing right between her eyebrows in such a cute way, the corner of her twisting up as her eyes search the air for an answer. Looking back over at her tall companion she smiled. "Nope, not that I know of, but I bet that's going to change isn't it?"

Makoto laughed, "Yeah, your pretty smart for a change," she teased. "Having a rare non-blonde moment aren't you- hey-ow." She laughed more as Minako playfully whapped her. Rubbing her arm in mock injury she continued. "You want to go to the mall later? I wouldn't mind checking out those new clothes." Actually there was something else she wanted to check out but Minako didn't have to know that yet.

"Sure that would be great. I'll ask the others if they want to come too." They had finally reached the top of the steps but Makoto stopped and gently took Minako's hand halting her.

"Actually I just wanted it to be us, as a way to ...umm.. make up for the time you spent over at my place." Makoto looked down and released Minako's hand. 'Man I hope that doesn't sound too strange. Oh know please don't see my blush. I was doing so well. I have to think of another reason why I don't want the other girls coming along.' Just then they heard both of their names being yelled. Looking behind them they saw Usagi start racing up the steps toward them. Makoto looked back to Minako and said quickly, "Plus I don't think I can take anymore of Usagi's bluntness about my appearance today without retaliating in some violent way if you get my drift. Rei will probably be the same way and Ami will want to study more before going. So for the safety of the princess it should just be us." She nodded. That sounded reasonable enough.

Minako was laughing at the thought of Makoto beating the snot out of Usagi. "Alright alright, for the safety of our princess then." They both knew Makoto would never raise a hand against any of her friends, but they also knew what a handful Usagi could be. Minako looked back down the steps, Usagi was about three quarters of the way up and was severely winded. She was now taking one step sluggishly at a time. She yelled down at her, "Come on meatball head. We can't wait all day."

* * * * *

The mall was crowded with people. Makoto and Minako were weaving their way through the mass of bodies and bags trying to get to the next sale. So far they hadn't bought anything, they we're really planning to either. Window shopping and trying on outrageous outfits they would never buy or wear could be so much more fun than actually shopping.

Minako stopped in front of one of the jewelry stores and looked longingly through one of the tiny box windows. Makoto had to back track a little and stood behind her wondering what caught her attention. There on a piece of black velvet was a simple looking necklace. The chain was very fine and petite. On it were three small silver circles enclosing a separate gem. The two on the outside were a strange blue green color. They looked too blue to be emeralds and too green to be sapphires. They weren't aquamarines either. It was very unique. The middle one held a diamond. 'That must be the necklace she was talking about at lunch today. Those bluish stones would bring out her eyes so well.' Makoto barely caught the sigh that softly escaped Minako's lips. She watched her shoulders slump a little as she turned to find the next store.

They entered a shoe store and sat down to rest their feet. A salesman approached them and asked if they needed any help. "Not at the moment, thanks." Minako replied in a less than peppy voice.

'I think its about time we called it day. She doesn't look like she's having as much fun as before.' Makoto stood and offered a hand to her friend. "I'm beat, you wanna go to your place or my place or the arcade or something?"

Minako smiled up at her and took the helping hand to haul herself up. "Let's go to my place. I'm kind of in the middle of playing Sailor V. Plus it would be nice to have you over for dinner for a change. I'm sure my parents won't mind." Makoto nodded and the headed for the Anio's residence.

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