"Makoto's Angel"
By: Jessica Welch
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Rated: (PG)

Note: This story depics two girls in love (Makoto and Minako). If you have a promlem with that please evolve.

Disclaimer: The Sailor Moon characters are not mine. I'm just using them for my own romantic pleasure. I promise I'll put them back as soon as I'm done with them.

Chapter 1

Makoto glanced over at Minako again trying to get a better glimpse of her without her knowing. She had been doing this a lot lately and hoped no one noticed. She looked back down at her homework trying to concentrate once again while Ami droned on to Usagi about her math problems, trying to help. Minako was absently twirling her hair around her finger while looking over her work, her lips pursed. Makoto caught a glance of her through her bangs again and let out a soft sigh unknowingly.

"Something wrong Makoto?" Rei asked tilting her head in question.

Makoto could feel her cheeks start to grow warm as everyone looked at her for an answer. Her voice slightly hesitant a little more scratchy than usual she answered. "Oh.. I.. I just find this work so ...so boring. You guys want to take a break and have our snack. I made muffins with chocolate chips-"

"Chocolate chips mmmmm yeah lets eat them now!" Usagi clamored, her mouth watering with anticipation.

"Oh Usagi-chan, if you would think as much with your brain as you do with your stomach you wouldn't be having these problems with your math scores." Ami said rolling her eyes. Minako giggled and Makoto tried to control her blush more and quickly turned to get up before it became a deeper shade of pink.

While she was up getting the treats Rei turned to Ami and asked in a hushed voice, "Do you think Makoto has been acting strangely of late? She kind of has this dreamy look on her face all the time-"

"Ooooooo, maybe she's in love. You know she has a crush on every boy she sees, and she thinks every one of them look like her old boyfriend so-"

"Usagi do you always have to interrupt me when I'm trying to talk. You-"

"Me!" Usagi squealed. "You're the one always going on about something when I have something to say-"

"Well you're not one to say anything meatball head," Rei screeched, both tempers were flying now, "you have a crush on every boy you glance at too so I don't see how you could-"

Makoto came back in right then with a tray of muffins and a curious look. Rei and Usagi were arguing again, Ami was rolling her eyes and Minako looked like she was just about to burst out in a giggle fit. But the argument was already forgotten by Usagi as she dove for the muffins leaving Rei's words to trail off, and her temper to boil. Minako did start giggling then and put her hand on Rei's arm to calm her. Rei let out an exasperated sigh and scowled at Usagi who was already on her second muffin with crumbs all over her face.

Makoto watched as Minako brushed her fingers against Rei's arm and thought how soft that touch must have been. 'Whoa! We can't go thinking about that here. You remember what happened last time you told your "friends" at your old school that-' Her thoughts were interrupted by Rei waving a hand in front of her face.

"Hello, Mako-chan, you in there? Mars to Makoto... come in Makoto."

"What-huh?" Makoto shook herself a little coming back to reality.

"I asked you about sparring later on tomorrow, weren't you listening" Rei then turned to Ami and Usagi and gestured toward Makoto, "See what I mean, all dreamy and spaced out."

Makoto blinked and started blushing again. Minako giggled more and her blush got brighter. "Seems like you've been caught Mako-chan," Minako said with a wicked smile.

Makoto just about died right there and was on the verge of fleeing in panic. 'Caught, oh please no. Please let them not know. They'll think-'

"Yeah, Mako-chan." Usagi interrupted her thoughts and said with her mouth full. "we know you've got a new crush, now 'fess up and tell us his name. You can't keep it a secret forever."

This time Makoto almost died with relief. 'They don't know. Oh but I've got to think up something fast,' her mind raced. "Well I guess I should tell you, um... I don't know his name but he looks exactly like my old boyfriend," everyone groaned, "and... er... I saw him walk past the temple the other day..." she fidgeted a little and looked over to Minako who had a beaming smile aimed right at her. She sighed happily and continued, "He was so dreamy." Everyone groaned again except for Minako who only laughed good-naturedly at her friend's continuity. 'Well that danger had passed smoothly, I hope I don't wear out this boyfriend look-a-like charade.' She set down the tray of muffins on the study table and things went back to normal again. She spared a last glance at Minako before really buckling down and working on her assignment.

The time passed quickly and the study group ended with little more said on Makoto's new crush and a lot more said on Usagi's eating habits by Rei which sparked another argument. While the attention was on Usagi and Rei, Makoto got several more chances to glance at Minako's perfectly curved neck. Now it was time to leave and they were all gathering their books getting ready to go. Ami was going to go home with Usagi to give her extra help with her math, and Rei had to clean up and get the temple ready for some visitors her grandfather was having over. Makoto had nothing left to do and was going to doddle home through the park. Minako had nothing to do and she hated to be bored.

"Mako-chan, do you have any plans after we leave here?" When she shook her head no Minako continued, "You want to go to the park or the arcade or something and kill some time with me? "

"S-sure, that would be great."

A few minutes later they were in the walking slowly through the park and enjoying the spring weather. Most of the flowers were up in bloom. Things seemed peaceful. "So Mako-chan, are you going to tell me more about this new crush of yours?" Minako asked smiling up at her, she always seemed to be smiling or laughing. Makoto blushed again and looked at the ground, but before she could stutter out a lie Minako brushed her bangs aside gentle and touched her cheek lightly. "You know you're adorably cute when you blush Mako-chan," she giggled. "I'm surprised you don't have to beat your crushes off with a stick," she paused in thought and laughed. "...not that you would need a stick. Usagi-chan told me about how you first met each other." 'Yeah she thought you were pretty cute too after you saved her butt with such flare, it wasn't just your earrings she was admiring,' Minako thought to herself and gave the tall girl a quick look over. 'Not that I can blame her.'

Makoto didn't know what to say. She had a thousand thoughts running through her head. She looked around trying to find something that would change the conversation when Minako grabbed her had and pointed across the lawn. "Look Mako-chan, a swing set. I haven't been on a swing in ages." She started tugging on the taller girl's hand leading them to the swings. Makoto was relieved that Mina's attention was averted from her and allowed herself to be dragged to the play ground. There were a few little kids running about playing on the slide and the jungle gym. They were by far the oldest "kids" there but Minako didn't care and Makoto was too distracted to mind.

Mina grabbed the chains and sat then immediately started to backpedal. As she started swinging Makoto sat and realized there was no way she was going to be able to do it. Her knees poked up at an angle, her legs being too long to tuck beneath her without her feet dragging. She looked annoyingly at her long legs and wished for the umpteenth time that she wasn't so tall and gangly. It was just more trouble than it was worth. She leaned against her hand that was grasping the chain and stared over at Mina.

Minako was pumping her legs and let her head fall back during the up-swing, her long blond hair almost grazing the ground. She still wasn't getting as high as she wanted to. She let her feet drag lightly through the dirt slowing herself and looked over at Makoto with big puppy dog eyes and pleaded, "Please Mako-chan, would you please push me. I know I can get super high and since you're so tall you could probably give the greatest underdog... pleeeeeeeeease."

Makoto sighed inwardly. She wondered if Minako knew what she was doing to her fragile composer. But of course Makoto knew there was no way she could know. She got up and decided she would enjoy just having fun with her closest friend... even if she needed the coldest shower afterwards. Standing behind Minako she grabbed the chains by the seat and tried to ignore how her fingers brushed against her waist. "You sure you're ready for one of my super underdogs?"

Mina titled her head back and looked up at her friend smiling. "Uh-huh." Makoto just stared down into her eyes for a moment forgetting where they were. Giving herself a metal shake she brought herself back to her surroundings and made herself look straight ahead. Looking into those deep pools of blue was much too dangerous. She took a deep breath and with no warning started to back up. Then just as suddenly she rushed forward letting her arms raise with the arc of the swing until she was under Mina. With a last push from her fingertips she ducked under the seat and came out in front, pivoting around so she could see Mina's reaction.

Mina's eyes were huge blue saucers. She'd never gone so high or so fast in such a short amount of time. It was as exhilarating as any roller coaster. Her stomach promptly flew to her throat after Makoto let go and she began quickly swinging backward. She began to slow at she moved into the upswing and looked at Makoto who was standing in front of her. The brunette had a roguish grin on her face knowing she had caught the blond off guard. 'Well we'll see who has their guard down now Miss Mako-chan.' With that thought Mina began the down swing forward again and prepared herself.

Makoto watched as Mina's expression turned from surprise into a devilish grin as the swing advanced forward. This time it was a pair of green eyes that became as large as saucers. Mina was suddenly flying through the air unaided by the swing. She had jumped off and was now sailing through the wind right at Makoto. Makoto put her arms out to catch her or at least break her fall. Mina careened into her with enough force to knock them over and with a grunt from Makoto they fell to the ground. Mina was on top of her friend and looked down at her dazed expression impishly.

Makoto groaned a little and tried to get her bearings. The sun was right behind Mina and her light blond hair took on a bright sheen, almost white. As her eyes came into focus Makoto thought she was staring up at a beautiful angel. When the bluriness disappeared she wondered momentarily why an angel would have such a rakish smile. Then the angel spoke. "How's that for a surprise? You thought you were being all sneaky but I am the champion of stealth and I will always get you back for any quirk you pull." Makoto quickly remembered that it was Mina and tried to sit up but Mina's hands were on her shoulders pinning her down. 'I might as well take advantage of this situation while I can. Not likely I'll be in this position again,' she thought. Wearing her own rakish type grin she asked, "Is that so..." Mina nodded. "...well I think otherwise Angel." With that she started tickling Mina's sides relentlessly, "...teach you to try and tackle me... think you're so tuff," ...more tickling..."trying to pull a fast one..."

Mina was laughing so hard she was almost in tears. Her attempts to bat away Makoto's hands were futile. She tried covering her sides but it seemed as if her hands were everywhere at once. She knew she didn't have a chance and gave in rolling to the side in a fit of laughter. Makoto finally let up and they both lay on their backs looking up at the sky. Mina's chest was heaving as she tried to draw air into her oxygen starved lungs. Makoto made sure to keep her eyes glued to the clouds. "I'll get you back... *pant pant* ...Mako-chan... *pant pant* ...you just wait..." She took deep breath and laughed softly.

Makoto smiled, warming inside to the sound of her light laughter. It was turning out to be a great day. She laid there lost in her own thoughts about how happy she was, how she hoped they could do it again sometime... how she loved seeing Mina smile and hearing her laughter. Unconsciously she began to caress Mina's elbow which was beside her upturned hand, her thumb stroking very lightly back and forth.

Mina sighed and closed her eyes enjoying the feel of the sun on her face. That was the most fun she'd had in a long time. Unless you counted that shopping spree last Monday, which was fun but not as fun as today. She felt something very soft and light tickling her elbow that made her want to relax more, but if she was anymore relaxed she'd be a pile of Mina goop. But at the moment that didn't sound too bad. She sighed again and let herself sink into the feeling mumbling about how nice it felt.

Makoto heard Mina sigh and mumble, but since she was in her dreamy thoughts it took awhile for it to register. 'I wonder what she's talking about,' she though to herself. 'Her skin is so soft- wait, where did that thought come from.' Her brow furrowed as she tried to come back to reality. 'Oh no.' She opened one eye and tried to peek down at her thumb though she already knew what it was doing. With her eyes shut tight she mentally told her thumb to stop. It put up an argument at first continuing to lightly stroke Mina's skin, 'She likes it you dolt, let her enjoy it.' 'She's going to think I'm such a creep. She's lost in a daydream like I was, she probably doesn't even realize its me.' 'Well if that's the case what are you afraid of?' 'When she realizes its me she'll be all grimmed out, that's what so just stop already.' She pulled her hand onto her stomach well away from the tantalizing epidermis her hands longed to touch. 'Now if we just- why did I say we, my thumb can't talk, or rather think. Oh man I think I'm going insane, I'm finally loosing it. Anyway, if I just stay quiet maybe she won't noticed what I was doing. Yeah...'

Mina found herself coming out of her goopy state and looked over at Makoto with a goofy grin. Then she noticed her friend was as stiff as a board. "You know Mako-chan its not good for you to be so tense all the time. See I was just in the most wonderfully relaxed state and I feel great. Hey that rhymed!" she laughed at herself. "See when you're relaxed it puts you in a great mood. You've been all tense and skittish for the past week or so. Only time you've been completely at easy is when we had that tickle fight a moment ago." She tuned and propped herself up on her elbow and looked down at her friend. "Is something bothering you Mako-chan? You know you can always talk to me about anything, right?"

Makoto tried to make herself relax. She didn't want to worry Mina, and she couldn't tell her that she was the cause of her nervousness. She took a deep breath and let it out slowly. "I'm alright Mina-chan, I think it must be school... ya know.. end of the year is coming up and we all have tests," she lied.

Mina studied her friends face and knew if that was the truth it was only a half truth. There was something else that was bugging the brunette but she had no idea what it was. 'I'll just leave it for now she thought. She'll tell me soon enough,' she thought.

* * * * *

Makoto was back at her apartment staring at an info-mercial on the TV. She was oblivious to it, lost in her own thoughts about this afternoon and her feelings toward Mina. They had gotten up after the conversation and she gave some lame excuse about needing to get home and clean. Mina accepted it though Makoto didn't think she believed it. 'You know what you have to do Makoto. You just have to bury these feelings, forget about Minako. Nothing will ever come of it. She sees you only as a friend, and that's how she should see you. Just accept that and be a good friend back. You can at least share her friendship if you can't share her love. And you have to stop being so anxious around her. She's starting to worry and with worrying she'll pay closer attention to you, and by doing that she could find out how you really feel about her. You don't do a very good job of hiding it. Plus you don't want her to worry about you. So just act like nothing is wrong. You'll both be safer that way.'

The voice of rationalization had made some very good points. She didn't want Minako worrying over her. She sighed and started to feel depressed aware that her love would have to remain secret and would never be returned. Then a small very quite voice whispered, 'You know it doesn't have to be that way either. Be brave...' She pushed that voice out of her head, to melancholy to listen. She stared blankly at the TV, speculating how bland things must taste using that George Forman grill, the fat is was makes food juicy and tasty...

* * * * *

Mina lay awake in her bed, Artemis curled at her feet asleep, wondering about today's events. It was past one o'clock in the morning now and she still was unsure of what could be bothering Makoto. She was close to all of the sailor senshi but she felt closest to Makoto. She hated to think that something could be upsetting her friend. She again contemplated the past few weeks. Rei had been right about Makoto's dreamy state. She had never been in it very long before, only when which ever boy was in question was around or brought up. But lately Makoto always had that whimsical look on her face. Mina thought it was cute, her eyes were so beautiful when they were like that. Any guy would be crazy to pass up a looker like Makoto.

Mina was very comfortable looking at people and admiring the beauty they had. She thought of it as an "artistic sense" and chalked any other feeling that came with that admiration as part of being Sailor Venus. She knew she wasn't the love goddess that the name implied but she felt she understood more things about love than the other girls did. She had made a promise to herself back in London that if true love ever presented itself to her she would wrap her arms around it and never let go, no matter what the person was like. Her parents would introduce her to all these rich snotty prep boys who totally grossed her out. She decided not to put parameters around what love could and couldn't be. Maybe that was the reason she was so laid back about things concerning love.

Maybe that was what was bothering Makoto. Mina sat up with that thought. She thought that it was much more than love that wasn't returned. Makoto seemed to be so skittish of the subject like she was afraid of something. Maybe she loved someone she shouldn't, like a teacher or an older man. That could be it, the way she tried to avoid talking about it could maybe be shame of some sort. Just who was that "boy" she had seen walking past the temple. Well whoever it was Minako decided she would be there to support her closest friend. She leaned over and softly petted Artemis who purred in his sleep then laid back down and decided to get some sleep, relieved that she had figured out what the problem was. Her last thoughts were about Makoto.

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