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Chapter 3

Minako yawned as she woke up from the previous night of watching movies with Makoto. She giggled to herself as she thought back on all the movies they had watched. The Last Unicorn, The Hobbit, The Never Ending Story; these movies had surprised Minako as she had never thought of Makoto having such a playful side. She smiled as she slowly stood, wearing the flannel pajamas that she had eventually put on before she went to sleep. She sniffed the air and smelled the odd scent of bacon cooking. Her need of food kicking in, she slowly dragged herself out of bed and trudged into the kitchen. As she entered Makoto giggled at her friends disheveled appearance. "Morning people..." Minako grumbled as she sat at the table.

"I'm sorry Minako-chan, I didn't know you weren't much of a morning person. At least you get a good meal though. Bacon and waffles, you're in for a real treat. I tried it one day and got hooked, especially on the bacon." Minako noticed the various syrups laid out on the table, along with powdered sugar and some fresh fruits.

"You never do food half way do you Makoto-chan?" "Not if I can help it," The taller girl said. She checked the waffles and seeing they were done placed them on two plates along with some bacon for each of them and sat to a pleasant breakfast with her best friend.

"Makoto-chan," Minako said, "I don't mean to sound rude, but why didn't you ever tell us about your movie collection? I mean those were really good." Makoto smiled at this.

"Thanks Minako-chan. I guess the subject never really came up. I mean we all have interests that the others probably don't know about. Besides that you guys are usually into romance movies and such. I guess I honestly never thought about it. I'm glad you liked them though, they're some of my favorite movies." Minako smiled as she and Makoto ate quietly. 'Mako-chan', Minako thought, 'You really are too sweet for words. I never would have figured you for a fantasy buff. Still makes sense with the tragedies that you've had in your life. I think I'm falling in love with you all over again, now all I have to do is implement my plan to see if you can feel the same for me.'

"So Makoto-chan, what's the plan for today?"

"Well I was thinking we could hit the mall for a bit and do a little shopping."

"Sounds like a plan to me." After the two finished eating and cleaning up the dishes they got dressed and headed to the Juuban mall. As they got there Minako groaned under her breath.

"Oh no not him again."

"What is it Minako-chan?" Minako pointed towards the mall entrance, at a young man dressed, for all intents and purposes, like a thug.

"It's him again, the guy hit on me a while back. I told him to get lost, but the just won't take a hint. I really don't want to deal with him today. He's such a creep." Makoto calmly parked her car and motioned for Minako to follow her. They approached the mall entrance Spyke saw them and began to walk forward.

"Hey Mina-babe! Looks like you finally decided to take me up on my offer to show you a good time. C'mon toots, lets make some magic." Minako was about to respond when Makoto suddenly grabbed him by the throat and hauled him up to her eye level.

"Look you, I believe my friend has told you that she's not interested. I suggest you leave now. Don't bother her again because if you do and I find out I'll expose your insides to your outside. Got it?"

Spyke was trembling so badly at this point that he could only nod in the affirmative. Makoto unceremoniously dropped him on his behind as a large group of women began applauding. Makoto blushed slightly as some of the women thanked her for dealing with one of the biggest perverts in Juuban history. Spyke, at this point, was high tailing it for the another city where he thought he's be able to get away with his pastime of hitting on as many women as he could. Minako looked up at Makoto and smiled as the two women calmly walked into the mall.

"Thank you Makoto-chan. I might be a Sailor Senshi but I doubt I could have done that myself. "

"No problem Minako-chan. What are friends for?" Minako smiled again at this and walked with her friend to the first store they intended to check out. She began to think about her plan and decided to begin it the following day as she needed to buy some things to prepare for it. 'Soon Mako-chan, soon you'll be mine and we'll both know the love we've been searching for, for so long.'

To be continued....


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