Two Lonely People

By John deGraffenreid

Chapter 1

Ohayu Minna!!! Well here's yet another story by yours truly. It's an alternate world from the one I normally write in. As many of you may, or may not, know I usually write Ami/Mako stories; this one however is about Minako and Makoto. As this is a girl/girl story those of you who have problems with that kind of thing might want to stay away. If you choose to read this please send me an email and let me know what you think. My email addy is, or you can send it to Anyway I want to dedicate this story to a few people. One, my very good friend and adopted little sister, Heather McCoy, thank you so much for being my friend. To Kitty-Kat, remember that there are always people who care about you, and to Chibi-Usa Tomoe, love conquers all my friend, love truly conquers all.

Standard Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon or any of the characters they're in. The fabulous Naoko Takeuchi and various companies own these really wonderful characters. Now on with the story!


Lonely. That's what she felt, lonely. Yet another relationship down the toilet, and yet somehow she wasn't surprised. By this point Makoto had lost count of all the bad relationships she had ever been in. 'Why is this so hard?' She thought to herself. 'Why can't I find someone to love me?' She walked slowly to the Cherry Hill Shrine where the Senshi would be having yet another study session/meeting. Trying to keep abreast of what was going on, staying ahead of non-existent enemies. She just wished that she didn't have to see Haruka and Michiru cuddling during the meeting, or the way Usagi and Rei stole glances at each other. 'Why does everyone have someone but me?' she thought to herself as she walked up the stairs to the Shinto Shrine.

"Hey girlfriend!" Makoto turned to see Minako running up the stairs behind her. "Wow looks like I'm not the only one late this time. Everything ok, you look a little down in mumps." Makoto chuckled despite her mood.

"I think you mean down in the dumps don't you Minako-chan?" Minako looked at her for a moment before giggling.

"Sure! Though you do look a little down what happened?" Mianko asked as the two young women started back up the stairs to the temple. Makoto sighed and relayed the story of how her latest boyfriend had dumped her for another, in his words, more feminine girl. Minako looked angry at this comment and was fuming.

"Oh that JERK!!" she yelled as they came to the temple doors. "If I ever get my hands on him I'll, I'll, I'll do something really bad to him!" Makoto smiled at this and looked into her friend's eyes.

"That's very nice of you to say Minako-chan, but since I'm the one that got dumped don't you think I should be the one to hurt him?" Minako blushed slightly and turned away giggling, which led Makoto to start laughing as well. When the door opened they calmed themselves as Rei appeared.

"What was all that racket about? You two are LATE!!! Jeez you're almost as bad as meatball head."

"I heard that!" Came a voice from the other room. Laughter soon followed and the girls were soon talking about many other things, things in no way related to the schoolbooks scattered around them. All through out the meeting Minako kept stealing secret glances at Makoto. She cared deeply for the taller girl, with eyes like emeralds. Though she never had the courage to tell her. As the meeting became more and more chaotic Luna finally appeared with Artemis in tow to talk about the new enemies. She nearly had kittens when she saw how all the senshi, including the usually serious Haruka and Michiru had degenerated into gossip mode. She sweat dropped and began to growl angrily.

"Can you all be serious for just five minutes?" She screamed. "I mean really, we're supposed to be talking about the possibility of a new enemy and here you all are acting like a bunch of teenagers!"

"Uh Luna?" Usagi said. "We are teenagers. Besides we already talked about that and Setsuna spilled the beans that there wasn't going to be a new enemy for a while." Luna began to twitch.

"If you all new this why did you let me scream like that. Now I look like an overprotective perfectionist." The Senshi all sweat dropped at this and had to restrain Usagi from making a comment. After everyone calmed down the Senshi began to talk about all the things that had been happening lately. As the meeting droned on Makoto and Minako decided to leave early to go shopping and hit the arcade. As they got up to leave Rei decided not to say anything and let them go without a word. No one else seemed to notice them leave, which to Minako was a blessing. She would have Makoto all to herself at least for a few hours. They spent a few hours at hours at the mall and when they left it was nearing time to eat.

"Hey Makoto-chan! Why don't we hit the Crown for food? My treat." Makoto smiled at this and nodded her agreement.

"Sounds like a plan Minako-chan. Lead the way." With that the two girls walked to the Crown Fruit Parlor to get themselves some food. When they got there they sat next to each other at a booth and ordered their food. After eating Makoto yawned and leaned her head against Minako's shoulder. Soon the taller girl was fast asleep. 'Poor Makoto,' Minako thought, 'she must be exhausted from her last boyfriend dumping her. If she only felt the same way I did. Neither of us would be alone anymore.' Sighing she smiled at her sleeping friend and slowly wrapped her arm around Makoto to help support her friend as she slept. 'I can always hope I guess.' Minako thought as she too soon drifted off to sleep in the booth.


Yeah I know its short but I decided this was a good place to stop this chapter. Its my first attempt at a multi chapter story. I hope you all liked it. Thanks all and Ja ne.
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Chapter 2