Kiss This

Ohayo Minna!! Well welcome to part three of my Ami/Makoto series. I based it on the song Kiss This by Aaron Tippin. I thought it was high time Makoto's ex got his come-upance. So here is my little offering. I hope you all like it. As always its dedicated to my best friend Heather, thanks for being my friend dear lady. Oh yeah this story focuses on a girl/girl relationship so if you don't like that kind of thing you may not want to read this. Enjoy all. Comments are welcomed my email is Standard disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon, the characters there-in or the song Kiss This, so please nobody sue me. I also don't own Ronin Warriors.


It was their three month aniversary, a couple weeks since Mamoru's death. Ironically it was also three years to the day that he had dumped her. She still remembered that night with a trace of bitterness. Looking back it had been for the best, though she had found out why Takashi had dumped her. Lucky for her Sukehiro had been there to comfort her, always acting as her big brother since she had no other family. Of course that's how it had always been with Sukehiro, then she met her angel in blue and for the fist time that she could remember was in a happy relationship. Makoto was walking through the mall that morning trying to find what she thought would be a good aniversary present for Ami.

She made her way through the various shops until she finally came to a recently opened antiquities store. On a hunch she entered the store and began to look around. When she got to the front display case she gasped at the pendant she saw. It was an ice blue rose wrapped around an emerald bolt of lightning.

"Can I help you miss?" a voice said, breaking the silence and startling Makoto. Looking up she saw a young woman with long brown hair, wearing a simple pink sweater and blue skirt, she also wore a name tag that indentified her as Mia.

"Uh yeah you could actually Mia." Makoto said smiling. "Could you tell me how much the blue rose pendant is?"

"Of course, you have excellant taste you know, its an old piece." Checking the computer Mia turned back to Makoto and did the final calculations. "Well according to the price in the computer it comes to about 500 yen. Though I could have sworn it was more than that earlier." Makoto took out the amount, surprised that she had just enough to get the pendant and get it wrapped. As Mia started to wrap the gift Makoto took a moment to study her. 'She looks sad, pretty though. Not as beautiful as Ami of course.' she thought.

"Excuse me Mia?" Makoto said. "Uhm..this is probably none of my business but could you tell me why you look so sad?" Startled by this Mia looked back at Makoto and seeing genuine concern, smiled.

"Oh its nothing, I had a run in with an old boyfriend last night. I guess the hurt came back more than I thought it would."

"I'm sorry." Makoto said. "Actually that's why I'm buying the pendant, its my girlfriend and mine's three month aniversary." Mia was startled by this for a moment, but seeing the girls openness reminded her of Yuli. Smiling she handed the gift to Makoto.

"Thank you miss. I wish you the best of luck. Actually its my anniversary tonight as well. Ryo and I've have been seeing each other for about two years now."

"Very cool, by the way my name's Makoto. Hey I've got an idea! Ami and I were going to go out tonight and celebrate. Why don't I talk to her and see about making it a double celebration." Mia smiled at this but gently shook her head.

"Thank you, but Ryo and I have plans for tonight, something of a tradition for us. Bring Ami here sometime, I think I would like to meet her. Have a wonderful aniversary Makoto." Makoto nodded and quietly walked out of the store only to bump into a the one person she hadn't seen in nearly three years.

"Hey Mako-chan been a while hasn't it?"

"Takashi?!" Makoto yelled. "What are you doing here?" She was obviously angry and Mia frowned as she watched the passing events with interest.

"What can't a guy go to a mall with out getting the third degree? Geez Mako get a hold of yourself. Actually though, I got back into Tokyo about a month ago, been trying to look you up but I never had any luck up until now."

"And just why would you want to see me Takashi? To try and get back together? As if I have someone now get bent and goodbye!" Makoto stormed off towards the exit so she could get as far away from the hated Takashi as she could. Back in the shop Mia was very annoyed not only had that jerk just made her new friend very mad, but then he turned right around and had tried to hit on her as well. 'Oooohh! I think I'll talk to Ryo about this jerk, I think he and White Fang would love the chance to get at someone like this piece of slime.' she thought.


Back at her apartment Makoto was in the midst of fixing an intimate meal for herself and Ami, the two, being sixteen, had gotten permission from Ami's mother to move in together. It had been a rather bold step for the usually timid Ami to take. 'Maybe some of me is rubbing off on her' Makoto thought. 'I know some of her is rubbing off on me. I've never gotten such good grades. Guess we bring out the best in each other.' Smiling to herself Makoto put the finishing touches on the dinner she had prepared. Thinking back on the past few months she thought about everything they had been through, all of it had only served to bring she and Ami closer together. Lighting the last candle Makoto went to change into the forest green, velvet dress she had bought for just this night, topping it off with a pink wrap and letting her hair down. 'Perfect, she thought, almost the exact same look as when we first kissed.' Smiling to herself she waited for Ami to come through the door.


Ami had been having a hard time as well. She had gone shopping for Makoto's present earlier that day in another part of Juuban. In her case she too found the antiquities shop where Makoto had gone earlier in the day. Entering the shop she found herself drawn to a pair of jade and sapphire earrings in the shape of an ancient dragon. 'Actually', Ami thought, 'It looks surprisingly similar to Makoto's Supreme Thunder Dragon. They're perfect for her.' Seeing another customer Mia walked out to greet her and see what she needed.

"Hello there miss, welcome to my shop. Is there anything I can help you with?"

"Oh yes there is actually, could you please tell me how much these jade earrings are? I'm looking for something as an anniversary gift." Smiling to herself and seeing the colors of the dragon earrings Mia deduced that this must be the Ami that Makoto had mentioned.

"Of course, let me check." Going to her computer Mia noticed that the price for the earrings was obviously less than what it should have been, but seeing as how the earrings were needed she overlooked it and went back to Ami. 'I'm sure they'll be too much.' Ami worried. 'But they're just perfect for Makoto. Oh I hope I can afford them.' She looked up to see Mia returning.

"Well miss you're in luck, the earrings are on special today. Five hundred yen." Ami looked relieved as she took out the proper amount and handed it to Mia.

"Oh thank you. You don't know how much this means to me." Ami said as she took the gift wrapped earrings and left to go home. Smiling, Mia turned to see Ryo standing behind her.

"You did a good thing Mia." He said hugging her close. "Now what was this about someone hassling one of your friends?"


Ami had just opened the door and saw the room filled with lit candles. A trail of blue rose petals made a pathway to the dining room. Following the path she saw Makoto sitting at the table dressed as she had been the night they had declared their love for each other. Smiling she walked over to Ami and gave her a loving kiss.

"Surprised my heart?"

"Yes I am. Thank you Makoto, though you're spoiling me you know?" Makoto chuckled at this.

"I know, but I like doing things like this for you. Especially on a night as special as this one. It was three months ago tonight you made me the luckiest woman in Juuban."

"Funny I thought I was the lucky one." Ami said "But you are right. Tonight is about spoiling each other." With that Ami and Makoto each handed the other a small gift box. Each also nearly fainted when they saw what the other had given them.

"Oh you shouldn't have." They said together. They embraced and sat to a romantic meal, staring into each others' eyes lovingly. After the meal Makoto cleared the table and went to Ami who had gone into their room to change.

"Are you sure you want to go out to a club tonight Makoto?" She asked. "If you don't its ok."

"Don't worry about it my heart." Makoto said. "I've heard some good things about this club and I'm a bit curious myself." Makoto changed in her jeans and usual white blouse to accompany it. Ami had dressed into a blue skirt and light blue blouse. Wrapping her arm around Ami's shoulder the two women walked out the building and down the five blocks to the Sapphire Thunder, a recently opened night spot specializing in various forms of music. The two found a table, talked and danced together. As the song ended Ami and Makoto went back to their table. Sharing a quick kiss Makoto excused herself to go to the ladies room. Ami agreed to wait and sat smiling after her lover as the taller girl disappeared into the crowd.

Unbeknownst to the happy couple, a certain ex-boyfriend had seen their kiss and was fuming to himself. 'Oh no.' He thought. 'So this is why Makoto blew me off. Well I'll show her.' Storming off to the table he saw the women at he waited until Makoto was gone before he approached.

"Hey there dyke." He said cruelly.

"Excuse me?" Ami said angrily. "What did you just say?"

"You heard me fag. Who do you think you are? Makoto is my girl. Just how did an ugly thing like you manage to steal her from me huh?!!" Shouting now, Takashi grinned when he saw the tears forming in Ami's eyes. Unfortunately for him the club had grown quiet at his outburst, Quiet enough for Makoto to have heard a familiar voice yelling at Ami. Turning around Makoto pushed her way through the crowd to see Ami crying and trying to leave only to have Takashi push her back into her seat and continue to berate the blue-haired angel. Clenching her fists Makoto slowly walked up to Takashi's back and lightly tapped him on the shoulder.

"What do you want?" he said turning quickly only to have a very powerful leg knee him in the family jewels. Dropping him to the floor like a sack of doorknobs.

"Takashi you piece of shit!" Makoto screamed at him. "I'm not now nor will I ever be yours. You dumped me remember. You dumped me for another girl and left me in the rain. Who in the hell do you think you are anyway?" By this point Ami had run into Makoto's arms and was being held protectively. Whimpering in pain Takashi tried to speak.

"B..but Mako-chan I was only trying to get back with you?" He said, the slyness oozing off his tongue like snake oil. "I was a fool to ever let you get away. C'mon ditch the lesbo and let's get out of here." Makoto was on the verge of tearing Takashi a new orifice when she got another idea. Smiling at Takashi in the most snide way she could she began to speak.

"So I guess you think this mean's we're just gonna kiss and make up don't ya? Well Takashi I've only got one thing to say to you about that. Kiss this and I don't mean on my rosey red lips. Me and you, we're through, and we always will be. So there's only one thing left for you to do. Come over here one last time, pucker up, close your eyes and kiss this goodbye!" Covering Ami in a warm embrace she led Ami out of the club to thunderous cheers.Takashi on the other hand was roughly picked up by a large man and thrown out the back door of the club.

"You can't do this to me!" he yelled. "I'll get you for this Makoto! Good grief I can't believe they took their side over me. I mean come on! Oh well as soon as I start talking to my old friends I'll fix them all."

"Excuse me, by any chance are you Takashi?" a voice asked him.

"Yes I'm Takashi what's it to you?" He turned to find a man in blazing red samurai armor accompanied by a very large white tiger.

"Good." The man said. "White Blaze, sic him." All through the night the people of Juuban would swear that they heard the screams of some idiot being chased by a tiger.


Back at their apartment Makoto held Ami for hours while the genius cried her eyes out. She had always been sensitive but nothing had ever hurt her like this. She knew she wouldn't be seeing Takashi again, at least not if he didn't value his life.

"Ami," Makoto said. "I know he hurt you and I'm sorry I wasn't there sooner. Are you going to be ok?" Snuggling into Makoto's arms Ami looked up into her lover's eyes.

"I will be Makoto, please just hold me a while longer." The two held each other long into the night. When Makoto came to a decision. One that would most likely affect them both for the rest of their lives. Of course all she needed was a bit more money for the plan forming in her head to work.

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