Katsucon 007

Here's a few random pics I have scanned from Katsucon.. If my friends ever decide to send me more I'll put them up when I get them.. ^.^

Here's the kawaii Canadien Reed sporting a lovely pink hat that I seriously want..

This is a really bad picture of me and my friend Ben who cosplayed as the Onion Prince from Utena and I'm dressed up as my man Nuriko.

Thats me and my friend Hannah right before the dance Saturday night.. Kawaii piccie ne?

The cutest Juri and Wakaba of all in their school uniforms. Probably one of my fav pics from con.. ^.^

O.O Need I say much about this?? Hannah decided to tell Reed to kiss me and take a piccie of it.. ^^; And all this time I thought I was gay...lol..

Utena and Juri clinging to a Touga/Miki they found at con.. He now belongs to Juri-sempai so hands off.. ^.~

Here's another pic of me and Hannah when we're both in costume..I really hate this pic of me.. >.< There's a much better one of us in costume and I'll get that up here soon I hope..

Well thats all I have so far..Gomen about the white crap around the pics..I could fix it but I'm too lazy right now.. ^^;; Such a bad web page mistress I am...