Otakon 2000

Last August I attended my first anime con with a few friends (and ended up picking up about 10 other friends) and so I decided to post the pictures I had my friends scan me from it. (and since it's not mentioned elsewhere on this page...I LOVE NURIKO!!)

Hey, it's the Charlie's Anegels pose..But what happened to Lilli-chan's body?

Our poor Mikos look so tired..

wonder why Dez was taking a pic of someone taking a pic of him..Wah..that sounds confusing ne?

Hehe, thats Katie..she's the psycho Chichiri freak. ^-^

Meef! Its our sexy Canadien Chichiri Reed. Hopefully at Katsu he'll have a full costume. >.<


I'm actually in this one. (I'm under Nuriko-sama clinging to Hotohori's leg. O.o)

It's a really bad pic but it has a Tasuki in it so I had to put it up..But I'll be way better Tasuki at Kastu. ^-^

More Pics!