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The Rocket Gang: It's A White Tomorrow!: Part II

Narrator: Pocket Monsters the CD Drama.
Rocket Gang: The Rocket Gang: It's A White Tomorrow!
Mondo: Part Two!

Narrator: And so here's the continuation. Nyasu has been set up to be exchanged due to Musashi and Kojiro's tricks. Will this infamous trio finally be split up?

Nyasu: Are you two really going to exchange me? Without me, what are you going to do about the mission from the Boss?

Musashi: This or that, we'll be the usual Rocket Gang as long as Metamon can transform as you.

Nyasu: No, it's not a problem of that.

Musashi: Then don't run away!

Mondo: Then, since you so insist...I'll get the Pokémon Exchange Machine.

Musashi: Oh that's all right. We don't need that.

Kojiro: It's only a pokémon exchange, right? The Rocket Gang rule is "simple is best."

Mondo: What are you going to do?

Musashi: Take your metamon's monster ball. And then I hand out Nyasu...

Nyasu: Augh! Are you two sure? Who do you think I am? I'm...

Musashi: Be Quiet! (Scratches Nyasu)

Kojiro: Oh, Musashi's secret weapon! Disordered Scratching!
(Nyasu is blown away)

Mondo: I'm a little jealous.

Kojiro: Huh?

Musashi: So you take Nyasu and I take your monster ball. Yes, now our exchange is complete.

Mondo: Huh? That's it?

Musashi: I got Metamon!

Kojiro: Come on, come on. Mondo, you try saying it too!

Nyasu: (Falls back) What in the world are you talking about? You can't call this an exchange!

Musashi: Oh you're so noisy. All right, all right. "Musashi." (Writes her name on monster ball) (Speaks to Mondo) All you have to do is write your name on to the monster ball. (Speaks to Nyasu) Nyasu, if we write "Mondo" on your gold coin no matter who sees you, they'll know you're Mondo's.

Mondo: Wow! That's wonderful!

Nyasu: Are you idiots?! (Flapping around)

Mondo: Master Nyasu, please don't go wild like that. I can't write my name. Oh please. Come on..oh, that feels good!

Kojiro: Hmm, they're already playing around together. Very good, very good.

Mondo: No, it's no time to be saying that... (Nyasu scratched Mondo) OW! Master, you scratched!

Musashi: Oh, this is so annoying. Come on...here's a ball of yarn!

Nyasu: Oo...ooo....(Nyasu is lured by the ball of yarn)

Nyasu is playing with a ball of yarn while Musashi writes her name on the monster ball that contains Mondo's metamon.

Mondo: Oh, so this was the Master's weak point.

Musashi: Now then, we were thinking that we need a hot air balloon for the next strategy.

Mondo: Roger that! (Transmits on radio) Flight department. This is Mondo. I request a hot air balloon. Roger! I'll start pulling it out! (Stops radio transmission) A pull here, and a heave...pop...all right. Phew, that was a good workout. Thank you for waiting. I'm going to blow it up now.

Kojiro: I'm always surprised what comes out from that little bag.

Mondo removes the ballon from his 'little bag' while Musashi and Kojiro watch in fascination.

Nyasu is crossing his arms and turning his back in contempt.

Mondo: I thank you for asking. It is an item the Development Team is proud of. After all it is the "sending bag" that is made with the same technology as the sending of monsters from the monster balls. Switch on...and...(Hot air balloon appears)

Musashi: W..what, a Nyasu balloon again?

Mondo: I'm sorry. The items for you seniors only come in Master Nyasu's designs. I'll make all the next items uniform as Metamon designs.

Nyasu: Why? My designs are great!

Musashi: Oh be quiet. You're not part of our team any more.

Nyasu: W..what?

Mondo: Master Nyasu, I hope to learn a lot from you from now.

Nyasu: Ooh, I like that. I like it a lot. Mondo, you're going to listen to anything right?

Mondo: Yes! I'll do anything!

Nyasu: All right, then...massage my shoulders.

Mondo: Yes! Then please allow me to massage your shoulders. Mon, mon, mon, mon...does that feel good? (Massages Nyasu)

Mondo massaging Nyasu's shoulders.

Nyasu: Oh yeah.

Mondo: Oh, I'm glad of that.

Kojiro: It looks like the master-slave relationship is reversed...

Musashi: All right Nyasu, well that's how it is so...

Kojiro: You two live in peace too, eh?
(Musashi and Kojiro start up the balloon)

Mondo: My seniors, thank you so very much!

Nyasu: Hey, what are you looking at? Be serious and massage me!

Mondo: Yes! Pardon me. I'll be serious and massage you. Mon, mon, mon...(Massages Nyasu) (Stops massaging) Master...do you think I'll be able to become a great warrior like my seniors?

Nyasu: As long as you listen to what I say you'll make it. You'll become a lot better than that messed up pair [Musashi and Kojiro].

Mondo: Messed up?

Nyasu: It was my downfall when I grouped up with them. I feel so relieved.

Kojiro: We did it! We did it! The Metamon strategy has revived again!

Musashi: You're right. This one is a lot more reliable than that loudmouth Nyasu. We're going to make it transform into bratty Pikachu and offer it to the Boss!

Kojiro: So...let's go and find those brats (1)!

Musashi: I'll get Metamon ready then... (Opens monster ball) Go Metamon!

Metamon: (Appears) Mon, mon!

Musashi: Now listen, Metamon. You transform as soon as you see that bratty Pikachu, all right?

Metamon: Mon!

Kojiro: Shouldn't we give it a little practice or something?

Musashi: Ah, that's true. All right...well maybe we'll make it change into Matadogas (2) or something I guess.

Kojiro: All right, I'm on it.
(Kojiro releases Matadogas)

Matadogas: Ma~ta doga~s...

Musashi: All right Metamon, transform into Matadogas.

Metamon: Mon! (Transforms) Ma~ta doga~s...

Kojiro: Great! It's a perfect transformation! I wonder if it can transform without the opponent in front of it...

Musashi: Hmm...Change back Metamon!

Metamon: Mon, mon! (Changes back to original form)

Musashi: Can you do what Kojiro just said?

Metamon: Mon, mon!

Musashi: Haha..let's try it then. Let's see, what was it called? "Fushigibana." (3)

Metamon: (Transforms to Fushigidane) Dane, dane...

Kojiro: Fushigidane (4)...?

Musashi: Why Fushgidane (5)? I said Fushigibana! Don't jump to conclusions!

Metamon: Dane, dane.

Kojiro: Oh well, calm down this time and make it perfect!

Metamon: (Transforms to Zubat) Zubat!

Kojiro: Huh? Zubat?

Musashi: You idiot! It's because you told it to make it "perfect" (6)!

Kojiro: Oh, it's my fault then?! It transformed on its own! Mm, try it again...I'm a bit worried though...

Musashi: Well the saying goes, "three times's a charm."

Kojiro: Yeah, the saying goes, "what happens twice happens thrice too."

Musashi: Good grief...Metamon, Hitokage (7)!
(Metamon transforms to Hitodeman)

Metamon: Hito!

Musashi & Kojiro: Oh No! It's hitodeman (8)!

Metamon: Hito!

Musashi: Listen to what people say until the end!!! (Hits Metamon)

Metamon: Hito!

Musashi: At this rate, you won't be helping us at all!

Metamon: Hito!

Kojiro: Metamon! What, you have mold growing in your head or something?!

Metamon: (Transforms into Kabigon) Ka~bii....

Musashi: Kabigon (9)? Why do you change into Kabimon just by hearing "mold?" Are you trying to...Huh? (The balloon starts to wobble) What's this?

Kojiro: It's because of Kabimon, we're over the weight limit!

Musashi and Kojiro being overwhelmed by Kabigon on their air ballon can be found.

Musashi: Augh! We're dropping!

Kojiro: AA! Kabimon, change back!

Metamon: Ka~biii?

Musashi: You're too slow!

Musashi: We have stopped. Um, I'm kind of wrapped up here in some vines...

Kojiro: I can't move. Matadogas, are you all right?

Matadogas: Ma~ta doga~s.

Musashi: How about you, Metamon?

Metamon: Mon!

Musashi: Who the devil made this happen in the first place? Gosh, you irritate me.

Metamon: (Transforms to Tattsu) Eeritate!

Kojiro: How come "Tattsu?" (10)

Musashi: I said "irritate."

Kojiro: Maybe we should let Metamon aim to become a comedian instead after all?
(Buzzing from far away)

Kojiro: What is that sound?

Musashi: That buzzing sound you can't forget.

Kojiro: Buzz, buzz...that means...

Musashi: The ones that doesn't make you feel good.

Kojiro: They're spears (11) after all!

Musashi: No way! To explain, they've surrounded us front, back, diagonal, up, and down! Gosh, that's no joke. Kojiro! Do something!

Musashi and Kojiro with their pokémon hanging on a tree vine while being surrounded by spears..

Kojiro: Do something? Um..ah...Hi spears...um, pardon me but...ah, is this your territory?

Musashi: W..we're so very sorry...uh, we're door to door Pokémon salespeople and...

Kojiro: Hahah...

Musashi: Hahah...

Kojiro: It's no good...haha...it looks like they're angry.

Musashi: It can't be helped...it's like we destroyed their home, right?

Musashi and Kojiro: WAH!!!!

Kojiro: I'm going to get stung!

Musashi: Oh yeah, Metamon! Get thth..th..the.them..

Metamon: (Transforms to Koiking) thth..th..the.them.. (12)

Musashi: Why "th..th..the.them..?"

Kojiro: Because you said "thth..th..the.them.."?

Musashi: Just transforming don't mean anything!

Metamon: (Transforms to Monjara) Monjara, monjara (13).

Kojiro: "Monjara, monjara"? I don't know of we're tangled up in vines or whatever but I'm getting really confused...don't tell me.

Musashi: Don't say anything, don't say anything anymore. Someone, stop this metamon!

Kojiro: Unexpectedly this metamon isn't any good.

Musashi: Squishing it won't work. Isn't there anything else we can do? If this keeps going, we'll be skewered with double needles! Aah, this feels bad!

Kojiro: Oh yeah! Matadogas, put up the signal fire!

Matadogas: Do..do..dogas..do,do...DOM! (Launches signal fire)

Kojiro: That's right! Keep it going higher in the sky! We're going to let Mondo know about this!

Musashi: It seems like the spears are confused too.

Kojiro: Or...did we make them even more angry?!

Musashi & Kojiro: Wah! Wah!!! No! Stop, wait! AUGH! No, no...!!!!
(Rocket Jeep with Mondo and Nyasu stops)

Mondo: Master, please look at that. It's smoke. Is not that Matadogas'?

Nyasu: That's Matadogas' signal fire!

Mondo: What? A "pigmal dire"?

Nyasu: What's that?

Mondo: I said "signal fire"!

Nyasu: I wonder if something happened to Musashi and Kojiro.

Mondo: I have to go. Master, please get on. (Open jeep door)

Nyasu: There's no need to go.

Mondo: But master...

Nyasu: I'm tired of cleaning up their mess each and every time.

Mondo: My seniors wouldn't mess up!

Nyasu turns his back with his arms crossed, while Mondo looks on. Metadogas' signal fire appears behind them

Nyasu: All that boasting is a lie. We've always lose to bratty Pikachu. Just let them do what they want.

Mondo: Even if that's true, they're still my seniors I adore. I'm going. If they need me, I'm going.
(Gets in his Rocket Jeep and drives away)

Nyasu: H...hmph. You do whatever you do too!

Narrator: The infamous trio of the Rocket Gang had finally split. Will Mondo be able to go to the rescue of Musashi and Kojiro? And where will Nyasu be tomorrow? It is to be continued, once again.

Nyasu: (Kicks can on the road) Oh boy. It's so relaxing to be alone. Haa...

Narrator: Pocket Monsters the CD Drama.
Rocket Gang: The Rocket Gang: It's A White Tomorrow!
Mondo: Part Two!

Narrator: Cast: (Family name for each voice actor is shown in all caps)

Musashi: Lead actress, Musashi. HAYASHIBARA Megumi.
Kojiro: Lead actor, Kojiro. MIKI Shinichirou.
Nyasu: Lead actor, Nyasu. INUYAMA Inuko.
Mondo: Mondo. KOYASU Takehito.
Metamon: Metamon. KAWATA Taiko.
Narrator: Narration. ISHIDZUKA Unshou.
~ has brought this [CD drama] to you.


(1) The "brats" are referring to Satoshi, Kasumi, and Takeshi.
(2) Matadogas means "another poisonous gas" (mata="another"; do=short for "doku" which the Japanese word for "poison"; gas=gas).
(3) Fushigibana means "mystery flower" ("fushigi"=mystery; "bana"=altered pronounciation of "hana" which is the Japanese word for "flower").
(4) Fushigidane means "mystery seed" (fushigi="mystery"; "dane" altered pronounciation of "tane" which is the Japanese word for "seed").
(5) Metamon transformed to Fushigidane because of the "fushigi" part of Fushigibana.
(6) Metamon transformed to Zubat because of the word "zubatto," which means "perfect."
(7) Hitokage means "fire lizard" (hi="fire"; tokage="lizard").
(8) Metamon transformed to Hitodeman because of the "hito" part of Hitotokage. Hitodeman means "starfish man" (hitode="starfish"; man="man").
(9) Metamon transformed to Kabigon because of the word "kabi," which means "mold." Kabigon means "moldy navy blue" (kabi="mold"; gon=altered pronounciation of "kon" which means "navy blue").
(10) Metamon transformed to Tattsu because of the "tatsu" part from the word "tatsuwa," which means "irritate." Tattsu means "dragon."
(11) Spears are hornet-like pokémon with spear-like arms, hence their name. Their name should not be confused with a pointed weapon.
(12) Metamon transformed to Koiking because of the "koi" part from the direct third-person pronoun "koitsu-ra," which means "them." Koiking means "carp king" (koi="carp"; king="king").
(13) Metamon transformed to Monjara because of the word "monja." Monjara is a mop-like pokémon.

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