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The Rocket Gang: It's A White Tomorrow!: Part III

Narrator: Pocket Monsters the CD Drama.
Rocket Gang: The Rocket Gang: It's A White Tomorrow!
Nyasu: Part Three!

Narrator: Musashi and Kojiro's lives are at stake because they accidentally crashed into the spears' territory. Oh, what will become of the Rocket Gang?

Kojiro: How can we be so unlucky?

Musashi: Feels like déjŕ vu. I think we have something like this before too...I don't think our personalities are compatible with the spears.

Matadogas: Ma..ma..ma~ta doga~s...

Kojiro: Aw, you're so annoying. Stop crying Matadogas!

Metamon: (As Monjura) Monjura, monjura.

Musashi: Metamon, you're still like that? I guess the only reliable thing is my partner.

Kojiro: Who, me? What are you twisting your body for?

Musashi: I'm all tied up but I want to release Arbok. There we go. Go, Arbok! (Releases Arbok from its monster ball)

Arbok: Sha~rbok!

Kojiro: Oh. You meant that when you said partner?

Musashi: Arbok, use your acids to melt these vines off.

Arbok: Sharbok! Sha~rbok! (Let Musashi free) Sha~! (Let Kojiro free) Sha~! Sha~! (Let Matadogas and Metamon free)

Musashi: We're finally out of a tangle.

Kojiro: Nothing better than to run away to the three-layered rocks.

Matadogas: Ma~ta doga~s.

Musashi: Return, Metamon. We're going!

Metamon: Mon, mon! (Returns to monster ball)

Kojiro: Damn, we've been surrounded by spears.

Musashi: You must be joking. Just don't attack with two, three stings, all right?
(The spears start to attack)

Kojiro: I guess we have to run?

Musashi: The only thing you can rely on in the end are your own legs and hips!

Musashi & Kojiro:WAH!!!

Kojiro: Who the devil made a trap hole here?

Musashi: I might be wrong. But isn't it a habit of yours to dig lopsided to the right like this, Kojiro?

Kojiro: Now that you mention it, Musashi, isn't this your technique of using a pick ax?

Musashi: And to top it off, Nyasu's footsteps.

Kojiro: Don't tell me that this was...a long time ago.

Musashi: One of the holes we dug.

Kojiro: Augh...are we the biggest blockheads or what?

Musashi: Above are the spears, the hole is deep...escape is now impossible.

Kojiro: Aw, where is Mondo?! Is Mondo here yet?!

Mondo: Go Kentauros (1), charge!

Kojiro: Mondo! You came for us?

Musashi: The spears are fleeing!

Mondo: My seniors, there you are! I've come to save you!

Kojiro: Mondo! Do you have some rope or a ladder?

Kojiro with Musashi calling Mondo for help.

Mondo: All right, I'll bring the case over right now!

Mondo: (Attacked by the spears) Woah, wah!

Musashi & Kojiro: WAH!!! (Mondo falls down the hole)

Musashi: You good for nothing...!

Mondo: I'm sorry.

Kojiro: Damn, the spears are so persistent!

Musashi: But as long as we are in this hole...

Mondo: WAH! They're coming into the hole!

Musashi: AUGH HELP!!!

Nyasu: (Walking along by himself) Well, now where should I go? Huh? I thought I just heard Musashi's voice. (Wind blows) Oh, it's just the wind. I'm not going with any humans. Humans are so selfish. I have my own life to live. Ugh, no matter if the wind goes against me! I'm going to live strong all by myself!

Nyasu walking through the wind.


I wonder what everyone is doing right now.
I wonder what everyone is doing right now.(2)

Nyasu: I'm going to live all by myself!
Musashi...Kojiro... (Wind blows)

Mondo: It is great that we are out of the hole, but why are we hanging upside down?

Musashi: I didn't think there would be any rule breakers who would spit out thread from the spears.

Mondo: Are we going to be their food? Or are they going to practice their double needles on us?!

Kojiro: D.d.d..ddd..don't say such things.

Mondo: But we're all tied up with thread, and we're hanging like a sandbag...how are we going to escape?!

Musashi: Shut up! I'm really irritated right now! I didn't think Metamon was such a confusing little thing!

Kojiro: Our hopes were a little too high.

Metamon: Mon, mon.

Mondo: I'm so sorry. I guess it was because there was a problem with my way of raising it.

Musashi: Oh, I wonder if we're just going to become prey to the spears. The time of glory was short...

Kojiro: ...And suffering many, oh life of mine...I have many regrets.

Matadogas: Ma~ta doga~s.

Musashi: The way of evil in this world,
Kojiro: Let us make true in the netherworld.
Musashi: The bell sounded seven times to tell 3 a.m. We listen to the sound the sixth time,
Kojiro: The last bell we will listen on the road to the netherworld. (3)
Musashi: Say goodbye to the pokémon times,
Kojiro: Farewell, our precious days.(4)

Matadogas (Far Left), Musashi (Left), Kojiro (Center), and Mondo (Right) are hanging on a tree as captives of the spears.

Mondo: (Shouts) As I expected you seniors!!! Even in death you strike a pose!

Musashi: (Angry) We're not doing it because we want to!

Mondo: It's "wabi and sabi" aesthetics that a spy dies along.(5)

Musashi: (Sighs) This is no use.

(Disorganized spears' sounds heard in the background)

Mondo: Huh?

Kojiro: The spears' moves are all out of order.

Musashi: It's the No-harmony Sound Attack...who in the world...?

Nyasu: You people are so pathetic.

Musashi & Kojiro: Nyasu!

Mondo: Master!

Musashi, Kojiro, and Mondo seeing Nyasu.

Nyasu: I am the greatest and smartest pokémon of the Rocket Gang, Master Nyasu! Come on spears, hand over my friends back to me! (Attack the spears) My confusion claw strike! Take my spectacular blow!!! (Attack the spears)

Nyasu in attack position.

Musashi: Ow!

Kojiro: Augh! Ouch...my little finger again!

Mondo: Thank you so much Master Nyasu.

Musashi: Nyasu, we're going to fight too.

Nyasu: Pokémon battles are a pokémon's duty. You humans, stay right there and watch closely.

Musashi: H...hmph! I'm not going let you look good by yourself!

Kojiro: I can't rely on just you!

Nyasu: Then do whatever you want!

Musashi: We'll do just that. Go Arbok! Snake Stare!

Arbok: Sha~rbok! (Attacks)

Kojiro: Go! Matadogas! Sludge Attack!

Matadogas: Ma~ta doga~s. (Attacks)

Kojiro: All right! That shut their eyes, now the weight of the sludge won't let them fly!

Musashi: Go Nyasu!

Nyasu: I know! This is the Confusion Claw Strike to finish you off!

Nyasu, Arbok, and Matadogas attacking the spears.

Mondo: Incredible!

Musashi: Pretty good, Nyasu! The spears went fleeing away!

Nyasu: Hahaha...that's about enough.

Kojiro: But you're not teamed up with us anymore you know.

Nyasu: I only came because both of you are so pitiful.

Kojiro: (Gasp) I can't argue against that.

Musashi: We didn't really call for your help. Nyasu, Mondo thanks for everything. Goodbye!

Kojiro: Yeah, yeah, that's what I mean too. So long!

Mondo: Wait! Please wait everyone!

Rocket Gang: Huh?

Mondo: I just realized why all of you are my adoration.

Kojiro: Well, that's because we're great right?

Mondo: NO!

Kojiro: Don't be so straight forward.

Mondo: You make a team with the three of you.

Musashi: Why are you being so cheesy?

Mondo: That battle proves it. Master Nyasu said he came to get his friends back.

Nyasu: Ww...w...w...what are you talking about?! They just can't survive without me.

Musashi: You too Nyasu, you can't live without us.

Kojiro: You came here to see us right?

Nyasu: Oh why don't you try to be without my help?

Musashi: We'll do that! You better watch closely how great we are, all right?!

Nyasu: You bet!

Mondo: Then let's exchange pokémon. I've got a permanent pen ready. Let's change the names again.

Metamon: Mon, mon.

Rocket Gang: (Sigh)

Nyasu: I'm going to be with...

Kojiro: Us again.

Musashi: Oh well.

Rocket Gang: I guess I'll stay with them.

(Mondo takes out a new air balloon)

Mondo: I'm 0.1 second faster this time. Here you go! It's a new hot air balloon! Please get on!

Nyasu: Oh, it's a Nyasu balloon!

Musashi: It looks like the usual one..is there anything new?

Mondo: Yes of course! It's for you to attain the evil of love and truth so it got alot of new super features! Please use this to get that bratty Pikachu!

Kojiro: Oh, leave it to me!

Mondo: Oh yes, there was a report from headquarters saying that a forest where many pikachu emerge has been found (6). Maybe THE pikachu (7) will appear there as well.

Musashi: All right, then our next destination is there!

Nyasu: We're going to get ahead of them [Satoshi and his companions]!

Kojiro: Let's go! (Starts balloon)

Mondo: My seniors! Hang in there! And please call me anytime, anywhere when you need me!!!! I'm YOUR Mondo!

Kojiro: You hang in there too! Bring some more super mechanics next time too!

Musashi: Take care! (Throws a kiss to Mondo)

Mondo: WOW! Senior Musashi blew me a kiss, and I've received it!

Nyasu: Farewell!

Mondo: Oh, you seniors are so great after all!

(In the balloon)

Musashi: Nyasu...

Nyasu: What?

Musashi: Thank you for saving us...

Kojiro: I really, seriously thank you.

Nyasu: Huh?

Musashi: BUT!

Kojiro: These words count only this one time!

Nyasu: Hahaha! I know already. Don't be so formal, it's scary. Let's do everything like usual?

Nyasu is suprised that Musashi and Kojiro thanked him for saving them.

Musashi: Hmm, hmm...it looks like we'll be able to finish the good feeling this time!

Narrator: The Rocket Gang began a new journey to a new destination. For their beloved junior (8), they step into the White Tomorrow. Go, and hang in there, Rocket Gang!

(A pidgeon flies by)

Nyasu: Wah, Pidgeon, don't hit us!
(Pidgeon makes a hole at the Nyasu Ballon)

Musashi & Kojiro: (Ballon falls down) You must be kidding!

Kojiro: Gah, I guess the ending has to be like this after all?!

Nyasu: After all...

Rocket Gang: THIS FEELS BAD...! (Nyasu Ballon with the Rocket Gang lands on the ground)

Narrator: Pocket Monsters the CD Drama.
Rocket Gang: The Rocket Gang: It's A White Tomorrow!
Nyasu: Part Three!

Narrator: Cast: (Family name for each voice actor is shown in all caps)

Musashi: Lead actress, Musashi. HAYASHIBARA Megumi.
Kojiro: Lead actor, Kojiro. MIKI Shinichirou.
Nyasu: Lead actor, Nyasu. INUYAMA Inuko.
Mondo: Mondo. KOYASU Takehito.
Metamon: Metamon. KAWATA Taiko.
Arbok: Arbok. SAKAGUSHI Kouichi.
Narrator: Narration. ISHIDZUKA Unshou.
~has brought this [CD drama] to you.


(1) Kentauros means "sword tauros" (ken="sword"; tauros=tauros). It probably is called because of its sharp horns.
(2) The following lines are from "Nyasu no Uta" (Nyasu's Song).
(3) "Musashi: The bell sounded seven times to tell 3 a.m. We listen to the sound the sixth time." "Kojiro: The last bell we will listen on the road to the netherworld." The above lines came from a famous kabuki. Orginally they are said on the scene when two lovers do a double suicide.
(4) "Farewell, our precious days" These words are a part of "Itosiki Hibi" which is the theme song of the Japanese historical drama "Byakko tai." "Byakko Tai" (The White Fox Opposition) were a young samurai force wiped-out in a civil war preceding the Meji Restoration.
(5) "Wabi" and "sabi" are senses of traditional Japanese beauty. Wabi is the beauty to be found in poverty and simplicity. Sabi is elegant quiet simplicity. These aesthetic senses are important in the tea ceremony and haiku.
The reason Mondo mention "wabi" and "sabi" is that he is impressed by the kabuki from Musashi and Kojiro on the aesthetics of Fall.
"The Pikachu Forest" was the first episode to air since the episode titled, "Electric Brain Soldier Porygon" caused seizures to about 700 people in Japan on December 1997.
(7) Satoshi's Pikachu.
(8) "Their beloved junior" is referring to Mondo.

© 1998 Nintendo, Creatures, Gamefreak, TV Tokyo, Sho-Pro, JR Kikaku. Produced by MediaFactory Inc.

* End of The Rocket Gang: It's A White Tomorrow!: Part III *

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