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The Rocket Gang: It's A White Tomorrow!: Part I

Scenerio writer for "It's A White Tomorrow!": TOMIOKA Atsuhiro

Narrator: Pocket Monsters the CD Drama.
Rocket Gang: The Rocket Gang: It's A White Tomorrow!
Musashi: Part One!

Narrator: In the Pocket Monster world, there are various kinds of people battling over getting pocket monsters. Even these familiar three have a story of love and truth that no one has ever heard before...

Rocket Gang members Musashi (Left), Nyasu (Center), and Kojiro (Right).

Musashi (1): If one asks this or that,
Kojiro (2): The answer we'll give is society's sympathy.
Musashi: To prevent world destruction...
Kojiro: To protect world peace...
Musashi: We carry out an evil of love and truth!
Kojiro: Playing the lovely, charming villain roles...
Musashi: Musashi!
Kojiro: Kojiro!
Musashi: The Rocket Gang travels to any star in the galaxy and...
Kojiro: A white hole...a white tomorrow is waiting for us!
Nyasu (3): That's right...!

Musashi: (Steps up) Now, now, now! Today, for certain -

Kojiro: We'll get your Pikachu (4)!

Nyasu: Hahahah! You are rats in a sack! (Pikachu swishes by) We're different from usual today.

Satoshi: Pikachu! 100,000 volts!

Pikachu: Pi~ka...CHU~!

Rocket Gang: (Shocked) WAH!

Takeshi: Go Iwak (5) !

Iwak: Oo...

Takeshi: Crash attack!

Iwak: Oo...

(CRASH! The Rocket Gang is blown away)

Nyasu: Hey! Listen to me until the end will you?

Kasumi: So long!

Rocket Gang: THIS FEELS BAD!

(The Rocket Gang drops down from the sky)

Musashi: Ow...

Kojiro: My little finger...I hit my little finger..ow...

Nyasu: We lost to them again!

A picture of a Musashi, Kojiro, and Nyasu after their latest failure to capture Pikachu..

Musashi: It's because you take so much time advertising yourself!

Nyasu: WHAT! If you say that, then who are you two talking to? What "White Hole?!"

Musashi: Any hero tries to look good!

Kojiro: Hey, hey...whatever, but I'm hungry. (Stomach growls)

Nyasu: I'm going to tell the Boss (6) about today's failure you know.

Musashi: What, "Boss, Boss, Boss?" Don't act like a honor student on your own. And anyway, you're always losing to Pikachu! Aren't you ashamed as a cat?!

Nyasu: It's the end if you say that!

Musashi: Don't tell me you're making yourself look good when you're reporting to the Boss. There's always a fellow like that in class.

Kojiro: And there's a fellow in class... (Stomach growls) that's always hungry.

Nyasu: This time you've got me mad!

Musashi: What are you putting out your claws for? You want to fight?

Kojiro: I don't care, but I'm hungry!

Musashi: Shut up! (Hits Kojiro)

Nyasu: Today we're definitely going to decide who's the winner!

Kojiro: What are you talking about?! Mondo! Bring me some food!!!!

(Sound of a jeep is heard from the background)

Kojiro: Oh, that's...

Nyasu: Ha?

Musashi: Huh?

Kojiro: Take a look to your right, what you see there is...

Musashi: That's a symbol of our Rocket Gang...the "R" flag (7)!

Nyasu: It's a messenger from the Boss!
(Rocket Jeep pulls up, driver steps out)

Mondo introducing to Kojiro (Left), Nyasu (Lower Center) and Musashi (Right).

Mondo: My seniors (8) ! It's Mondo, the Rocket Gang Special Delivery Member Trainee. I was called and I've flown over quick and fast!

Musashi: Welcome Mondo-chan (9).

Mondo: Oh, Senior Musashi, you're as beautiful as ever today.

Musashi: Oh, keep saying these things so true.

Mondo: Hello Master Nyasu, your whiskers are shining handsomely today.

Nyasu: You've grown better at flattery.

Kojiro: Anyway, do you have any food? Food?!

Mondo: Of course, I'm your help-man, so I've brought Rocket Box Lunches from the Rocket Gang Cafeteria - abbreviated, "Rocklunch!" Oh, but before that...(Takes something out) I've been entrusted with your activities' funds from the finance department. (Opens briefcase - money twinkles)

Images of Mondo (Left), "Rocklunch" (Upper Right), and "Rocket Jeep" (Bottom Right).

Musashi & Kojiro: Ohh...Cash!!!!

Nyasu: Gold coins to cats! Gold coins to cats (10)!

Musashi: It's been a while since I've seen any...

Kojiro: Thanks for everything all the time, Mondo.

Mondo: No...all of you who attain the evil of love and truth, are my adoration. Oh, here's your Rocklunch.

Kojiro: I've been waiting for this!

Kojiro: Thank you for the meal (11)!

Musashi: Thank you for the meal! (Musashi, Kojiro, and Nyasu begin to eat)
(Pouring tea)

Rocket Gang: It's good...delicious.

Mondo: Oh, thank you very much. I'm so glad when you say so...Oh, such great appetite!

Nyasu: (With mouth full) So these things are additions?
(Kojiro in background comments on food)

Mondo: Yes! Oh, adoration? I'm happy just to be able to eat with all of you like this.

Musashi: (With mouth full) Oh, you're so cute.

Kojiro: (With mouth full) You won't belive how much you help us by bringing those super items (12)...

Mondo: Oh, I just want to carry out my orders as accurately as possible...

Musashi: (With mouth full) You're so modest. We're always getting assistance...

Kojiro: (With mouth full) Starting with that modified hole digging device that help us when we were trying to get Pikachu (13) was great.

Musashi & Nyasu: Yeah, yeah.

Nyasu: (With mouth full) There was that thing that made that dokurage big (14) too.

Kojiro: (With mouth full - someone sips tea in the background) M...hmm. It helped out alot in fights at sea.

Musashi: You got the explosives ready for our trademark lines (15).

Kojiro: Oh yeah, you're a man of exceptional talent that has been supporting the Rocket Gang behind the stage.

Nyasu: Uh, huh. But every single one's been fail...

Musashi & Kojiro: (Forcing dumplings into Nyasu's mouth) Woah hahahaha!!

Musashi and Kojiro forcing dumplings into Nyasu's mouth so to prevent him from revealing their failures.

Kojiro: Hey Nyasu, why don't you stick another one of these dumplings down your mouth, eh?

Nyasu: What are you two doing!!!

Mondo: A.a...are you all right?

Musashi: Don't worry. This is his favorite.

Kojiro: You just aim for the bright future ahead of you!
(Fanfare and applause)

Nyasu: You two really think so?

Musashi: (Whispers to Nyasu) You are such a dolt!

Kojiro: (Whispers to Nyasu) If the Boss finds out that we've been failing day and night...

Musashi: ...we're fired!

Kojiro: Your dream of becoming the Boss' pet won't be able to come true.

Nyasu: Augh, you're right...

Mondo: Excuse me...

Nyasu: Oh, Mondo-kun (16) ...our success story depends on your assistance!

Mondo: Gosh! Thank you very much! If you say that Master Nyasu, I must give all my best!

(Video runs)

Kojiro: Ready? This is the good part!

Mondo: Yes!

Nyasu: They're pretty good.

Kojiro: Our first meeting with Pikachu was in Tokiwa City. It uses techniques that are above its level, and could be a truly unusual pokémon that can do various things to get itself out of a bind.

Mondo: So, for this pokémon, you seniors have been...

Musashi: Exactly. To tell you the truth, this was our secret assignment. Of course, we're telling only you.

Nyasu: Oh was it?

Musashi: You talk too much each time! (Strangles Nyasu)

Kojiro: Of course, in addition to this secret assignment, we're also participating in planning for the development of our Rocket Gang.

Mondo: Wow!!! So I'm helping a tiny bit in this great job...

Kojiro: Mmm...The success of all of our plans are indeed, thanks to you, Mondo-kun. I'm grateful to you.

Nyasu: Isn't that embarrasing to say so yourself?

Kojiro: It's a human's strong point to say things that are so far from the truth. I bet pokémon can't do that!

Nyasu: It isn't really a point to be thankful for.

Mondo: Oh, I want to be just like all of you seniors real soon.

Musashi: You'll be able to. You have a pokémon too, don't you?

Mondo: Yes, for the time being.

Musashi: All right, then why don't we try you out? The Big Girl here can play with you for a while.

Mondo: Play? (17) Oh, you'll be fighting with me? Yes!

Musashi: Yeah, it's a fight. A fight.

Mondo: Yes.

Musashi: All right. Here I go! All right, get back.

Mondo: (Steps back) Yes.

Musashi: A little further.

Mondo: (Steps back further) Around here?

Musashi: OK. Let's see... Arbok (18) go! (Releases Arbok)

Arbok: Sha~rbok!

Mondo: Me too. Go, Metamon (19)! (Releases Metamon)

Mondo releasing his metamon from its monster ball.

Metamon: Mon Mon!

Rocket Gang: Wah!

Kojiro: That's a metamon, we've gotten in trouble with it a long time ago (20).

Nyasu: But wouldn't it be different from the defect from that time?

Musashi: You're saying those things, but aren't you thinking the same thing I am?

Kojiro: Same as the right.

Nyasu: Gold coins to cats.

Mondo: What's wrong? What happened to the battle?

Musashi: I know, I know. Charge Arbok!

Arbok: Sha~rbok! (Charges)

Mondo: All right, Metamon, transform!

Metamon: Mon! (Transforms)

Metamon as Arbok: Sha~rbok!

Kojiro: It did it! It can perfectly transform!

Mondo: Poison Attack!

Arbok: Sha~rbok! (Receives blow)

Mondo: Huh? The Poison Attack didn't work.

Musashi: That won't work against a poison attack expert like Arbok. (To Arbok) Snake Glare!

Arbok: Sha~! (Glares)

Metamon as Arbok: Sh...shobu...

Mondo: Oh, Metamon can't move!

Musashi: Crash Attack to finish it off!

Arbok: Sha~rbok! (Charges Metamon)

Metamon: Mo~n...

Mondo: Oh no, Metamon is knocked out...Return, Metamon! (Metamon returns) Senior Musashi, I give up.

Musashi: (Running toward Arbok) Yeah! Hooray! Arbok we won! We won! We won! We finally won!

Musashi and Arbok crying after their victory over Mondo's metamon.

Arbok: Sha~rbok...(They hug and cry)

Musashi: I'm so emotional...

Mondo: What's wrong Senior, you're crying so much.

Nyasu: It's understandable, they're always losing to bratty Pikachu...

Kojiro: Ah, you say a little too much each time.

Mondo: Huh?

Kojiro: Oh, nothing...it's just that Musashi has a habit of crying from respect for her opponent (21).

Mondo: AUGH! (Starts to cry) That's wonderful! That attitude of thinking of your opponent and not drowning in your own victory!!! It's wonderful!

Nyasu: What a happy fellow.

Musashi: Wipe off my tears...(Wipes her tears) And speaking of it, Mondo-chan...

Mondo: Yes?

Musashi: How's about raising your Metamon with us for a while?

Mondo: Really? It's all right?

Musashi: Of course, it's for my beloved Mondo-chan. Anyway, pokémon gain more experience when they're exchanged, right?

Mondo: You're absolutely right.

Kojiro: And, you know...if you get our pokémon you'd be able to learn about real battles and things.

Mondo: Yes!

Nyasu: So what are you going to exchange it with?

Musashi: That's obvious.

Kojiro: We can't give him [Mondo] our precious pokémon that we received as mid-year and year-end presents. (22)

Nyasu: Then the deal can't go through.

Musashi: There's one more.

Kojiro: Aren't you forgetting something?

Nyasu: Ha?

Musashi: You're a monster cat pokémon, aren't you?! (Punches Nyasu)

Nyasu: That's right! I was a pokémon too!

Mondo: Wow! So I get to have Master Nyasu?

Musashi: Ding dong!

Kojiro: Exactly!

A shocked Nyasu when he learned he is to be exchanged for Mondo's metamon.

Mondo: Wow! Thank you very much!

Nyasu: W..w...wait! Don't decide all on your own!

Kojiro: Yes! We can get rid of a nuisance!

Musashi: Yes, this feels good.

Narrator: The Rocket Gang's sudden pokémon exchange. Oh what will ever become of Nyasu? When I say to be continued...

Musashi & Kojiro: ...It'll continue!

Nyasu: Hey, wait a minute! Are you two really going to exchange me?!

Narrator: Pocket Monsters the CD Drama.
Rocket Gang: The Rocket Gang: It's A White Tommorrow!
Musashi: Part one!

Narrator: Cast: (Family name for each voice actor is shown in all caps)

Musashi: Lead actress, Musashi. HAYASHIBARA Megumi.
Kojiro: Lead actor, Kojiro. MIKI Shinichirou.
Nyasu: Lead actor, Nyasu. INUYAMA Inuko.
Mondo: Mondo. KOYASU Takehito.
Metamon: Metamon. KAWATA Taiko.
Arbok: Arbok. SAKAGUCHI Kouichi.
Satoshi: Satoshi! MATSUMOTO Rika.
Pikachu: Pikachu. OOTANI Ikue.
Kasumi: Kasumi. IIDZUKA Mayumi.
Takeshi: Takeshi. UEDA Yuuji.
Narrator: Narration. ISHIDZUKA Unshou.
~ has brought this [CD drama] to you.


(1) Musashi is named after Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1649), a famous Japanese warrior who invented a technique that utilized two swords and the author of "The Book of the Five Rings," which outlined the techniques and attitudes a fighter should adopt. Miyamoto fought over sixty duels by the age of 29, some against near impossible odds, yet he never lost a single one.
(2) Kojiro is named after Sasaki Kojiro (died early 1600s), a young fencer instructor who died in Miyamoto's last duel.
(3) Nyasu is the combination of the Japanese onomatopoeic for a cat cry ("nya"), and the English word "mouth." The Rocket Gang Nyasu is a known "big mouth."
(4) Pikachu mean "sparkle squeak" (pika=from "pikapika" which means "sparkle"; chu=from "chuuchuunaku" which means "to squeak").
(5) Iwak is a combination of the Japanese word for rock "iwa," and rock.
(6) "Boss" is referring to Sakaki, the boss of the Rocket Gang.
(7) "The R flag" is the flag commonly used by the Rockt Gang.
(8) The Japanese word for "senior" is "senpai." It is a term used to address someone in the same general social class, but socially superior than the addresser. In anime, it is often used by school students. The word can also be used as a suffix, e.g. Musashi-senpai or "Senior Musashi."
(9) The suffix "-chan" is loosely translated as "dear." It is an intimate suffix. Musashi uses it to "sweet talk" Mondo so he can do things she wants him to do.
(10) An idiom which means "cast pearls before swine!"
(11) The Japanese word for "Thank you for the meal" is "itadakimasu." It is good manners to say this phrase before one have a meal. The literal translation is "I'm going to eat."
(12) Super items are various equipment which Musashi, Kojiro, and Nyasu used to assist them in their mission to capture Pikachu or any pokémon that attracts their attention. An example of a super item is the Nyasu Ballon.
(13) Kojiro is referring to Episode #11, "The Stray Pokémon--Hitokage."
(14) Nyarth is referring to the dokukurage from Episode #19, "Menokurage and Dokukurage."
(15) Musashi is referring to the explosives used after the Rocket Gang speech near spear territory from Episode #2, "The Challenge of the Samurai Boy."
(16) The suffix "-kun" is used by a socially superior to a socially inferior male.
(17) Mondo thought that Musashi meant "sexual play" when she used the word "play." This explains why he was hesitant until he realized she meant a pokémon battle.
(18) "Arbok" is the reverse spelling of "cobra."
(19) "Meta" short for metamorphosis, which is the Greek word for "transformation"; "mon" short for "monster." It would had been called fully in English as "transformation monster."
(20) Kojiro is referring to the metamon owned by Imite on Episode #37, "Metamon and the Mimickry Girl." This episode appeared before the infamous Episode #38.
(21) Kojiro is lying to Mondo so to cover-up the real reason why Musashi cried after defeating him in a pokémon battle.
(22) Musashi's Arbo (predecessor to Arbok) was a mid-year gift and Kojiro's Dogas (predecessor to Matadogas) was a year-end gift from Sakaki, the boss of the Rocket Gang. The mid-year (ochuugen) and end-year (oseibo) gifts are ceremonial gifts when a Japanese becomes an adult.

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