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Tenchi For Life!</head>

Tenchi For Life!

~*!*~Absolute Tenchi-ness Insanity~*!*~

Welcome to this little shrine dedicated to the Tenchi sagas that were aired on The Cartoon Network. We have pieced together a collection of images, music, sound clips, and tons more to make a web-site fit for your Tenchi cravings. All we ask from you is to have a great time!


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10-27-01>Ryoko1717>Oh my fricking GOSH, I've totally ignored the site! Well, there isn't anything new...but I got about 100 e-mails saying TFL can't shut down! So...we're not shutting down! Yipee! Eh...nothing new...but there's only a couple days left 'till our first anniversary of being on the web! Expect a special section just for it! ^.^
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Ok, I know it's not Tenchi, but come on, Chibi Trunks is ca-yute!

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