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one new picture in guy's cg art. 02-08-02
one new picture in guy's cg art.
01-29-02>br> one new picture in guy's cg art. 01-27-02
Hey peoples, I'm back. Didnt have web access for awhile. Site's been doing pretty good w/o me. Well I change the intro to the site cuz the one there was outdated. Not much else. Gonna restart my work on making a better interface for the site cuz the one we were gonna use wouldnt work out right. Also going to work on the site looking consistent throughout the whole thing.


New Pic in Guy's Cg art

new link on links page 12-12-01
New pic in Guy's Cg art 12-10-01
New CG art work by guy up. That's all for now.


Seph has got his page up and there are a couple of pictures there. We are working very hard on the site and it should be complete in like a couple months at the most. So just bear with the broken links, if any, and the not so great setup of the site.


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