GundamWing fan fiction

Such a beautiful creature. Not to be caged; it should run free not play games for our enjoyment. The brown haired boy passed the tigers, and went to the lions. He dropped a piece of raw meat in the cage. And watched as the lions tore at it, and devored the sweet red meat. Like humans. Fighting over small pieces of material things. Weve lost our souls over things like a small piece of meat. He thought and threw in another piece. Heros of war. There are no heros of war. Weve just tricked ourselves again. Is a hero the man who dies, holding his guts in, crying for his mother? Or the outrageous lying cheating, sneak who killed mercilessly to get where he is? Who comes home victorious? Or, are they the people who fight, who are desprete and ave no home to go back too? Who would sacrifice what little they have? Or are heros the tainted ones, who live and die as used garbage? As the thoughts played through his mind the boy opened the cage and walked in. His hands holding two other pieces f meat. The lions, not thinking of anything but their meal disregarded him and lunged at the dripping piece of cow flesh in his hands. One of the razor sharp insicers ripped off a chunk of the boys hand. He watched it bleed, more thoughts tumbling in like acrobats. Flitting through his mind. Can any of the soldiers feel pain? The real soldiers, who have forsaken feelings and love, comfort and care for the war. The tainted ones too can feel. Yet, I am tainted, and a soldier. Or am I monster? lled that by many. I feel no pain, nothing. The void I feel in my soul widens. Threatens to swallow me alive. And still, I wont relinquish my mask. Is it time for me to put away the masquarade? To show everyone the real me? Not the beaten up, br en Clown, but the boy who hides inside, under a mask of nothingness? I see the blood drip from my hand, and still....... I cannot feel its pain. It is distant, like it isnt my own. Have I gone to far? To far to salvage?

A Lonely Battlefield